Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Soldier Was Killed in Iraq Today

“If you see any politicians be sure to let them know that while they are sitting around their dinner tables with their families talking about how hard the war is on them, we’re here under attack nearly 24 hours a day, dodging RPG’s and fighting not for a better Iraq, but just to stay alive.” (Spc) Stuart Wiff, 4-10-04…“Gunner Palace”

The last time I spoke with Stu he said to me, “I don’t know where I belong.” The cognitive dissonance that is generated behind being sent to war behind lies and deception—there are a lot of ways to kill a person and they don’t all involve being shot or blown up. We must end the madness and bring the troops home, and now! That speaks for itself, as does this that Bunkie at Veterans Against the Iraq War sent to me.--Jack

A Soldier Was Killed In Iraq Today.

He was a really cute little guy. Inquisitive and mischievous as all little boys must be; His other siblings in establishing his place in the family. And then it was the first day of Kindergarten and his mother and I left him at school, with lumps in our throats, knowing this was to be his first step on life’s journey.

And then there was nursing him through childhood illnesses and the traumas of Elementary School, Middle School and High School. And comforting him through his first broken heart when his first teen-age romance broke up!

And then it was sweating out his SAT scores and his final admission to college. The day he left for college his Mom and I knew he would never be home again, except for the Holiday visits. That he would graduate from college and start his adult life in a job away from home.

He made a choice to take a commission in the United States Army and serve his country, as corny as that may sound too many in this day and age. And after a few years he became a junior officer and leader of a company of men whose welfare he was devoted to and whose respect was well earned and admired.

Now he was 22 years old with his whole life ahead of him except the government that he was devoted to and proud to serve put him in harms way and a snipers bullet in a foreign land ended his dreams and the dreams of his family.

A soldier was killed in Iraq today and his entire life became just a statistic by which the military measures the success or failure of its mission, without ever explaining to his parents the reason he was asked to make this sacrifice in the first place. They only want to know from their government why their son had to die.


Blogger TEX said...

It's sad that parents lose their children before they pass on. But, it's even more sad when it's fighting a war based on lies.

gwbu$h will have to face his god and say whatever to get penance for this fiasco.

America, welcome to bu$h's QUAGMIRE, where the war was started on a lie, with no mission, trying to let Halliburton steal as much money as it can from the US taxpayers. You and I. I, like the rest of the world, find it senseless. However, it's a good thing most Americans don't think about it. It might make them sick and they would run bu$h out of the country.


Sun Jul 24, 05:01:00 PM  

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