Friday, June 10, 2005

Who & What I Mean By "BushCo"

What I Mean By “BushCO”
By: Jack Dalton

In everything I write, when referring to Bush, I generally use the term “BushCo.” As that covers a lot of ground I thought it about time I put something up that would show who it is I include in that “one size fits all” term, “BushCo.”

Everyone included in that heading are striving to impose the same “world-view,” their world-view upon us all; whether we like it, approve or not; and they do not care who they sacrifice to accomplish that end. I include the Republican Party at all times.

After spending a lot of time looking thru a lot of publications and web sites, I have found RightWeb to have just about everyone and every organization I include in “BushCo” all together in one neat package. Sure has made life a lot easier in following those whom Bush/Cheney has picked to run the federal bureaucracy. For current Bush Foreign Policy Team Or See: This is a must read!

In addition to Right-Web is "The Progressive Government." they have an outsanding chart with bio's of all cabinet heads and the internal infrastructure.

Also see this essay on Behind the Presidency: The following essay by Thomas Eddlem is one of the better essay’s I’ve seen on who it is that is actually running this country (into the ground).Conspiracy: The Council on Foreign Relations.

"The President appoints thousands of people to help formulate, enforce, and carry out policies - particularly those outlined in his inaugural address - and budgets that affect us every day. Do you know who these people are? Use the graphic below to explore the thousands of appointed positions and learn about the people who hold them. Do you know who might be better choices?"

BushCo, essentially, among other things, is one great big “good old boys” club of very wealthy, right-wing zealots and ideologues after the same thing, permanent rule, and I do mean rule. I’ll save the rest of that for one of my rants, raves, diatribes, whatever…

For now just open the links and here’s BushCo as I see “it/him” for the most part:





“The Right Web Archive is composed of some 50 profiles of foreign policy organizations that were complied in the late 1980s and early 1990s as part of the Interhemispheric Resource Center's Group Watch program (maintained in the interim by Political Research Associates). Although outdated, these profiles provide valuable historical information about many of the groups and individuals included on Right Web.”

What follows are some of the current Bush/Cheney appointments, nominations, whatever one chooses to call them. I have my own terms but will refrain from using them here. After going thru all of this, you will then know to whom and what I refer when using BushCo.

The Bad Stuff…like we need more, huh?

Hawk and "Colonial Governor" All but chased out of Turkey as a “persona non grata,” Eric Edelman is being promoted to undersecretary of defense for policy. Right Web Profile Eric Edelman

On Top of the World More than ten years ago Paul Wolfowitz was the principal author of the strategy of preventive war to ensure U.S. global supremacy. Now he is moving from the Pentagon to direct development politics as World Bank president.
Right Web Profile Paul Wolfowitz

Nuclear Enthusiast as Top National Security Official J.D. Crouch, a virulent nationalist, enthusiast of nuclear weapons, and Christian-right adherent, has recently become the right-hand man of National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley.
Right Web Profile J.D. Crouch II

Bunker Busting Brain Linton Brooks and the National Nuclear Security Administration are involved in efforts to develop so-called bunker-busting nuclear bombs, including the proposed Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator Weapon—and, according to one respected critic, “coming up with all the crazy ideas” about how the U.S. military can use nuclear weapons.
Right Web Profile Linton Brooks

Nuclear Warrior Replaces John Bolton as Arms Control Chief
Arms control chief Joseph is a new breed of militarist who believes that in a world where weapons of mass destruction may be proliferating it behooves the United States to bolster its own WMD arsenal and then use it against other proliferators.
Right Web Analysis Robert Joseph—The Counterproliferationist

Moving America Backward If you believe that immigrants are destroying our country, free speech is anti-American, and the UN should be kicked out of the United States, then Move America Forward is your kind of group.
Right Web Profile Move America Forward

The Immigration Debate: Whose Side Are You On?That’s the question that President George W. Bush asked in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. And he gave the world his answer and warning: “Either you are with us or against us.”
Right Web Analysis Whose Side Are You On?

Taking on the AARP The right-wing USA Next, founded by mass-mail guru Richard Viguerie, aims to dismember the American Association of Retired Persons.
Right Web Profile USA Next

American or Israeli? The arrest of Pentagon analyst Lawrence Franklin should focus much-needed public and congressional attention on the influence of the pro-Israeli lobby in shaping U.S. foreign policy.
Right Web Analysis Where’s the “American” in the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee?

...The Good Stuff. While I may not be optimistic, I am hopeful.

A Global Good Neighbor Ethic of International Relations

By Tom Barry, Salih Booker, Laura Carlsen, Marie Dennis, and John Gershman

(May 2005) Inspired by Franklin D. Roosevelt's vision of international relations guided by "mutual respect" and cooperation, the IRC's Global Good Neighbor Initiative is initiating a process of reclaiming this legacy by promoting dialogue and action aimed at forging a new animating vision for foreign policy in our time:A Global Good Neighbor Ethic for International Relations.

Read the full report now; the executive summary is also available.


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