Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Criminals in the "Henhouse"

By now it is common knowledge that G.W. Bush has brought back into the upper levels of government decision making most of the criminals that were involved in Iran/Contra during the Reagan years--Elliott Abrams; John Negroponte just to name two. The following essay is a must read for those that want a little more historical (and near history) documentation on who these people are that now determine the laws by which we are told we must live according too. Keeping in mind that what they unleashed in Latin America is what they are unleashing in Iraq and soon to be unleashed here in our own country. These are the people that will be doing as the GOP has stated is wants to do: “restructure the entirety of the federal government. With the Democratic Party pushing to overturn the 22nd Amendment, it is clear to me that there is only one party in this country and it is out to subjugate us. If that were not the case we would not be “ruled” by Bush and his cohort of Iran/Contra criminals as the Dems helped the GOP to put these people in the positions they are now in. That this was written two years ago does not negate the value of the information in the essay, so read on!--Jack

Coming Soon to the United States? Plan Condor, the Sequel
by Toni Solo
28 September 2003

“…The United States and the European Union are in Latin America for the same reasons as the Spanish, Portuguese, British, French and Dutch colonialists before them - natural resources and cheap labor, compounded these days by neo-colonial extraction of forcibly contrived "debt". The methods are privatization, dismantling of domesticagricultural economies, and open markets imposed by the IMF and World Bank through local clients to favor multinational corporations like BP-Amoco, Monsanto, Cargill and other all too familiar names.For people in the United States the lessons of Latin America should be very clear. French philosopher Simone Weil once wrote that people in Europe were shocked by the Nazis because the Nazis applied to Europe the methods European powers practiced in their colonies. Now it's the turn of the United States. The banal, evil individuals currently running the White House are steadily putting into practice at home what they have done for three decades while facilitating terror in Latin America.”


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