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An Open Letter to the American Media

Open Letter To The American Media
By: Owatica ( )

Dear Media,This is your wake-up call; your heads-up warning; your way out; the only way to save yourselves. You apparently don't read your own polls or have become confused about how to respond to them appropriately. The duck-and-cover, utterly complicit Democratic, not to mention Republican, "leadership" seems to have a similar problem. For them, there is no real escape.

The corruption on both sides of the political aisle in Washington is disgustingly obvious. Even though our so-called "elections" have been corrupted, there are still limitations regarding what can be accomplished, i.e., a "close" election can be manipulated but a landslide is, well, a landslide and most of our dear leaders in Washington's Private Club are going home relatively soon; where they will no doubt attempt to survive the shame of their craven betrayal of the American people and every principle America has ever stood for. You, on the other hand, may have a chance to survive the situation that is now escalating beyond your ability to control.

Allow me to explain this to you. It is true the American public has been a little slow on the uptake and asleep at the wheel for some time. This condition has been precipitated through the combination of an unfortunate educational system, anti-intellectual laziness promoted by the most amazing onslaught of right-wing guided media propaganda and general governmental corruption hidden behind the greatest dissemination of disinformation this side of Hitler.

This has, of course, perpetuated the inevitable "dumbing down" process of the American public creating the "sheeple" or, if you prefer, "lemmings", that Americans have generally been acting like up until now. The people are not, however, quite as stupid as they would have to be to continue down a road rather obviously leading to total destruction.

What all the recent polls demonstrate is that the jig is up. Even though the details and depth of the betrayal is not fully understood by all at this time, the American public is awakening to the sadly familiar scent of rat. They know they are being lied to, not only by the government but by YOU. The people have clearly stated they oppose this administration, the congress, the war and, alas, YOU. Of course you are increasingly aware of this fact with each passing day as your viewership and readership numbers continue to slip farther and farther into the hole.

Yet there has been a paralysis on the part of corporate media ownership and its so-called "journalists" to respond effectively to the terrible threat you face. By now you can see the Bush administration is pushing you to ruin right along with the rest of us and the world at large. I would like to help you with this daunting problem.

It is so simple, it is almost silly. All you have to do is work together to actually report the news accurately and appropriately. That means the "runaway bride" goes on page 24 and the "DOWNING STREET MINUTES" go on page ONE as the HEADLINE news it is, right along with GENOCIDE IN IRAQ, THE MURDER OF OUR OWN TROOPS, CORRUPT ELECTIONS and noting THE HALF-LIFE OF DEPLETED URANIUM IS 4.5 BILLION YEARS (not to mention it only takes about one year for the microscopic and totally lethal bits of radiation to mix thoroughly in the air so it can blow over the entire world), among other hot topics. This would also hold true for accurate information available to you regarding the devastating fact of how badly the Bush administration has been defeated in Iraq, the truth about the American Gulags; the abuse, torture, murder, genocide and staggering devastation inflicted upon Iraq and the Iraqi people and, well, you know the list as well as I do; after all, you've been dancing around it and covering it up for years.

Just because you were able to suppress the information regarding the election frauds of 2000, 2002 and the blatant nationwide election fraud of 2004, you should remember what actually happened. Of course, since you refused to give up the raw polling data (yes, I am talking to you; ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CNN) to the incredibly brave and honorable Representative John Conyers, head of the House Judiciary Committee, you may have forgotten it does not take a rocket scientist to know if the data indicated Bush won you would have turned it over in a heartbeat. In other words, the important point you seem to have forgotten is THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS VOTED BUSH OUT!

Let's get back to the polls while also considering the fact most Americans were already opposed to the Bush administration anyway but have been nonetheless confused about the details of ongoing corruption and lies. Many people have struggled to negotiate the overwhelming amount of propaganda they have had to deal with but they are getting much better at it now as you can see. Look more closely at the current numbers and realize you are not just dealing with the majority of Americans any more, you are dealing with a LARGE majority of Americans. Regardless of your deep and obvious disrepect for the American people, they have FINALLY caught on and they are now mulling it over.

Read the writing on the wall! How could you fail to notice the horrific blow-back from the manufactured hysteria of the Schiavo debacle? The true horror at the attendant religious fanaticism? The disasterous Social Security "reform" lalapalooza? The "nuclear option"? As I said, the jig is already up.

The only question remaining is the method and timing of the approaching resolution and just how bloody it's going to get as the people of America take back THEIR country.

You should also consider other salient facts. The American economy has been deliberately bankrupted and there is no doubt it will collapse in the not too distant future. Every economist worth their salt is well aware of this fact and there has been quite a lot of discussion about it; said discussion mostly going on over the heads of the American people. You simply cannot have TRILLIONS of dollars in debt, borrow BILLIONS of dollars every day (making us deeply vulnerable to foreign powers), spend BILLIONS of dollars more, cut taxes for the wealthy AND conduct a MULTIBILLION DOLLAR WAR all at the same time (especially in an ever constricting energy market wherein the U.S. is dependent upon petrodollars, which could at any moment switch to petroeuros thus cutting our economic throats precipitously). It cannot be done; it cannot be maintained; reality eventually catches up no matter how fast you run.

Even the administration's economic shill, Alan Greenspan, has admitted the tax cuts were a mistake and the "....current path of the economy is unsustainable.....". HELLO!......We're ALL in this together. In fact, probably nothing anyone can do at this point can actually prevent the coming cataclysm but the worst damage might be mitigated by the removal of this destructive and criminal administration, which could conceivably pave the way for people who are more reasonable, responsible and possibly less corrupt.

You, the corporate owned media are staring down the same double-barrel of doom as the rest of us. When the American economy goes down, it will take the world economy down with it. Who will be left to buy the products you are advertising? Will China and India provide a sufficiently large customer base? I think not. Why, I ask myself, are you frozen in place when you must clearly be able to see all of this and the only reason I can come up with is FEAR. So, let me help you with that. The oh-so-well connected neocons, who are Americans by accident of birth and in name only, are nothing but a pack of parasitic, overgrown schoolyard bullies who have co-opted the republican party, our military and nuclear arsenal. They have affected a coup d'tat in America with about twelve guys and an awesome (i.e. well manipulated) support network.

They are deeply impressed with their success so far and are, in fact, so enamored with themselves they do not sense the ground falling away beneath them. But falling away it is, with a vengeance.Like all bullies, the chickenhawk neocons, are cowards. But as long as you keep giving them your lunch money every time they loom over you, they will keep taking it. You must respond to their threats in the only way possible if you (and we) are to survive; stand together and stand up to them! Your cowardice is the ONLY thing propping them up, which most of the people in America and the world have already figured out and (this is the good part for you) we will all support and cheer you for FINALLY speaking the truth to power (which is your REAL job)! Yes, you will be late to the party. Yes, your failure to do your moral and civic duty will be noted and remembered but you can be forgiven if you act NOW. Yes, we will continue to be wary of you and you will have to prove yourself trustworthy again, but that isn't so bad, is it?

Your continued silence and suppression of the truth is no longer working for you or anyone else so, when you think about it, you really have nothing to lose by facing up to your responsibilities (Are you aware many of us are looking into the ways media owners can be held responsible for war crimes? Doing the right thing now will douse that fire). If you do not act quickly, you will lose everything. Every day more people are turning to the Internet (dependable sites like:;;;;;;;, and many others) for accurate information and FINDING IT. You simply cannot fool all the people all the time. Either redeem yourselves now or you will go down with the fast sinking ship-of-state.

The PEOPLE are coming......stand with them or fall......make your choice.By

OwaticaSource : uruknet
Essential Reading : United Vegetative States of America by Anwaar Hussain

Ladies & gentlemen, comment please. Owatica speaks for all of us. Let us shout from the rooftops. Anwaar


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