Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Leave My Child Alone! Stop Recruiting in Our Schools!

Leave My Child Alone! Stop Recruiting in Our Schools!
By: Jack Dalton

By now it is pretty much common knowledge that the DoD – Department of War misnamed Department of Defense – and the Pentagon, thanks to the so-called and misnamed (ALL)No-Child(ern)-Left-Behind Act, are targeting this nations children for enlistment into the military while they are still in school. All personal records for each child on file with every school that receives federal funds must be made available to the military recruiters at that school. Any and all schools that violate that by not making the records available, according to the “law” will lose their federal funding.

This really brings the entire concept of the “law” and the “rule of law” into question, does it not? But that is for another discussion.

The recruitment practices of military recruiters have of late been under serious scrutiny as one report after another surfaces about the “misadventures” of the recruiters: lies, forged documents, rapes and the list is seemingly endless. Just a cursory search on any of the internet search engines will bear this out.

Former Marine recruiter, Jim Massey, now an anti-war activist, has stated many, many times about the lies, coercion, and other such “techniques” that are employed by recruiters to meet their “quotas.” That those “techniques” described by Massey are wide spread is now beyond doubt, by anyone. The DoD and the Pentagon both have recently acknowledged that “Houston—we have a problem!”

The question is: what if anything past putting on a show, will they do about this problem? Given how the Dod and Pentagon deal with other problems with and in the military, like the systemic problem of rape, which after 19 investigations over the past 18 years and many nice sounding speeches, continues to not only be a wide-spread problem but is increasing in numbers! I bring this up due to the simple fact that recruiters are being arrested for raping young women they are attempting to recruit!

The military is having major problems with getting new recruits as well as retaining those already in the military and this is becoming a bigger problem the longer BushCo continues articulating “perpetual war for perpetual peace.” Even those in the military currently are beginning to see thru the smokescreen of deception being presented by BushCo and they are leaving the military in wholesale numbers.

In an attempt to make up for those decreased numbers, the DoD and Pentagon will continue to target the poor and the young. You, who have children, have got to ask yourself: what do you want for your children? What kind of life do you want to see them have? Then you must ask yourself if sending them to an unjust war of choice that this nation was lied and deceived into fits what you envision for them.

If you have problems with recruiters in the nation’s schools then I strongly urge you, those with children and those who do not but still find this unacceptable to join me in joining the efforts of “Leave My Child Alone”, “Citizen Soldier” and “Not in Our Name” demanding to get recruiters out of our schools! And I do mean demanding!

Leave My Child Alone: Nationwide Military Opt Out June 1, 2005

Citizen Soldier: Enlistment Guide—PDF File

Not In Our Name: Stop Military Recruitment in Our Schools


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