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The "Criminalization" of the U.S. State Under BushCo

For those of you that have been following what I have been writing for the past two years know that I seriously look at recent “history” a lot. Especially in terms of all the old Iran/Contra people from the Reagan years that are now at the heart of the Bush “advisors.” Elliot Abrams, John Negroponte just to mention those two, but there are more.

Last year when Negroponte was sent to Iraq all I could muster was, “hell, they’re going to turn Iraq and the Middle East into another “Nicaragua/Honduras and Central America.” And that is essentially what has happened. We helped to turn Colombia into a “narco-state” and are doing the very same thing in Afghanistan/Iraq. So, while
BushCo is stealing hundreds of BILLIONS of taxpayer money (your money) under the guise of the “War on a Tactic” and lining pockets real deep with your money, there are hundreds of BILLIONS of drug money they are also lining deep pockets with.

There never was a serious cocaine “problem” in this country until the C.I.A. under papa Bush got involved with importing drugs into the country. The leading instigator/proponent, etc of all this, Oliver North is making a lot of money these days as an “expert” on war for FOX “News” while he “explains” how righteous the nation is for invading Iraq.

I do believe that Michael Chossudovsky has it right in his essay, “
The Criminalization of the State.” Criminals running the state, making criminals out of others thru the laws the criminals in power pass upon the rest of us—simply stated the Criminalization of the U.S. has taken place under George W. Bush. These are the people that have led us into a war of aggression; a war against peace.

Due to this, and more, Bush/Cheney et al,
must be impeached and tried as and for the war criminals that they are. There are a big bunch of them in congress that should be dealt with in the same manner—Bill Frist; Tom DeLay; Rick Santorum; Jeff Sessions; I’ll stop here as it is a long list. – Jack 6/26/05

Archive: Lost History Series

Iraq: Quicksand & Blood
In the vice presidential debate, Dick Cheney cited El Salvador as a precedent for the U.S. policies in Iraq and Afghanistan. In an article almost a year ago, we noted the dangers of the Bush-Cheney administration transferring to the Middle East lessons supposedly learned from the Reagan-Bush intervention in Central America two decades ago. It is reprinted here.

CIA's DI Disgrace
The Iraqi-intelligence failure of the CIA's Directorate of Intelligence -- or DI -- traces back nearly a quarter century to the days after Ronald Reagan's election when ideological conservatives took aim at the DI's historic traditions of objective analysis. The extraordinary stories of how the Reagan-Bush administration broke the will of the analysts -- and why President Clinton refused to address the crisis -- were the prequels to today's DI disgrace. July 13, 2004

A CIA Officer's Calamitous Choices
Secret intelligence operatives sometimes make decisions that resonate through time. One such CIA officer was James Critchfield, whose choices influenced U.S. attitudes in the Cold War and shaped the Saddam era in Iraq. By Jerry Meldon. May 15, 2003.

Toward the Brink
The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have suddenly made relevant the shadowy history of the past two decades. September 17, 2001

CIA's Worst-Kept Secret
Newly released documents confirm that U.S. intelligence recruited and protected hundreds of Nazi war criminals after World War II. By Martin A. Lee. May 16, 2001

Three Reasons -- What Went Wrong
Three recent news events shed light on what went wrong with American democracy over the past half century, as the nation compromised its principles -- and implicated young men like Bob Kerrey in atrocities -- all for the Cold War. May 1, 2001

CIA's Anti-Drug Message for Kids
The CIA wants American families to know that it's fighting the war on drugs, but the real story isn't quite so simple or so pretty. By Martin A. Lee. March 4, 2001

Reagan-Bush Security Breaches
Ronald Reagan's tough rhetoric of the 1980s obscured a very different reality. As the arrest of an alleged FBI "double agent" underscores, the Reagan-Bush era was a time when American national security was compromised, possibly worse than at any time in U.S. history. February 23, 2001

Iran-Contra & the Case of Wen Ho Lee
Little-noticed Iran-contra files shed light on how the Reagan-Bush administration built the clandestine ties to communist China that were the backdrop of the Wen Ho Lee nuclear secrets case. By Robert Parry. September 18, 2000

Ronald Reagan's Last Secret
A search for an inner self ends on the surface. By Robert Parry. November 25, 1999

Reagan & Guatemala's Death Files.
New records prove genocide and the U.S. hand. By Robert Parry. May 26, 1999

The US-Guatemala File.
Training state terrorists. By Robert Parry. May 26, 1999

'Like I Wasn't President at All.
'Reagan and Iran. By Robert Parry. May 26, 1999

Secret Service Privilege: The Bush File
Kenneth Starr has obliterated the Secret Service's claim of a special 'protective privilege.' But Starr's old boss, George Bush, benefitted from that privilege when his bodyguards concealed records from October Surprise investigators in 1992. July 23, 1998

Uncle Sam's Favorite Terrorists
New evidence suggests that in the past year, U.S. soil again has served as a base for anti-Castro terrorism. The attacks confront President Clinton with a choice between law and politics. June 24, 1998

Two Indonesias, Two Americas
The turmoil in Indonesia has brought to the fore secret military relations between Washington and Jakarta that date back to the 1960s. Then, President Sukarno was ousted by Gen. Suharto amid a bloody rampage that killed up to one million people. The U.S. hand always hid behind a cloak of national security, one dark chapter in a troubling history of counterinsurgency. June 9, 1998

India, the CIA & the Bomb
CIA's botched Indian analysis is drawing criticism, but the root of the failure is found in President Reagan's 'politicization' and President Clinton's failure to correct the problem. June 9, 1998

Lost History: GOP & KAL-007: 'Key Is to Lie First'
Republican leaders say they want the "whole truth" about the Clinton scandals. But the GOP's history is strewn with 50 years of Cold War situational lying, like the doctored intercepts used as propaganda after the Korean Air Lines disaster in 1983. (5/18/98)

Lost History: Project X, Drugs & Death Squads
New disclosures about secret 'Project X' training manuals and the CIA's purge of criminals from its payrolls have corroborated many of the decades-old criticism of U.S. national security. But the news is slipping back into a media black hole. (3/31/97)

Lost History: Contras, Dirty $ & CIA (Part 2)
A mysterious Cuban-American banker lined up millions of dollars in guns for the Nicaraguan contras. But the money came from shadowy Panamanian banks and brought suspicion that the CIA was arranging laundered drug profits. (3/3/97)

Lost History: Contras, Dirty Money & CIA
When Ronald Reagan wanted to get guns and money to the Nicaraguan contras, his men often turned to the shadowy world of money-laundering. Newly discovered documents show a well-worn trail that leads from Panama's law offices to Swiss banks, from dirty money on the streets of American cities to the brutal murder of a principal contra financier. (2/17/97)

Lost History: Ollie's 'Enemies' & the FBI
When Oliver North was at the height of his power, he tried to muscle his 'enemies' by enlisting the FBI and other federal agencies to investigate them. Newly released Iran-contra documents show that North saw the FBI as a possible weapon even to use against troublesome journalists. (2/3/97)

Lost History: The CIA Protects the Iran-Contra Cover-up (1/20/97)

Lost History: CIA-Contra Plan-Kill Cubans
Duane Clarridge acknowledges in a new book that an original goal of the contra operation was to "start killing Cubans." (1/20/97)

Lost History: The CIA's Fugitive Terrorist
Luis Posada, a CIA-trained Cuban exile, hooked up with Oliver North's secret Nicaraguan contra supply operation in 1986. Before that Posada was a known international terrorist accused of bombing a civilian airliner that was headed for Havana. (1/6/97)

Lost History: CIA's Perception Management
How the CIA practiced "Perception Management" on the American people during the '80s. (12/9/96)

Lost History: Dole Nearly Cited in Iran-Contra Report
While in the Senate, Dole fought to hinder Lawrence Walsh's Iran-contra investigation and then urged President Bush to pardon Casper Weinberger in the last month of the Bush Presidency. (11/11/96)

Lost History: Arafat Reveals 'October Surprise' Bid
Arafat informed President Carter that the Republicans approached him in 1980 over October Surprise. (10-28-96)

Lost History: 'Project X' & Assassins School
The Pentagon now admits that the School of the Americas used manuals that advocated torture, murder and coercion for political ends. (10-14-96)

Lost History: Wall Street Journal's 'Big Lies'
The Wall Street Journal's editorial page, edited by Robert Bartley, stoops to some of the worst media abuses. Evidence is fabricated. Good people are smeared. Case in point: WSJ vs. Gary Sick. (9-30-96)

Lost History: Reagan-Bush Crime Syndicate
A decade ago, press reports disclosed that the Nicaraguan contra rebels were trafficking in cocaine to buy guns. But instead of going after the contras, the White House went after the story and the government investigators who tried to follow it up. (9-16-96)

Lost History: Marcos, Money & Treason
In a stunning disclosure, Ed Rollins, Ronald Reagan's former campaign manager, writes that Philippine despot Ferdinand Marcos sent $10 Million in cash to Reagan's 1984 campaign. (9-2-96)

Lost History: Newsweek's Convenient Lies
When Newsweek columnist Joe Klein lied about his authorship of a novel and editor Maynard Parker published falsehoods in Newsweek to protect Klein's money-making secret, the magazine's 'standards of truth' responsible for hounding Adm. Jeremy Boorda over his right to wear a pin were suddenly less inviolable. (8-19-96)

Lost History: Pierre Salinger & 1980 Taboo
The censorship of fomer ABC News' Paris bureau chief Pierre Salinger's memoirs, P.S., which expunged his October Surprise conclusion, is another case of the history of the 1980 American Presidential election is Lost History. (7-8-96)

Lost History: October Surprise Arises
The October Surprise has been brought before the Supreme Court in a libel suit. Former national security adviser Robert McFarlane has brought suit against Esquire magazine for a 1991 story linking McFarlane to both the alleged 1980 hostage dirty trick and to the Jonathan Pollard spy case. (6-24-96)

Lost History: The Devil & Bob Gates
Ex-CIA Director Bob Gates's memoirs, "From the Shadows," reveals an eerie mix of startling admissions blended with dubious history and self-serving explanations to provide proof of our lost history. (6-10-96)

Lost History: Death, Lies and Bodywashing
A small granite marker in Arlington National Cemetery honors the 21 American soldiers who fought and died in El Salvador's civil war, but their story remains a secret to the American people. (5-27-96)

Archive: Contra Crack Series

CIA's Anti-Drug Message for Kids
The CIA wants American families to know that it's fighting the war on drugs, but the real story isn't quite so simple or so pretty. By Martin A. Lee. March 4, 2001

CIA Admits Tolerating Contra-Cocaine Trafficking
House Intelligence Committee buries admissions in new contra-cocaine report. By Robert Parry. June 8, 2000

Hyde's Blind Eye: Contras & Cocaine
The chief House manager’s double standards on scandal. By Dennis Bernstein & Leslie Kean. December 14, 1999

Contra-Cocaine: Falling Between the 'Crack'
Congress has taken the Nicaraguan contra-cocaine scandal back behind closed doors, even though the CIA admitted serious wrongdoing in a public report. By Robert Parry. June 18, 1999

L.A.'s Other Coke Pipeline
The CIA’s contra-cocaine investigation reportedly stumbled upon a new drug pipeline into Los Angeles, with a CIA veteran of the contra war implicated. By Robert Parry. December 29, 1998

The Contras’ Narco-Terrorists
The Hitz report describes how some U.S.-trained veterans of the terror wars against Fidel Castro’s Cuba turned to drug trafficking in the 1970s and reappeared as contras supporters in the 1980s. October 15, 1998

Special Report: CIA’s Drug Confession
In a shocking new report, CIA Inspector General Frederick Hitz confirms long-standing allegations that drug traffickers pervaded the Nicaraguan contra war. Hitz found evidence in the CIA’s own files connecting key contras and contra backers to major trafficking organizations, including the Medellin cartel. One thread of evidence even led into Ronald Reagan’s National Security Council where the contra war was overseen by Lt. Col. Oliver North. October 15, 1998

The NYT’s New Contra Lies
The New York Times, “the newspaper of record,” has altered the historical record, again, to protect the Nicaraguan contras and the paper’s own bad reporting. October 1, 1998

John Hull's Great Escape
CIA-linked farmer John Hull skipped Costa Rica to avoid a drug trial -- and got help in his escape from DEA operatives. August 2, 1998

Special Report: Contra-Cocaine -- Justice Denied
A new Justice Department report reveals that the Reagan-Bush administrations knew much more about Nicaraguan contra-drug trafficking. The CIA also blocked investigators who got too close. But the Justice report still denigrates witnesses, such as smuggler Jorge Morales, and keeps the cover-up alive. August 2, 1998

The NYT's Contra-Cocaine Dilemma
For a dozen years, The New York Times mocked allegations that the Nicaraguan contras were implicated in cocaine trafficking. Finally, the nation's 'newspaper of record' is admitting that there was something to the story after all. But the Times is still letting the CIA put its spin on the scandal -- and the Times still doesn't want to confess its own guilt. July 23, 1998

Reality Bites Back: Contra-Coke Proof
Incoming CIA Inspector General Britt Snider must decide how to release an explosive report confirming long-held suspicions that the Nicaraguan contra operation smuggled cocaine. The report implicates the CIA and casts a dark shadow over the war run by the late CIA director William Casey and White House aide Oliver North. July 9, 1998

Two New Contra-Coke Books
Two new books are throwing down the gauntlet -- again -- to the CIA on the issue of drug trafficking. July 9, 1998

Listen to Bob Parry & Gary Webb Discussing New Contra-Cocaine Report on "Democracy Now."July 20, 1998

Contra-Coke: Evidence of Premeditation
A memo reveals how CIA Director William J. Casey engineered a legal change in 1982 that spared the spy agency from a legal requirement to report on drug smuggling by agents. The memo, released by Rep. Maxine Waters, is evidence that Casey anticipated cocaine trafficking by the Nicaraguan contras. June 1, 1998

Contra Cocaine: Bad to Worse
The CIA has issued part one of its long-awaited Nicaraguan contra cocaine report. While the spy agency hopes everyone will just read the executive summary, the fine print of the report shows that the drug trafficking was a severe problem. (2/16/98)

Contra-Crack Guide: Reading Between the Lines
The CIA and the Justice Department are clearing themselves of wrongdoing on alleged Nicaraguan contra-crack sales. Yet, while the verdicts are public, the actual evidence is still under wraps. And reporter Gary Webb has lost his job. (1/5/98)

Hung Out to Dry: 'Dark Alliance' Series Dies
Under pressure from the Big Media, San Jose Mercury News editors pulled reporter Gary Webb off the contra-drug story. But in a first-person account, Webb's co-author in Nicaragua warns about dangers to others who worked on the story. (6/30/97)

CIA, Contras & Cocaine: Big Media Rejoices
The nation's leading newspapers celebrated a column by a San Jose Mercury News editor, backing away from last year's series linking the Nicaraguan contras to the nation's 'crack' epidemic. But the evidence of contra drugs remains, as do questions about the big media's hostility toward the decade-old story. (6/2/97)

CIA & Cocaine: Agency Assets Cross the Line
The CIA faces a new drug-trafficking embarrassment with the Miami indictment of a Venezuelan general who worked with the CIA on narcotics issues. But the problem goes far deeper, all the way down to the spy agency's Cold War roots. (3/17/97)

Contra-Crack: Investigators vs. Brickwall
Maxine Waters tracks CIA-contra-crack suspicions. (2/3/97)

Contra-Crack: Contra Crack Controversy Continues
A new report backs the allegations and chastises the big papers. (1/6/97)

Contra-Crack: CIA, Drugs & National Press
When a West Coast paper published new evidence linking the CIA-managed Nicaraguan contra rebels to cocaine smuggling, the Washington press rallied to the spy agency's defense -- and pummeled the out-of-step journalists. (12/23/96)

Contra-Crack: The Kerry-Weld Cocaine War
While Sen. John Kerry led the fight to expose the contra-crack drug trade, Gov. Bill Weld stalled. (11/11/96) (The problem here was when Kerry's investigation started pointing at G. H. W. Bush, he closed the investigation. After all, papa Bush was the father of one of Kerry's "frat" bros at the Skull and Bones, the current Bush...Jack)

Contra-Crack: Contra-Crack Story Assailed (Part 1)
The Washington Post rushes to the CIA's defense. (10-28-96)

Contra-Crack: Contra-Crack Story Assailed (Part 2)
The Washington Times' Pro-Contra beat goes on. (10-28-96)

Contra-Crack: Blacks Angered by Contra-Crack
A published report of CIA-backed crack cocaine dealing in black communities across America has touched a raw nerve among black leaders. (9-30-96)

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