Saturday, July 30, 2005

Married Active Duty Marines Getting the Shaft--Again

Active Duty Military, Marines, Get the Shaft Once Again.

People are not as deaf, dumb and blind as the Department of War, the Pentagon, the military in general, thinks we are, or wishes we were. Even with the lowering of enlistment numbers and enlistment eligibility requirements, all branches are seriously missing their target numbers. Military age youth in this country hear the stories of how today's military eats its own in not so pretty ways. They see that in many ways today's military establishment is a real live version of Henry Kissinger's comment about, "people in the military are dumb animals to be used for our purposes." The following article from Military.Com's Marine Corps News, is but one more example how active duty Marines are getting the shaft while Bush & Co continue to demand the nation support the troops. Bush & Co have absolutely no idea, no concept of what that means.

I've seen the Marine Corps and the Army turn good, honest men of ethics, integrity and honor into "criminals" such as men like Kevin Benderman; I've spoken with young men the Marine Corps--the branch I was in--was brutalizing in multiple ways. Problem with that is simple, men like Kevin are the furthest thing from being a criminal as is possible to be, and those that withstand what the Corps throws at them and not budge from the principled stand they have taken--they are the people who show us all what courage and character are; they provide the very example of "moral leadership," as Norman Solomon so aptly put it.

The young people of military age hear the stories about the wounded coming back from Iraq that still have to pay for meals while being treated; they hear about all of the stop-loss; they hear about how the V.A. is not there for this nation's veterans; they hear about active duty having one pay screw up after another; and now they hear about married active duty having their off-base family housing allowance cut. Is it any wonder that this nation's youth no longer wants to serve in uniform? I could go on forever with this list of "they hear..." As I know you can, but I'll stop here so you can get to the article.--Jack

Some to Lose Hundreds in Pay Monday
Marine Corps News July 29, 2005
MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. -- Untold numbers of servicemembers residing off base will see their next paycheck shrink by as much as $250 -- and many of them may not even know the blow is coming.
(open the link here for the full, must read article; here is the full link also:,13319,74425,00.html )


Blogger Edward said...

Our country pisses away billions upon billions of dollars on a bullshit war of choice. Our politicians ensure that their expense accounts and benefits not only remain intact, but grow over time. Yet those that serve the interests of everyone (soldiers, policemen, firefighters, etc.) have to scream and kick to hold on to even modest cost of living allowances. This country has been invaded by aliens who have sucked the important parts of most everyones brains. The only part that seems to still work is the area that is concerned about who the Hollywood celebrities are banging this week or the latest cure for limp dicks. We are degenerating into a pack of boneheads whose priorities are so out of whack that those with any sense must look at us with pity and disgust. Can you blame them?

Sun Jul 31, 10:41:00 AM  

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