Saturday, May 28, 2005

Holocaust Survivor Says He's Leaving the U.S.

by Joey Picador --

One of our neighbors is moving. I've been in this neighborhood for about six years now, but didn't really know them very well at all - just waves and nods, mostly.So I heard the moving van pull up this morning. When I got home this evening I happened to spy my neighbor (he's like 85 years old - I don't know exactly, but he's old, talks and moves very slowly) standing on the sidewalk next to the van. I walked over and shook his hand, and we started talking. I asked him where he was moving, and he said, "Back to Germany."I had been stationed in Germany for two years while in the military, so I lit up, and commented about how beautiful the country was, and inquired if he was going back because he missed it."No," he answered me. "I'm going back because I've seen this before."

He then commenced to explain that when he was a kid, he watched with his family in fear as Hitler's government committed atrocity after atrocity, and no one was willing to say anything. He said the news refused to question the government, and the ones who did were not in the newspaper business much longer. He said good neighbors, people he had known all his life, turned against his family and other Jews, grabbing on to the hate and superiority "as if they were starved for it" (his words).

He said he was too old to see it happen right in front of his eyes again, and too old to do anything about it, so he was taking his family back to Europe on Thursday where they would be safe from George W. Bush and his neocons. He seemed resolute, but troubled, nonetheless, as if being too young on one end and too old on the other to fight what he saw happening was wearing on him.

I gotta tell you - it was chilling. I let him talk, and the whole time, my gut was churning, like I had mutated butterflies in my stomach. When he was finished, he shook my hand, gripping it really hard, until his knuckles turned white and he was shaking. He looked me in the eyes, hard, and said, "I will pray for your family and your country." He let go of my hand and hobbled away. I have related this event to you in the hopes it will serve as a cautionary anecdote about the state of our Union, and to illustrate the path we Americans are being led down by a group of fanatics bent on global economic and military dominion.

When a man who survived the fruits of fascism decides its time to leave THIS country because he's seeing the same patterns that led to the Holocaust and other Nazi horrors beginning to form here, it is time for us to recognize the underlying evil inherent in the actions of those who claim they work for all Americans, and for all mankind. And it is incumbent upon all Americans, Red and Blue, Republican and Democrat, to stop them.


Blogger Watch 'n Wait said...

That neighbor is right. I don't blame him one bit for leaving. Have you read the article in Harper's mag about Bush meeting every Mon morn with the head of the 30 million fundies? Now that's horrifying.

Sat May 28, 09:47:00 PM  
Blogger Jack Dalton said...

TruthOut ran it today, if we're talking about the same article:

Inside America's Most Powerful Megachurch

Sat May 28, 10:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Carollane said...

Can we all just put our opinions in our pockets for one day and wish all our soldiers well and remember those who have given their lives in various wars? Just for Memorial day?

Sun May 29, 08:46:00 AM  
Blogger Jack Dalton said...

I will not be silent on any day as long as the occupation of Iraq continues; and as long as those running this country right now continue to preach "perpetual war for perpetual peace." Besides, Carollane, they did not give their lives, their lives were "given" by others who made the decisions to send them to war.

Sun May 29, 10:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Oh well said...

"Mr. Gorbechev, tear down this wall!" Kinda ironic huh? Your neighbor is fleeing from the US because of the tyranny of a Republican "neocon" to a country whose freedom was guaranteed by a Republican "neocon". Idealism is fine and it's a great goal but pragmistist have to
deal with reality to allow you the freedom to seek it.

Your efforts may be more fruitful if you visited the mullahs in the middle east and discussed peace with them.

Sun May 29, 11:46:00 AM  
Blogger Jack Dalton said...

"Oh well" you have just reinforced what I have stated in prior writings about the mindless "natioanlistc xenophobia" that has swept this nation in the past 4 years. That is not "realism" nor is it "pragmatism" as you have stated-it is blind loyalty to those that created brand "BushCo, Inc." Talking peace with anyone would be much more possible than with those who articulate, "...our God is bigger than your God." (Gen Boykin).

Sun May 29, 12:01:00 PM  
Blogger Laurent said...

Sad sad story... Always beginning again somewhere in the world...
We shure do not have the right to let those things happen. We all have to fight, talking, explaining, teaching history and this way opening minds to what has been happening and could happen again...
Here in France, there has been a DVD edited about concentration camps during WW2. And Madame Simone Weill (who have been in one) says in the préface how important it is for her to testify about that on the 60's anniversary of prisoneers release, because for the 70's anniversary she won't be there anymore, neither than the others...

Wed Jun 01, 01:53:00 PM  

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