Friday, June 03, 2005

Anti-War Granny Takes on Recruiters

Anti-War Granny Takes on Recruiters

One of our more intrepid anti-warriors over at (Veterans Against the Iraq War) posted this yesterday. She goes by the handle, thisISibemee.

I've noticed that the Recruiters prowl around town, pretending to be 'shopping' and cornering high school kids at Walmart, Target, Shopko, K-Mart, etc.... I take the time to float around til I'm sure that's what they're up to, then I loudly ask if they are recruiting in public now, and am always told they're "just having a conversation with some friends..." so I ask the 'friends' how long they have known these PREDITORS, and tell them not to believe anything they tell them, because they lie .... and lie ....and lie... by then, I usually have a few bystanders attention... and I wrap it up by asking the kids how their mom would like to have them come home hidden in a flag draped coffin, like nearly 1700 other mother's children.. and go on about my business......If the recruiter gets snotty, I ask him why he's here, pimping for his CIC instead of being blown up in Iraq, if he's so gung-ho. Now and then a recruiter will get nasty, then I give him both barrels about the lies that got my granddaughter in ---and crippled for life....I also complain to the store manager that I think it's awful that a kid can't shop without being accosted by recruiters.......


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