Friday, June 17, 2005

Not So Random Obeservations

Not so Random Observations: If You Elect an Anus, What You Get is Offal
By: Dr. Bernard J. Fine

Everyone’s so polite these days. The “ordinary” people, those who do hard work , provide their children as cannon fodder for their government and are the backbone of the country, are getting dumped on from all directions and only a relatively few seem to be able to speak up about it. What does it take to get them moving?

We apparently are a nation of zombies, more focused on taking pictures with our cell phones than on taking care of our children.

Our government has failed us to the point that impeachment is looming for our leaders as they wallow in the aftermath of their lies, their deliberate deceptions, protected now only by a media that has failed so miserably that only a very few practitioners thereof deserve the name “reporter.” The rest appear to be “shills” for our criminal leaders.

Caring, discerning people feel as if they are living in a dream world as Christian right-wing reconstructionists utter inane pronouncements with overbearing pomp in response to the poorest circumstances this nation has ever been in.

I served in the U.S. Army for two years during World War 2 and then worked for the army as a civilian for 38 years. I know all sides of the military. I know all of the words... the words used in public and the words used in private. In the false majesty of the chamber of the United States Senate where this listener would find himself as a young person seated in the balcony enthralled at the possibility of hearing some of the great senators speak, I was naive enough to think only in terms of the public words by the then great senators. These days, the senators are not so great and the private has become so public that on the floor of this hallowed hall, the vice-president of the United States can tell Senator Leahy of Vermont to go f—k himself.

A wise old first sergeant once gave me three bits of advice: (1) never volunteer for anything, (2) never join the reserves, (3) if you elect an assh--e, all you will get is sh-t.

We are more direct these days. Unless, of course, when dealing with the truth is involved. All Presidents have probably lied to the people at one time or another, but as Professor Juan Cole notes in an article in this month’s Fiatlux, “It has gotten so that on the subject of Iraq, the way you can tell when Bush is lying is that his mouth is moving.” Not only Bush, Juan, not only Bush. Platitudes and lies pervade this administration. But again, as I’ve asked before, “Where’s the anger? Where’s the rage? On the part of the public.

An army buddy of mine who just could not utter a swear word used to always say “Shite” when he was upset. What he meant was obvious.

If one’s grocer, doctor, lawyer, husband, wife or child lied to them, I think most people would be pissed and do something about it. However, if Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of the Bushites lie, and it is now certain that they have lied over and over again – and even after their lies were exposed - most people nevertheless seem quite complacent about it and even defend the liars.

Perhaps it’s just that they can’t admit that they’ve been wrong. Even though the future of their country is at stake, they can’t admit that they were wrong? Where’s the anger? Where’s the rage? Where’s the patriotism? Shite!

As General S.L.A. Marshall, noted military historian, observed regarding the allies World War 2 landing at Omaha Beach, it was only a relatively few soldiers who got us through the ordeal. Most of our soldiers were drowned in two feet of water, unable to move because of fear in the face of the extreme danger. So it is with our present situation. The majority of the citizenry of this country is drowning in fear and ignorance and shite from the media. Much more than two feet of it. It’s as if the White House, the Congress and the media have been taken over by aliens from the planet Uranus and they are passing the offal on to us as “sausage” (phrase attributed to Andrew Card, advisor to Bush) that comes up from “the bowels of the government” (phrase attributed to Condi Rice who used it during Congressional testimony). Only a relatively few people have the gumption to don boots and wade through the stuff. Those are the true patriots.

Finally, I must keep harping on one major point regarding the “discussions,” such as they are, of values in this country, particularly on the part of a sub-group of “Right-to-Life” folks who also support the illegal Bushite War in Iraq and the killing of our kids and of Iraqis. If the life of the unborn has value, and I believe that it has (with few but important qualifications), then why doesn’t the right to life of the already born have equal value?

To place the value of the unborn in such a uniquely hallowed status that one can hold that position and at the same time vote for a government that willingly kills the already born, ours and the Iraqis, in order to obtain oil, domination and personal power is, I believe, a sin of the highest order, however one wants to define sin. It is also highly illogical.

If this statement offends you, I suggest that you go to the following link. When there, move your cursor over the photo and you will see another photo. This may be traumatic for you but certainly no more traumatic than the photos of aborted fetuses that have been shown by right-to-life-of-the-unborn advocates. The photo is of half of a young Iraqi child lying in some debris. When looking at it, think of the thousands of other Iraqi children destroyed by US in the current war and remember also, that during the 10 years of U.N. sanctions following the Gulf War, more than 500,000 other Iraqi children died from illness and malnutrition.

I submit to you that these children had as much a right to live as does an unborn fetus, American or otherwise. And if you can’t understand that, may the lord, or whomever you worship, have mercy on your soul if, indeed, you have one.

Dr Fine is owner/editor/publisher of the web publication thru which he may be contacted.


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I can't add much, except to say: AMEN

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