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Remembering the Dead -- Forgetting the Living

Remembering the Dead – Forgetting the Living
By: Jack Dalton

Here we are again, another Memorial Day weekend. Lots of flags will be flown; lots of speeches will be given; cemeteries will be visited; tears will be shed; lots of picnics and auto races will take place; most will talk sadly of the “fallen” whose graves will be adorned with plenty of flowers. The dead and fallen will be honored as America’s heroes in such a manner as to imply that it is dying for the country that is the greatest honor one may achieve.

While I agree that those who have given their lives should be remembered--I will as a lot of my friends are in those graves; but then I remember them every day of the week not just on one day of the year. Mostly though, I remember the living. I will remember them this Sunday in an hour long talk (radio) I will be giving on this—see details at the end of this post.

I remember that another generation of this nation is being sacrificed on the alter of war as was the case with Vietnam, Gulf War 1, Bosnia, and now Iraq and Afghanistan. The broken bodies, minds and spirits that came back from those wars were and still are being forgotten. Tossed aside by a V.A. that is not there to help put them back together and a congress that talks a lot about this nation’s veterans, but that does nothing to create positive affective change for those that have borne the brunt of the illegal wars they keep sending this nation into.

In fact the head of the V.A. recently stated that payments to veterans “are a threat to our national security.” That was repeated on the floor of the House of Representatives.

So while you have your memorials “honoring the dead” try and give some thought to the living. Remember the 85,000 that have come back from Iraq seeking care at the V.A., over half with PTSD, which has not been able to care for the Vietnam vets or the first Gulf War vets; and then there is the DU contamination no one wants to talk about. So while you remember the dead, remember the living.

The dead we cannot help; the living we can help. We can help to bring them home from Iraq and the sooner rather than later. How many more tombstones must there be? How many more people like Camilo Mejas, Kevin Benderman, Darrell Anderson, Pablo Paredes, Trent Helmkamp, Carl Webb, Adam Mowery are going to have to face criminal charges for refusing to participate in this BushCo war of choice in Iraq? (see here for active duty war resisters)

This and other issues I will be speaking on and about this Sunday, May 29th for an hour on a radio station in Pa. Here is the info from the station. It is a local AM station talk show but it will be available on the internet. It is a call-in show. Even though it is Memorial Day Sunday, and in the middle of the afternoon, no matter to me, I’ll take every opportunity that presents itself to speak on this war in Iraq and the treatment of veterans.

The show can be heard over the radio on KDKA 1020 on the am dial. They may listen on the web at
The numbers are 412 333-KDKA (5352) or 1 877 855-5352.
The show starts at 4 PM eastern or whenever Pirate baseball ends and your segment will be on from 6:05 until 7 PM eastern.
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Anonymous Carollane said...

I am very impressed with what you read Mr. Dalton. Tell me, have you ever read Hitler's grande plan for America had he won the war? My grandfather fought the Nazi evil so you could be born into a free society. But you know that...

Please don't judge everything by Vietnam.

It's just I sometimes think that when people like you finally feel cold steel at you neck, only then, you might just change the way you think. It would have to come down to Mr. Zarqawi knocking at your door,knife in hand.

Do you think he would knock?

Have fun with this very simplistic comment. It's all yours. Regards.

BTW, just what do you think would happen to the Iraqi people if we just left them? Muslims killing other Muslims? For what? Merely to drive the "infidel" American out? The goal is what it has always been. Power. Plain and simple.

What am I talking about? Do I really think for one moment I could change your mind? Sorry. I'll just leave quietly...

Sun May 29, 09:04:00 AM  
Blogger Jack Dalton said...

You sound like those from years ago that stated if we didn't go fight in Vietnam, we would be fighting them in San Francisco.

We were lied into invading Iraq much the very same way we were lied into Vietnam.

Neither had anything to do with "protecting" our "freedoms" or the security of this nation.

Both were based on political ideology and basic greed and self-righteousness.

Set aside your xenophobic nationalism, open your eyes/mind and let fact replace the ideologic "belief" that this country can do no wrong.

Sun May 29, 10:57:00 AM  
Anonymous Carollane said...

Xenophobic. Hmmm. Had to look that one up, I admit. I thought I knew what it meant, but then I said, nah... You can't mean I possess a "fear and hatred of stangers or foreigners." Couldn't be that. Lo and behold it did mean exactly that...

Mr. Dalton. I may be on my way around the bend, but almost my entire reason for supporting the Iraq War is the Iraqi people. Fear of strangers or foreigners? Hardly.

You didn't address my question in my last comment. What do you think is going to happen to the Iraqi people if the US just leaves? Not to worry though. No one I write to ever answers this question. Ever. In fact, I expect you will just delete this post. That's fine. I was just wondering...

We stumbled into Iraq looking for nonexistent WMD and killed a whole lot of people. What should we do? Tell them we're sorry and just leave? That would be the honorable thing to do? Did they have any hope under Saddam Hussein? Do they have any hope under the "insurgent/murderers" who kill for power or God, or both? Those people have been repressed, slaughtered and raped for years. They are now being slaughtered again. But this time they have a fighting chance. With our help, they are beginning to fight back.

After years of repression and horror, Iraqi people are finally coming to life. Fighting back. Fighting the "mullah" who tells a father of five sons to shoot one of them or he will kill them all. The father's crime? Collaboration. He said outloud that he was very glad America came...The "mullah" knows any number of cruelities, just like Mr. Hussein.

In fact, the "mullah" paid us a visit on 9/11, or did I dream that up? Suicide/homicide bombings in New York? You probably think it was another "burning of the Reichstag?" I'll just bet you do. Sorry. I have no right to tell you what you believe...

America is now facing the "mullah." This whole thing is about the "mullah," Mr. Dalton. In my opinion. The US and our few allies are finally standing up to them. Finally, after they have been killing for years and years, deadly children finally hearing the word no...

Couldn't you write an article about the Iraqis and what you think would happen to them? How you think they would be fine if the US just left?

I have no axe to grind. I am just another blue eyed blond American. Not one bit of Iraqi blood. But I care. Do you?

Are we to just leave them to their own devices like we did the indigenous people of Vietnam after our Special Forces promised them they would never do that? Is this honor? "Peace with honor," that really means surrender? It is not wise, Mr. Dalton, to surrender to the "mullah."

I guess honor is like beauty after all. "In the eye of the beholder...

As for ideology, we all have our ideology. Our agenda. Just twist mine around toward the left and it could be yours. If you know what I mean...

Mon May 30, 11:29:00 AM  
Blogger Jack Dalton said...

I'll be responding to you in terms of the content of this last comment of yours in my next op/ed.

I find it truly amazing to say the very least that you are still trying to connect 9/11 and Iraq.

Especially in lieu of all the empirical evidence that has dispelled that falsity.

You, like way too many in this nation that refuse to look at any evidence outside the box they have placed themselves in, continue to hang on to false assumptions that are based on the deceptions and lies told by Bush and company.

Get a grip. Bush, in May of 2000, before he was even selected by the Supreme Court, stated, " soon as I'm in the White House, I'm going to take out Saddam.

That was 16 months prior to 9/11. My good friend Donna had a daughter killed on 9/11, she was in tower 2, she also is firmly convinced that 9/11 was used, I repeat, used, to push the invasion plans already in place prior to 9/11.

I strongly urge you to read "The New Pearl Harbor" (among many other works) as you might learn something past articulating the same worn out arguments that have been so soundly dispelled.

like I said, I'll have an op/ed up and out by Wed on and about this. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation to once again highlight the very premise for this American invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Mon May 30, 12:02:00 PM  

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