Monday, May 30, 2005

Update on: AfterDowningStreet

Here is an update on the “Smoking Gun Memos” from If we do not support anything else, it is an absolute must that we support this. That this nation was deceived and lied into invading and occupying Iraq is now beyond question. We cannot allow this issue of the very premise of war to become “disappeared” as have so many other issues of great importance to us, and the rest of the world by extension. We are in the grips of what is essentially a criminal enterprise disguised as the Bush Administration. Read on, and commit as much time and energy as you are possibly able in demanding answers and accountability from Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Bolton, Leeden, Pearle, and the rest of that marvelous mob of “Mayberry Machiavelli’s.”

This BushCo war of choice has turned the entire nation on its head. The social/political/economic damage done to us will last for decades even if this madness were to stop right now, today. A $491 billion bloated War Department budget--which does not include the $82 billion just approved for Iraq--is helping to create deficits so high that Newt Gingrich’s and Grover Norquist’s “policy” of “Starve the Beast” so as to eliminate all social spending by breaking the bank is well under way.

The cost in human lives behind this BushCo deception is, as far as I am concerned, more than enough to warrant putting the entirety of the BushCo administration on trial for not only war crimes, but crimes against humanity as well.

Evidence: Smoking Bullet in the Smoking Gun ( )

A new London Times article cites evidence that in 2002, not only was a bogus case being concocted to help launch a war on Iraq, but a war had already been launched. The US and Britain dramatically increased their bombing of that country.

Yours in Solidarity and Peace--Jack


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