Thursday, June 02, 2005

America Has Lost a Truly Great Man: Col David Hackworth

America Has Lost a Truly Great Man: Col. David Hackworth

We have lost a great man. Not because of his medals--which made him one of the single most decorated soldiers ever--but because he was a man of unwavering ethics and great integrity. A man of honor willing to stand tall and be honest about Vietnam; An act that caused him to be forced out of the military he had given his life to. Read here what those that knew him have to say about Col Hackworth; read what those that served with him thought of him. Read here what Col Hackworth himself had to say with the world around us since BushCo has occupied the seat of power. Col Hackworth is still with us in the thoughts, opinions and ideas he has left us with. For those that wish to honor his memory, stand behind the causes he was so committed to.

Col David Hackworth: Soldier—Author--Columnist

A Man Who Truly Supported the Troops

About Col David Hackworth

The War According to Col David Hackworth

Col David Hackworth: Champion of the Ordinary Soldier

Col David Hackworth: Unforgettable Soldier


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