Thursday, July 14, 2005

Recruiters OUT of Our Schools--No Draft, No Way!

Recruiters OUT of our schools!

Across the country, parents, teachers, and activists are taking action to protect students from the lies, manipulation, and abusive tactics of military recruiters.In School Board meetings, Parent Teacher Associations, Student Governments, and other meetings across the U.S., parents and students are taking action--concerned parents have become such an obstacle that recruiters have identified them as the biggest obstacle to meeting their quotas. We need to continue to build on our success and drive military recruiters out of our schools.

Recruiters have no place in public schools--they are predators, who lie to young people and manipulate their economic situation in order to drag them away to fight wars of occupation. We have a right and an obligation to demand that they not be allowed to use schools to recruit cannon fodder for their illegal wars.

San Francisco - "College Not Combat!"

In San Franciso, parents and antiwar activists submitted a local ballot measure on Monday, July 11, that will, if passed, put the city on record opposing the presence of military recruiters in public high schools and colleges.

Organizers are working to gather enough signatures to place the initiative, called "College Not Combat," on the November ballot. It would encourage school officials to deny access to recruiters, even if that means the loss of Federal money. The initiative also encourages the creation of scholarships and training programs to challenge the military's appeal to disadvantaged youth.

One of the organizers, Ragina Johnson said, "We do not see George Bush's daughters signing up. It is poor and working-class people who need a job and education at the same time billions are being spent on this war."

Seattle - "School is no place for recruiters!"

The Parent Teacher Student Association of Garfield High School took a decisive step in May, voting 25 to 5 to adopt a resolution that says "public schools are not a place for military recruiters."

"The mission of the PTA is to protect and defend kids," said Amy Hagopian, a mother of three whose son is a Garfield senior. "It's not just limited to education issues - which explains why the PTA takes positions on kids' health, violence, and other serious issues." She added, "They're spending $4 billion a month in Iraq, but we have to cut our race relations class, which costs $12,500. That's an important class for our kids."

Steve Ludwig, whose son is a senior at Garfield, made a point shared by many in the PTSA: Garfield does not allow organizations that promote illegal activities to recruit students to perform those activities, nor does it allow organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation to recruit on campus.

Ludwig told the Christian Science Monitor, "Planned Parenthood, as far as I know, does not advocate or perform illegal acts. The US military does. He said he would not object if Army representatives came to Garfield to debate their ideas on torture or aggressive war. "What I object to is their coming here to recruit students to perform those acts," he said. "It's not about free speech."

Help Remove Military Recruiters from your schools!

The Army Recruiting Handbook for High Schools (available on the No Draft, No Way website) says that their goal is "school ownership." Our goal is to deny them that ownership. The schools belong to the people, not to the Pentagon.

Join the national movement against military recruiting. No Draft No Way is calling on parents, students, and local activists to work with your PTA, union, school board, city council, or student government to pass a resolution barring recruiters from your local schools. We are currently compiling a list of all such local initiatives -- if you are organizing a local initiative, you can list it here. Or contact us for information and help to organize a local campaign.

Help Equip Local Counter-Recruiting Activists!

Activists across the country are joining the struggle to shut down military recruiting. No Draft No Way now has hundreds of local activists in all 50 states mobilizing to challenge recruiters and organize against the draft. It is imperative that we provide information and tools to these local organizers. We Won’t Go - A Guide to Counter-Recruiting and Draft Resistance will be an important contribution to this effort. This pocket-sized, 120-page book will be full of useful information and organizing tools for local activists.

This book will include chapters on:

Military Recruiters' Lies - the truth behind the promises of easy college money and high-tech job training.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers - the No Child Left Behind Act, JROTC, and the new Pentagon Database

Challenging Recruiters on Campus - including a section on students rights on campus, leaflets, petitions

Opting Out - how to organize a Opt Out campaign in your school so that students' personal information is not released to military recruitersInformation about organizing a local resolution opposing military recruiting and much more.

The book will be released with an accompanying CD which will contain:

Recrutiers Lies - leaflets and posters exposing the recruiting sales pitch point by point with space for local contact information.

Petitions against ROTC and JROTC Opt Out forms with an explanation of the No Child Left Behind Act. We are rushing to get We Won’t Go - A Guide to Counter-Recruiting and Draft Resistance to publication so that thousands of activists can use this material a part of a national campaign to educate and mobilize youth against militarism and the war. This book must be at the printers by July 31 in order for us to have it ready for the start of the new school year.

Can you help us with this urgent effort to publish We Won’t Go - A Guide to Counter-Recruiting and Draft Resistance? We will include a special acknowledgement section in the book, showing appreciation for those who make a contribution to this effort. Your name can be listed there, or you can donate anonymously. (You can donate online at )

Please join us in this national campaign by helping to organize, do outreach, distribute educational materials, and donate to help with all aspects of organizing, especially the immediate publication of this book, which will be an invaluable resource for young people all over the country who want to oppose the very real dangers of militarization and war.

Donate to help build a national movement against military recruiting and the draft.
Organize a local No Draft No Way chapter.
Sign up for Updates.


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