Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Swarm of the "Madder'N Hells," Part3

It goes without saying I am full and total support of this call to be in Washington this Sept 24, 25, 26. We have got to make our presence known and visible! Nothing else seems to grab the attention of those in Washington that have the temerity to call themselves leaders of this nation.

The Swarm Of The Madder’N Hells, Part III

For the millions of Americans who insist on having their smoking guns hot to the touch and still smoldering, the Downing Street Memos (DSM) couldn't be hotter, or even “smoldier.”

The leaked highly classified British documents clearly show the Bushies were hell-bent on invading Iraq despite piffling inconveniences like the lack of any legitimate justification whatsoever.

We are the madder'n hells, and we -- all one million of us -- intend to converge at the U.S. Capitol on Monday, September 26*, to demand that Congress hold hearings on the memos.

We will stay in D.C. and descend daily on the Capitol to attend the hearings until they are concluded. (The madder'n hells will also participate in other activities in Washington already planned by United for Peace and Justice, A.N.S.W.E.R., and < >, beginning on Saturday, September 24.)

This article is the latest in a series designed to both garner support for our mission and pass on our latest info.

Thanks to the indefatigable and generous efforts of a madder'n hell from Oregon, we now have a website! (Thank you, Lois.) The address
is In addition to lots of other neat stuff, you will find on it boards for exchanging info with other madder'n hells about travel and lodging arrangements. If you want to join in, please sign up under "Swarmers."

Achieving the madder'n hells' goal of securing legitimate hearings on the DSM all hinges on:

a) Getting one million or so of us there,
b) Staying committed and,
c) Publicizing our actions to the millions of Americans who don't know DSM from PMS, though the potential cranky factor for either is considerable.

Since we are not formally organized and won't be, that means if you decide to swarm with us and we sure hope you do, our success or failure depends on each and every one of you. (Not that there's any pressure or anything.) I am the point man, if you will, writing the articles, monitoring the site, and working on "other duties as assigned." But since that essentially consumes all of my time, you also need to communicate amongst yourselves and help promote this thing any way you can to push it out of the nest and make it fly, rather than have it just fall heavily to the ground with a big thud, its freshly-formed feathers fluttering forlornly every which way and then afterward, just lying there like an inert pile of yucky, indistinguishable matter, depending on how high the nest was, the wind velocity/direction, and the mass-to-size ratio. (And to think I flunked both physics and avian science.)

The word about the madder'n hells is spreading in dribs and drabs; our mission needs to become much more widely known, however, and getting some juice behind us is crucial.

I've most recently e-mailed my representative and senators,, Michael Moore, and an acquaintance with high-powered government connections. Now, if I only actually hear back from any of these fine folks with offers of assistance, then we're talkin'. Brad Friedman of Brad Blog kindly suggested I contact Velvet Revolution (VR); Katrina there was most gracious and happy to list links to the first two madder'n hells columns (with a siren, no less!) on the VR "Out of Iraq" page.

I am very grateful for this help; we need lots more. Keep pluggin', everyone.

Since the first two articles were as detail-specific as possible and regular columns will be forthcoming until around 9/26 (unless I am suddenly "vanished"), I won't rehash here. Please go to our website to check out the latest information and pertinent links; the first two madder'n hells columns are posted there, also.

Here, then, are some odds and ends:

In D.C., we are using the "swarm and stay" rather than the "march and go" approach because, really, how well has the latter gambit worked? Millions of us repeatedly marched and rallied in 2002 and 2003 to try to prevent the war (which had actually started already anyway) -- and then went home. We were caustically dismissed as a "focus group," the war went on as planned, every single thing we said would happen has happened, we are.

What did we change?

A couple of thoughts on this failed strategy:

1) Venting publicly, only to immediately return back home to get to work the next day to be able to afford that new washing machine or the latest in electric flyswatters not only feeds the corporate consumerism contraption, but also plays right into its fascist owners' money-grubbing fists. These master mirage makers are actually thrilled when we the people blow off steam and essentially perpetuate the myth of America's democratic system (hello, fixed elections) because it reduces potential resistance down the road at that critical point when, with a big collective middle finger maximally extended toward us dirty masses (nothin' a new Kenmore can't fix), the war-profiteers inevitably give the predetermined orders to let the missiles fly.

2) Since the twisted Bushies and similarly ill ilk are all about power n' wealth, ONLY actions that threaten the retention or further acquisition of either have a chance of grabbing these sickos' attention and forcing real changes.

A couple of proposals, then, on how to measurably stick 'em where they live, even way down deep in their dank, fetid burrows:

Re power: One million people surrounding the Capitol every day is a little hard to (dis)miss, even for the most contemptuous of our (purportedly) elected reprehensibles. With rare exceptions, they are all cowards, on both sides of the aisle. If they weren't, we wouldn't have to now go to all this trouble to get a million of us back there to retrieve our government they have so criminally mismanaged. Having to pass through one million chanting, pissed off people to get inside the office every morning would certainly make me think twice about each teacher credential application I analyzed later. (What, you thought I made my living as a writer? Bless you.) I think an entire day of silent vigil by the madder'n hells at some point would be incredibly powerful, too. Can you imagine the atmosphere generated by one million people standing around quietly for eight or nine hours? Hell, I get nervous if the break room conversation lags for ten seconds.

Re wealth: For those of you who would like to go to D.C. but can't make it, might I suggest a sympathetic general strike? Don't go to work or school for at least a week. There's nothing like a big hit to the corporate bottom line to considerably widen the tiny slits holding the beady little eyes of the crony capitalists in cahoots with the administration (or in the administration, period). It is only when their enormous pocketbooks are threatened that these bloodsuckers are suddenly all ears regarding propositions that actually may benefit the average consumer unit, er, citizen. If any of you want to take this general strike idea and run with it in a big way, please have at it. Time does not permit that angle to be pursued from here.

Check out FAQs on our site to see if they address your concerns. It is by no means a complete list; please contact me at if you've got suggestions for other questions you think should be included. I read all e-mails; I will respond if time permits.

Two areas in which we could use some immediate assistance:

1) Are there lawyers/legal groups out there willing to pitch in with help gratis for madder'n hells who may get arrested in D.C.?

2) Though shocking, I am compelled to admit I have never before made a demand of Congress. Can anyone with experience/knowledge in this area give me some ideas about the actual mechanics of such a thing? Please contact me at the e-mail address above.

OK. These next two or three weeks, I presume, are the make or break period for the madder'n hells. How or why a certain idea catches fire nationally is often a mystery. We'll see what happens with ours. I just ask you to give it your best shot if you believe that one million fed-up Americans swarming the Capitol every day can help rescue our beleaguered nation.

Bio: Mark Drolette is a political satirist/commentator who lives in Sacramento, California.

Madder'n hells-related e-mail can be directed to

His personal e-mail address is Mark reads all e-mails and will answer as many as he can, time permitting. Many of his other writings can be located at


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