Monday, May 23, 2005

The Great Power Grab--"Let's Make a Deal"

The Great Power Grab and All for the “Good” of the American People
By: Jack Dalton

I’ve been sitting here listening to all the nice sounding words spewing forth from some of our “esteemed” senators over the so-called “agreement” just reached about judicial nominees, filibusters, and the Trent Lott named, “nuclear option” to eliminate senate judicial filibusters.

One of ‘things’ that really stands out to me is simply this: the extreme right of the Republican Party is not satisfied with “winning” some of the time; is not satisfied with “winning” the overwhelming majority of the time; the only thing that will satisfy them is “winning” 100% of the time on every single thing they want to super-impose upon us all.

Priscilla Owen, William H. Pryor, Janice Rogers Brown ( see profiles of these and other judicial nominees here and here ) all three of whom have been “vigorously” opposed by senate “democrats” will get now a rubber stamped into a life-time seat on our federal courts—oops, their federal courts.

From the very start, this was, and still is about a lot more than just these three or some of the others still waiting in the wings—all of which it appears will now “win” senate approval. This is about the vacancies that are coming up in the Supreme Court. BushCo (my pet name for that marvelous mob of Mayberry Machiavelli’s) has had the eye on the Supreme Court from day one.

Gain control of the Supreme Court, control of all three branches of government will then be complete. You say I am making too much of this? You say I am pushing a panic button? You say I am taking this too an absurd conclusion?

To those who think or say that I remind them of this: “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.” James Madison, Federalist Paper 47

While the specter of what Bill Frist had planned to eliminate the opposition filibustering judicial nominees was not a good one to contemplate, let alone have to deal with; the Democratic Party caving in to the extortion is worse. They thru their “compromise” have helped to insure the completion of the radical rights three way power grab.

This is just one more thing convincing me that we only have one party in this country with only minor differences in the opposing ends of the same stick—the one we keep getting in the back. They care more about “preserving the institution” of the senate than they do about the people whose name they so freely and constantly invoke. How can giving away the courts be in the “interest of the American people?”

In 1935, Sinclair Lewis wrote his novel, “It Can’t Happen Here.” A “fictional” account of what amounts to a fascist take-over of this country. I wonder what the title of a sequel would be if Sinclair Lewis were alive today? “The 15% Solution: A History of American Fascism, 2001—2022” another fictional account of the rise of fascism by constitutional means which so perfectly describes this nation today since 9/11 it is frightening. Especially considering it was written years before 9/11 ever happened.

“Those who believe a police state can't happen here are poor students of history. Every government, democratic or not, is capable of tyranny. We must understand this if we hope to remain a free people.” (Ron Paul, R-Tx, Dec. 2004—he’s one of the only republicans in congress with some sense of integrity).

The last thing needed to permanently secure power with some air of internal legitimacy by Hitler and the Nazi’s over Germany and the German people were the courts. These they stacked and then completely took over, and using their constitution to do it. If you want to secure complete power and control over that which you govern, control of the courts is an absolute must. This is about gaining so much power and control everyone will be forced to live according to the world view these nut jobs have; and they will have the courts to back them up.

If I sound like someone screaming “the sky is falling” so be it. I just can’t stress the danger we face with this power grab for the courts. There will nothing to stand between people and government/corporate predators. The very people that lied this nation into invading Iraq and then lied about lying. These are the people who determine whom will sit as life-time judges on U.S. federal courts.

Unlike the House, the Senate was constructed by the constitutional framers as an unrepresentative body, with each state, regardless of population, allotted two senators. Currently, the Republicans have 55 senators who represent only 45% of the country. The Senate creates its own rules, and the filibuster can only be stopped by a super-majority of 60 votes. Historically, it was used by southern senators to block civil rights legislation. In the first two years of the Clinton presidency, the Republicans deployed 48 filibusters, more than in the entire previous history of the Senate, to make the new Democratic chief executive appear feckless. The strategy was instrumental in the Republican capture of the Congress in 1994. By depriving the Democrats of the filibuster, Bush intended to transform the Senate into his rubber stamp. (Sidney Blumenthal)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It started with a junta on December 9, 2000 when Tony the Fixer Scalia stopped the Florida recount on specious grounds. The opposition should have been out in the streets raising hell. This was taken a sign of weakness or apathy. With a complicit and compliant corpotate media the junta became a jihad, bent on world domination. Remember "with us or with the terrorists." That mentality has served to divide this nation more so than any time since the Civil War. A representative democracy that ensures the rights of the minority means 51% of the people can't order the remaining 49% to march into the sea. This principle is integral to the checks and balances our founding fathers established in our Constitution. It's purpose is to prevent totalitarian government. The so called conservatives are the embodiment of totalitarian power, and their lust for total control has caused a disturbing whirring sound in the background, our founding fathers spinning in their graves. The wall between Church and State is part of the totalitarian agenda. As long as the Church is tax exempt its input in political affairs is illegal.
We now have an administration that has total control by using the Machiavellian strategy of keeping the working class at each other's throats while the power elite loots the treasury. They are the benefactors of the dumbing down of America. Critical thinking skills are on the back burner as means to an end: totalitarian power in the hands of the few.
We the people are to blame because we have become lazy. We on this side of the spectrum weren't out in the streets en masse when Scalia used our Constiturion for toilet paper, and those on the other side refuse to do the hard work of thinking, choosing to let the DeLays, Frists, Fallwells, Robertsons, Limbaughs, Hannitys and Bushes do their thinking for them.
At least the Corleones had the good sense to send Fredo on a fishing trip.

Tue May 24, 05:18:00 AM  
Blogger Watch 'n Wait said...

Bottom line is that there are more citizens not paying attention than are...and they outnumber the rest. They have little idea about what's happening to our soon to be lost Republic. Those of us who do pay attention are not coming up with many viable solutions. At least Rep John Conyers is, and has been, giving it all he's got to find enough proof to bring BushCo down. If anyone deserves our support, that man does. So long as he continues, there is hope.

Tue May 24, 04:02:00 PM  
Blogger Jack Dalton said...

There's another one in the House standing tall: Cynthia McKinney. She was recently re-elected into the house after a two year "lay-off." She pointed her finger straight at Bush and asked some very demanding questions. After which the Bush attack dog, Karl Rove went into action against her.

There are a couple more but in general the Dem party has pretty much has caved in and has become a "go along to get along" mob.

Tue May 24, 04:23:00 PM  
Blogger Anwaar Hussain said...

Hello Jack,

Thank you for your excellent piece.

I said the same thing in different words in my article "Emails From The 4th Reich". Allow me to post a few paras from there.

"Ironically, until now a power house of moral, intellectual, artistic and scientific greatness America is fast turning into an Orwellian farm. The key to America’s success has always been inextricably linked to the heroic legacy which she inherits from her history, culture and society. The achievements of her past heroes has so far catalyzed and facilitated even greater achievements from generation after generation of Americans.

Why then can’t a huge mass of contemporary Americans perceive the distorted values that their current leaders radiate at a frequency that has in no time sunk this great country to murky depths unprecedented in its past? How then has this marvelous nation allowed men of such abysmally horrendous moral and intellectual standards to lord over them? How then has it permitted them to turn their once great country into the sham that it is fast becoming? Is it all coming to a tragic end? Are blind belief and dogma back to bring about an inglorious end to that glorious age of reason?

When speaking of his sterling discoveries in science and mathematics, Sir Isaac Newton said, "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants" In all fairness, he was probably a giant himself standing on the shoulders of giants. Are current American elites mere pygmies who, even when they stand on the shoulders of their past giants, still cannot see any further?

Has America turned into a Fourth Reich or will it yet come around? The following are highlights of some of the very welcome emails I’ve received from Americans. My hope is that these voices may find their way into their body politic, serving as an antidote to the arrogance of power and its insidious stench.

The Americans who have written would not choose to be war mongers. They would choose peace. They would choose for mankind to relish in their common bonds, rather than feed a military machine that tears those bonds asunder. These many wonderful voices; will they, in time, find the power to speak with all their collective strength, in the sure knowledge that they are not alone? Or will the current American elites, pygmies all, finally, rub out the last vestiges of hope?"

So what will it be Jack?

Fri May 27, 04:16:00 AM  

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