Monday, June 20, 2005

Five Pointer For a Left Media

Five Pointer For a Left Media
By Robert Parry
Consortium News
June 21, 2005

There are a lot of good suggestions we should take note of in what Robert Parry has written in the following essay. There are links in the essay to some recent history we would all do good to refresh our memories on; especially considering the same faces have more or less been running this country for the past 25 years. It is a bit long if you read what is in all the links, but it is more than worth the time to do so…so read on my friends, read on…Jack

For those who see U.S. news as tilted to the Right, the good news is that wealthy Left funders are beginning to earmark more money for media. The bad news is that little of the money is going into the kind of media infrastructure that could restore a balance.”


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