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Judge Not

Michael Carmichael, along with Judge Stephen Gheen and Dr. Steven Jonas are the founders, editors and publishers of the web publication, The Political Junkies. They are as openly opposed to what Bush/Cheney & Co has unleashed in this nation as anyone I have spoken with. We can only hope that more people like sitting Judge Stephen Gheen will stand up for ethics, integrity and honor as has Judge Gheen, Michael and Dr. Jonas.

The following essay by Michael Carmichael is an excellent “picture” of the man, Roberts, the Bush cabal wants on the Supreme Court. I still do not believe the majority of those in this country have snapped to exactly how close we are to a total theocratic dictatorship. Roberts on the Supreme Court will help speed up the process of that I am certain.

One more thing: I just spent the last hour on the phone with Monica Benderman. She has told me that the jail Kevin is being held in greeted Kevin as the man of integrity that he is—they are referring to him as a hero, so the Army has failed in its attempt to generate hate toward Kevin. Guards and those incarcerated alike. There is a lot more coming about Kevin, Conscientious Objectors and the current militarization. Now on to Michael’s essay.--Jack

Judge not
By Michael Carmichael
The Planetary Movement

Judge not lest ye be judged.
Matthew 7, 1

Last week, George Bush nominated John Glover Roberts to replace Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court bench.When Justice O’Connor ascended to the Supreme Court, she represented a quantum leap for the role of women in American jurisprudence. Ronald Reagan’s role in her nomination was seen as, perhaps, the single most progressive political decision that the deeply conservative president ever made. While Justice O’Connor has not been a leading light of liberalism or even progressivism, she has – on the odd occasion – injected a note of balance into what would otherwise be a preponderantly and abidingly conservative court.

Bush’s nomination of Judge Roberts will provide him with no such aura of balance or political decency. Now, one week after this nomination was made public, it is perfectly clear that Judge Roberts is a dangerous Republican Party apparatchik who represents the most serious threat to the constitution in general and constitutional democracy in particular since 1789.

Judge Roberts is a card-carrying, right-wing Republican. A dedicated extremist, he played a pivotal role in Bush’s brutal seizure of political power in 2000. He has contributed substantial sums of money and massive amounts of time to furthering the cause of right-wing extremism and its offspring, neoconservativism. He is deeply prejudiced against each and every constitutional protection of the weak, the poor, the minorities and the women of America. Roberts’ nomination marks a desperate attempt by a failing and unpopular presidency to mask the chaotic swarm of catastrophes swirling and circling and twining around its throat now that it has entered the terminal phase of its existence.

Timed with precision to deflect public attention from the escalating insurgency and civil unrest in Occupied-Iraq and the tightening noose that is now visibly dangling from the neck of Karl Rove, Sandra Day O’Connor got her cue to exit center stage. Swiftly emerging from stage right, we were treated to the spectacle of George Bush and John Glover Roberts who was wearing a mask bearing a frozen smile accompanied by the three remaining members of his quaintly costumed “family” who looked and acted as if they were reporting for a casting call for roles on the 1950s family sitcom, Ozzie & Harriet. The Roberts foursome could have been painted by Norman Rockwell circa 1949. In this case, one picture is worth a thousand words. The Roberts family is a throwback to the era predating Brown versus the Board of Education, Roe versus Wade and the Miranda ruling.

Judge Roberts is attractive to neoconservatives for a wide variety of reasons. He has had a very limited career as a judge, and – on first glance – it seems as if there is little to criticize. His record is undeniably thin. However, what little he has done both on and off the bench has been of the same consistently conservative quality – deeply inimical to the rights of working Americans, women and the poor. Judge Roberts has conscientiously assembled his career as a champion of large corporations. He is precisely the sort of jurist that Theodore Roosevelt would have abhorred. Worse. He is one of the boldest supporters for the growth of state authority in American history for he supports the rights of the state against the individual, the rights of corporations against their workers and the rights of the corporate state to destroy the environment.

Judge Roberts’ judicial record is now being minutely examined on a daily basis, but it is all too likely that there is very little important about him that we do not already know. His political counseling at the time of the 2000 election is all we really need to know to ascertain his total lack of judicial credibility.During the electoral chaos of 2000, Florida Governor Jeb Bush recused himself from all formal deliberations due to his relationship with his brother. At that time, John Glover Roberts swiftly entered stage right and flung himself into a top secret meeting with the Governor that took place in a locked conference room in Tallahassee with only the two of them present. Shortly after that top secret meeting, a strategy was fixed into its position to deny and divert any attempts by the Democratic presidential nominee, Albert Gore, from subpoenaing the crucial “Certificate of Ascertainment” that named the state’s electors for Bush. Had Gore and his legal team successfully blocked this document and ensnared it in a legal process, then the results of the presidential election could have been placed in jeopardy by forcing a thorough recount as demanded by the Florida Supreme Court.

Two years after his crucial and secret role in the Florida debacle, George Bush elevated John Roberts to the Federal bench, and today he is attempting to elevate him once again. There can be little doubt that the Bush family expects to retain its political influence over future contested presidential elections by resort to a Supreme Court heavy-weighted by Roberts, Scalia and Thomas. Roberts is an insurance policy for a future presidential candidacy of Jeb Bush.

The Bush political machine knows well that the tally of votes does not matter. What matters is the ascension to power, and in Bush’s America, that process has been transformed into a legalistic game of political power ultimately devoid of any democratic foundation. In what will come to be known as “The Bush Era,” Democracy has been reduced to a slogan to motivate the masses in support of profit-making wars against weak third world nations rich in natural resources, minerals and, of course, oil. Judge John Roberts is the embodiment of the right-wing legal revolution that would deconstruct constitutional democracy in America.

Moving beyond his political prejudices to take a look at his philosophical prejudices - Judge Roberts is deeply opposed to abortion. He has gone on the record with his opposition to Roe versus Wade, and he stated that it should be, “over-ruled.” His wife, Jane Stuart Roberts, is devoting her life to the destruction of women’s rights to make the most crucial, most intimate and most personal decisions that they will ever make: when to give birth. There can be no serious doubt that the deeply seated prejudices of both Judge and Mrs. Roberts stem from their devotion to the most abidingly conservative doctrines of their Roman Catholic faith. If Judge Roberts is eventually confirmed to the Supreme Court, he will be the third ultra-conservative Catholic to become a current member of that august body. Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas are both ultra-conservative Roman Catholics, as well. Is this suspicious syzygy a mere coincidence?

There has been a welter of speculation about the role of the secretive sect within the Catholic Church known as ‘Opus Dei.’ Many articles have been published that suggest both Scalia and Thomas are members of Opus Dei, an organization that endorses self-mortification as one of the highest forms of Roman Catholic spirituality. The current Pope, Benedict XVI has long been associated with this shadowy organization that was a riveting focus for criticism in the recent blockbusting bestseller by Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code.

In addition to Scalia and Thomas, former Director of the FBI, Louis Freeh, was rumored to have been a devout member of Opus Dei. Even the wives of Justices Scalia and Thomas have been suspected of membership in the ultra-orthodox and secret spiritual organization. None of the high-ranking US government officials or the members of their families named in this paragraph have ever confirmed or denied their enrolment in the controversial group. In these cases, silence may well speak volumes.

In his relatively short career, Judge Roberts has fought against the rights of American coal miners. He has championed the rights of corporations to wreak permanent and irreversible damage on the environment by removing mountaintops in order to extract minerals. In Judge Roberts, the American environmental movement sees a predatory enemy to its objectives of environmental preservation.

An enemy of women’s rights and the environment, a champion of corporate power, a proponent of authoritarian government, a proponent of weakening the core of our constitutional democracy – the right to vote - Judge Roberts should be repudiated by the Senate. Failure to do so will terminate any claims to balance left in the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

In the relatively recent past, the Senate has rejected as unacceptable several presidential nominations of right-wing Republican Presidents Nixon and Reagan. In 1971, Richard Nixon had the temerity to nominate two successive men who were tainted with racism: G. Harold Carswell and Clement Haynsworth. Both of these racist judges were soundly repudiated by the Senate.

When Ronald Reagan nominated Robert Bork, his ultra-conservative legal philosophy was deemed to be so extreme that he was rejected by the Senate. It is interesting to note that the ultra-conservative Robert Bork converted to Roman Catholicism only in 2003. Another Reagan nominee, Douglas Ginsburg, was rejected largely because he had smoked pot, something that probably will not stand in the way of confirmation during this century. Judge John Glover Roberts is clearly Bush’s attempt to re-enforce the radical legal philosophy of Scalia and Thomas as well as to strengthen the partisan prejudices of the court and to weaken constitutional democracy in America.

He should be repudiated by a majority consisting of supporters from both sides of the aisles in the Senate. (emphasis added)

Any Democratic Senator who violates the sacred trust placed in them by the voters and supports the nomination of Judge Roberts should face extremely strong primary opposition. We are watching you – and you shall be judged.

Roberts Gave GOP Advice in 2000 Recount - John G. Roberts, President Bush's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, played a crucial role in the chaotic, 36-day period following the disputed 2000 presidential election.

Wife of Nominee Holds Strong Antiabortion Views,0,4513105.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Michael Carmichael
Chairman / The Planetary Movement
64 Kingston Road
Oxford OX2 6RJ
The United Kingdom


The Planetary Movement


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