Friday, July 08, 2005

An Off the Cuff Analysis of the London Blasts by a "Londoner"

This look at what took place in London by a person who lives there pretty much echos’ my own thoughts about the bombings. I put nothing past Bush/Blair and Company; and that includes creating “terrorist” acts so as to keep pointing fingers at all the “bad” guys. Operation Northwoods and Operation Gladio are alive and thriving well I am afraid. – Jack

This from a British poster at Yahoo groups
Subject: London Blasts - Off the cuff analysis

It has been an interesting day here in the UK, especially watching the media and their portrayal of what is undoubtedly an atrocity... How many weeks though was it, that George Galloway warned us on Alex Jones Show to beware a contrived incident? Lets take and ask some crucial questions before it all gets buried... Why is it, when eight countries intelligence services including two of the foremost, were not able to even predict this happening? The country is awash with CIA and MI5/6 and there is all the other intelligentsia from the remaining 6 nations to protect their leader.

This is rather strange indeed especially when the UK is on heightened alert because of G8. All London tube stations, trains and buses have black boxes and cameras, which link into British Transport Police and New Scotland Yard; these are monitored constantly to keep an eye out for suicides on platforms and bus drivers being robbed. Virtually all Muslim factions in the UK are under 24 hour watch, there have been no claims for responsibility by AQ yet suddenly everyone states it’s them including the media.

The parts of London attacked have no real targets for AQ, it is partly financial but mainly tourists and museums BUT was there that meeting at some time between Shell and BP and the Iraqi oil controllers though... that was if the case plum in the middle of it.

Since the bombings of the IRA, the people of Britain especially in London have always been vigilant about unattended parcels, packages and luggage, having myself nearly been killed in the 1974 Euston IED as a child, it needs to be asked how 7 bombs were able to do what they did without raising some suspicion.

I believe that Britain is having its own 9/11; I cannot believe that such a well organized attack like this could be pulled off without someone not knowing or suspecting something. It may be that a certain 3 letter organization is playing games on foreign turf, with or without the landlords knowledge, maybe G8 needs to be cancelled at this point because it has already turned into a fiasco but I bet you all that in a few years time, the stories will start to leak about something dodgy in all of this.

George Galloway warned us, not three weeks ago, to be vigilant for such a thing and the day after the Olympics had been settled we get this...It gives Blair a lot, it gives him now the hearts and minds for the ID cards even though there is absolutely no way a biometric ID card could have stopped what went on, it proves him right on all matters of terrorism, it will endorse Bush's position and bolster it for him as well, Charles Clarke seemed somewhat in his speech earlier on, to be very indifferent in his delivery, this is not normal in my mind, Blair seemed to mimic Bush after 9/11, with the same formulaic delivery, the statement of our "rights" to defend ourselves etc...

The worst part of it all was when Blair was making a national statement with Bush to his left, Bush if you look makes it plainly clear he is bored, not used to being second stage, the other leaders looked absolutely shocked and stunned but not Bush, put a psychologist or body language expert on that one, a total lack of respect.

This could be contrived or it could have been allowed to happen, whatever happens though, if it turns out that any of those people died to further Blair's political position, if it turns out like 9/11, then there is likely to be a civil uprising here in the UK as people will not stand for it.

"Ancient One"


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