Thursday, June 23, 2005

Media Censorship at its Worst!

Media Censorship at its Worst!
By: Jack Dalton

Yesterday I received an email (it is below) telling me that progressive talk radio host, and Vietnam veteran, Chris Moore had been given the boot at radio station KDKA in Pittsburg, PA. For one, Chris is the only veteran working there; he also had the highest rated show on radio in the same time slot. But, Chris is an outspoken critic of BushCo. KDKA is also owned by Viacom.

This past Memorial Day Chris had me on his program for the entire hour, and for those of you that read my writings you have a pretty good idea of what I was saying on Chris’ program. The very next week, Chris was given the axe and his program was replaced with some music thing. I am not saying Chris was eliminated on Saturdays at KDKA due to having me on; it’s just the timing, one week after I was on, the station chopped his time on air exactly in half—which also included his pay.

I attempted to call Steve Hanson at KDKA, he’s the program manager, but once I told the people who I was and who I wanted to talk to I was put on hold and then got an answering machine. However, I did manage to verify that Chris had been cancelled on Saturdays. And it was Chris that verified this. We spoke for about half and hour today and he also told me that the phone calls and emails are having a very pronounced effect on KDKA station management—so keep them coming in, please.

PBS is going down the tubes as it is now in the hands of right-wing ideologues; progressive radio and press are under non-stop attack by those that worship the ground BushCo walks on. Now, the oldest station in the nation is attempting to silence the only progressive voice willing to take on all the issues of the day as does Chris at that station. Daily we are bombarded with right-wing propaganda - and those that speak out against it, like Chris, are silenced.

I do not ask people that often to makes phone calls or write letters but I am asking on this. If you make no other call today; if you write no other letter today, please take the time to respond to this. All the station numbers, names, email address are at the end of this; please use those numbers to tell the people at KDKA to re-instate Chris Moore.

We cannot continue to sit silently by while the nut-jobs running this country continue to hold court on a censoring media. This is not what free speech or free press is – this is the action and censorship of a tyranny. We must support Chris and every other progressive journalist while we still have a few.

Please make those calls! Now the email that touched this off:

Dear Jack,

I heard you on the Chris Moore show on KDKA radio over Memorial Day and I wanted to alert you to something.

I sent the email below to the address and I wanted to make sure that you received it.

Since writing the initial email, the management at KDKA informed one of Chris Moore's listeners that another station in this area didn't employ any veterans or have a moderate voice. That isn't the point. Chris Moore works at the first radio station in the nation and reaches a wider audience. Perhaps that is the problem in the age of cowardice and disregard for wisdom and truth.

I wouldn't have heard your voice of dissent if Chris Moore hadn't invited you and we'll hear less and less if he isn't reinstated on Saturday evenings on KDKA.

The host who has taken over for him on that evening opened his show discussing Michael Jackson. You understand why we are unhappy.

I'm asking for your assistance. Please let me know what excuses they give you.

I am contacting you to request that complaints begin to pour into KDKA radio and to Viacom/ Infinity broadcasting regarding the demotion of talk radio host Chris Moore.

A week after he interviewed Jack Dalton, he was informed that his Saturday evening show would be replaced by a MUSIC/talk show even though his show is rated number one in his time slot in the 25+ age range.

Just what we need in a time when the media won't tell the truth about how veterans are being misused and short changed, Chris Moore who has been with KDKA for twelve years will be silenced so we can be entertained.. Please don't let this stand!

Chris is the ONLY veteran on KDKA and this demotion is an outrage as people tell us to support the troops, patriots and America. Telling the truth is the only way to do that.

If you want to hear veterans, Gold Star Mothers and people like Ray McGovern, Sibel Edmonds and others interviewed on KDKA about what is really going on, I implore you to complain and forward this to ALL other interested parties to DEMAND that his show on Saturday evening continue to bring us the truth.

Complain to:

Sumner M. RedstoneChairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Viacom
1515 BroadwayNew York, NY 10036(212) 846-3939

Joe Hollander CEO Infinity Broadcasting
INFINITY BROADCASTING1515 Broadway, 46th FloorNew York, NY 10036212-846-3939

KDKA Radio Vice President and General Manager Michael Young (412) 575-3262

Greg Jena, Director of Marketing and Promotion, (412) 575-2508

Steve Hansen, Programming Director-

KDKA 412-575-2200
One Gateway Center
Pittsburgh, PA

KDKA-AMOne Gateway CenterPittsburgh, PA 15222
To send e-mail

Chris Moore:


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