Saturday, June 25, 2005

To "Draft" or Not to "Draft" - That is the Question

To “draft” or not to “draft” that is the question. I have asked (and stated) many times what would happen if the draft was started again. At the same time we must look at and consider all ideas and thoughts on the issue if we are to come too and make an informed decision. The following was sent to me a couple of days ago by a fellow veteran of the American War in Vietnam. He sets out a good case for opposition to a draft and I am posting it as it is one of the more articulate pieces I have seen in opposition to a draft. From here, you must make up your own mind on the draft.-- Jack

There are those folk that are saying that a Draft would make a difference in how quickly the American WAR on Iraq and the Middle East would end, that dissent would be greater because of a Draft.In a recent article by Bob Herbert of the New York Times he says essentially the same thing at the end of his article.

While I agree with parts of Mr. Herbert’s article as would anyone who is opposed to the War on Iraq, I disagree with anyone that a Draft would make a Difference to any significant degree other than to include MORE economically depressed YOUTHS and Young People in the MIX the Neo Cons would have to Send off in their WARS on the "Terrorists".

I can understand how some people MIGHT THINK a Draft could have an effect but the Sad Truth is that There was a Draft ALL During Vietnam!! That DID NOT STOP the "Govt" from sending many of my friends to fight and Die in that WAR.The Logic that a Draft would make a Difference is Flawed in my opinion because it must follow then that "Draftees" are not as Committed or as Loyal or as Good at being SOLDIERS as the New Modern Volunteer Forces?? That is definitely A Flawed assumption.

I say that because the Draftee is the same "American" that set free Europe from the NAZI Hoard. The Draftee is the same "Soldier" that suffered and Fought through Korea. The "Draftee" is the same Soldier that Won most every Battle we fought in Vietnam.

It was never the "Draftee" that Lost any "MilitaryAdventure" our Govt sent them on, it was the "Policies and Flawed Thinking and Greed" that Lost Vietnam, not to Mention the WILL of the People of Vietnam to Defend their Home against us "American Invaders"??

Think Long and Careful, Those of you that have advocated the Draft as a Solution to helping end this war??? Look at the " Make Up" of the Current ALL Volunteer Force we have??

Who makes up the Vast MAJORITY of those who are serving and signing up?? Economically Depressed folks who don't have the Money for College or can't get it any other way. Folks who can't find a Decent Job in " BushMerica" because of the Draconian Corporate policies of our Current Leadership, Minorities and Other Folks who just can't find a way to make a Living out in the "Work a Day World" that the Neo Cons and BUSH have turned our once Great America into that is WHO!!!

That being the case, those who may advocate a Draft need to realize that there is ALREADY a Draft going on!!! They Recruit from the Blue Collar Class not from the ELITE CLASS!! The Recruit from Rural West Virginia, Kentucky, Tenn., Alabama, Georgia. They recruit from the folks in the Inner City who are not able because of Discrimination or simple lack of Jobs to make their way in our New BUSHMERICA !!! That my friends ARE A DRAFT in Fact if not by Name !!!

If we were to allow the POWERS that Be now to "Bring Back the Draft" it would play into the hands of the "CHICKENHAWK CROWD" - they would simply have More Warm Bodies to fight their WARS !! They don't give One SHIT about your "Intentions" or "Reasons" for Joining their ARMY of Soldiers!!! All they ( the Ruling Class) care about is having sufficient numbers of people in Uniform to be able to continue their "Perpetual WAR”!!!

If You Oppose the WARS we are in now, You also should be Opposing any form of DRAFT!!!If the RULING Class ( mainly Republicans and Old Men) feel such "Loyalty" to "Their Commander in Power" Mr. Bush - then let them send their KIDS to fight and die in their WARS

I have 5 Grandchildren , the oldest being about 7 years away from Draft age.I will fight the damn GOVT to Hell and BACK before they will Lay One Finger on any of my Grandchildren for their "WARS" - I mean that and You should feel the same!!! If we in the USA were in REAL DANGER and were being attacked by an enemy we could Directly Identify and Needed to Defend our HOME- I would be first in line AGAIN, to Defend AMERICA. That is NOT WHAT any of these " CHICKENHAWK WARS" are about!!

They are about GREED and CONTROL and making sure the Ruling Class STAYS IN CONTROLWord Up !!! We Ain't part of that Ruling Class, even most Republicans are not part of that class!!

So to my friends out there that imply the Draft may help, Please Get the Idea out of Your Head and please stop saying those things, it may give BUSH and the Elites the feeling that they could start the draft again for their WARS !!!

I served with Draftees and they were some of the BEST DAMN Soldiers I ever met.

The question is not about us (The People) supplying them (The Elites) with more Warm Bodies, the QUESTION and ANSWER to ending their Reign of Terror on the WORLD is to STOP Helping them do that !!! Resist-Dissent and Non Compliance will Defeat the "Elites", the Neo Cons and the "CHICKEN HAWK Sons a Bitches”!!!

They are not lining up in long lines to Volunteer their Children for service in the WARS right now and most of them won’t serve themselves - can you not see that their Game Plan becomes Very much Flawed when they run out of Warm Bodies???

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