Sunday, July 24, 2005

Monsters Fighting Monsters

Monsters Fighting Monsters
By: Joe Walsh

[Joe Walsh, a U.S. Navy Vietnam Veteran, has sent us the following "random thoughts on this great country that was once called America." The war in Iraq, working-class people in the military, and the bombings in the U.K. have been recent topics on the list. Joe's submission touches on the broader relationship between social class, the military, and nationalism. For working-class young men (and now women), joining the military is often seen as a respectable career path, a backdoor to the 'American Dream.' Reflecting the disillusionment of many Vietnam veterans, Joe observes the false illogic of linking violence and warfare with the notions of freedom and prosperity - AJ]

Monsters Fighting Monsters

The only thing I am sure of is that we are caught in the middle of two equally guilty monsters that kill large numbers of people in the name of their god. I hate the Islamic zealots coming out of Arabia to kill innocent human beings; I also hate what the administration is doing to Iraq. When Bush talks about evil, he has to tuck his tail in before someone sees it. When Blair tells the Brits they are standing up for freedom around the world, he too must hide his horns. The longer we stay in Iraq the worse this is going to get, we will kill more and more innocents and say---sorry we did not intentionally kill you.

Americans are just waking up to the sad story that everything they believe in is gone, we have few freedoms left, and in the coming months and years we will lose more. We have been caught red-handed torturing human beings, we have bombed cities to the point of killing hundreds of women and children and we don't even bother to count the dead. The Islamic zealots are not better than we are, they are just weaker. The thing that should scare the hell out of you is that we have not been attacked again.

Our borders are easy to go across, our trains and buses are almost totally vulnerable, our ports are wide open and our air traffic security is a joke. We spend billions on checking little old ladies and almost nothing on the cargo that goes on the plane. What a mess. All these items have been on the news, yet still nothing gets done, we can react and that's all folks.

We now have high-level administration officials outing CIA undercover operatives. Has anyone asked the question, why anyone would want to go undercover for this government knowing that they could be made not by the bad guys but by the good guys. Rove should be arrested and tried for treason. Just random thoughts on this great country that was once called America.

Joseph Walsh
Portland, OR.
USN 1962-71

I can't get the blood off my hands, can you help me please?


Blogger B Francis said...

Joe, Jack and everyone else... I've been trying to figure all of this out for more than 4 years. I see people wearing "Bush Country" T-shirts, showing the county-by-county red/blue status of the American map (heavy on the red) and followed by the words "That's MY America". I work with a non-religious, poor working man who honestly believes he's treating everyone as equals when he identifies anyone who isn't white, christian and male as a lesser species. I hear some AM radio "talk show" host telling his audience that if we're to empower the minorities in this country, then we might as well empower the second largest minority, and that would be the terrorists. I've been exchanging emails with a Vietnam Vet who has bought the entire scenario cooked up by the current administration and honestly believes it's an extension of the "Nixon Doctrine". There's a few voices of reason out there.... this blog of Jack's is one sane place on the internet... but for every sane one, there seems to be countless ditto-headed, non-thinking, praise-W-almighty kind of bastions!
I'm not a confrontational kind of person. I served 6 years in the Navy without ever being involved in a fight. Now, I'm insulting people just by expressing my opinion! At this point, it's about all I dare do, too! The right is in charge, and any statement that goes against their thinking draws out the hateful, spiteful anger of those who already have a strangle-hold on our very existence!
We protested the stolen election of 2000... he got in anyway. We (and most of the rest of the "free" world) protested to keep shrub from attacking Iraq... He did it anyway. We've protested the "USA Patriot Act"... but it was renewed anyway. At what point do we change our tactics? At what point do we accept that the protests, no matter how vibrant, intense and well-intentioned have had zero effect? They're doing whatever they want. They're killing our kids and telling us it's for the good of the country... and so many are buying that, that it's downright frightening! They're not going to change.... WE HAVE TO!

Sun Jul 24, 07:31:00 PM  

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