Monday, July 25, 2005

Vets for Justice and the V.A. Court of Appeals

Since Bush has pretty much appointed all but one of the judges on the V.A. court of appeals, the rate of denials to veterans by this court has gone thru the roof. Vets at one time had a half way decent chance of winning their case at the appeals level--not any longer. Now the majority of cases on appeal are denied by this Bush appointed court. So much for honoring the troops and veterans. After all did not David Chu at the Penatgon tell us all the "continued payments to veterans is a threat to our national security?" We veterans have a good opportunity to join in with the mass rally coming up in Washington this Sept 24-26--this can be our "Bonus March" and at the same time join in the opposition to this Bush & Co war of choice in Iraq. Make sure to read this appeal from Vets for Justice and then sign it!--Jack

Appointed & Paid To Cheat Veterans

Vets for Justice

We have done a number of articles here exposing the extremely corrupt Court of Appeals for Veterans, which is actually a conservative Right Wing Republican scheme, intended to deceive Veterans into believing they actually have a Court to go to, while in reality sending Veterans in endless circles exactly like the VA.

The facts are undeniable. Twelve of the thirteen judges in the Court of Appeals for Veterans were appointed by the Bush Family while only one judge was appointed by the Democrats.

So when Veterans go to the Court of Appeals for Veterans, and find the Court process there is a farce, where all evidence submitted by Veterans is ignored, and any lie spoken by the VA Office of General Counsel is treated like a commandment from God, remember it is a Bush Family Court you are in, and it is "Bush Family Justice" you are receiving.

In our efforts to educate Veterans as to how they are getting screwed, and how the Veteran Court Process is a joke, we intend to expose each corrupt judge on the Veterans Court, most of whom have direct ties with the VA Office of General Counsel.

We decided to start with Judge Lawrence B. Hagel because he is the worst of the lot. He is a Vietnam Veteran, and former marine, that has made a VERY GOOD LIVING by betraying his fellow Veterans for mere politics, and to make a buck.

Nothing is worst then a fellow Veteran, selling out his brothers, for a few pieces of silver.

This "Judas" returned from serving as a Second Lieutenant in Vietnam and got "influenced" by politics, and the money that is to be made off Veterans.

It didn't take Veteran Hagel long to discover big money can be made off politics, Veterans "programs", and betraying his fellow Veterans.

Judge (and we use the term loosely) Lawrence B. Hagel got "connected" with the right people and became General Counsel of the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

While the Paralyzed Veterans of America is a great Veterans Association Judge Hagel had his eye on the Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program, that gets millions of tax payer dollars to screw Veterans, as he also eyed a number of other political hustles.

With political jobs on the U.S. Administrative Conference, steering committees, rules committees, and by using these political connections, and a willingness to sell out, and betray his fellow Veterans, Hagel got a Bush Family Appointment to the Court of Appeals for Veterans.

Lots of power and big bucks.

On the Court of Appeals for Veterans Hagel actively supports the Bush Policy of screwing Veterans.

"Judge" Hagel ignores evidence presented by Veterans. Schemes with the VA Office of General Counsel. And he skillfully ignores most facts favorable to the Veteran, while rubber stamping any frivolous lie, or statement by VA Employees, as he earns a very good living screwing his brother Veterans.

I guess to Marine Lawrence B. Hagle leaving behind your fellow Veterans is okay if its done for politics, or a few pieces of silver.

Pieces of scum like Judge Lawrence B. Hagle is why the VA System is so very corrupt. Why billions of tax payer dollars are wasted as Veterans entitled to benefits are sent in endless circles. And why more and more Veterans are getting fed up with the extremely corrupt VA system.

You can go to the Court of Veterans Appeals Web Site and let the Court know what Veterans think of their con games, and we hope you will go sign our petition seeking a Criminal Investigation of the Veterans Court.

We are trying to unite enough Veterans to influence the next elections, and thereby force politicians to investigate the Court of Appeals for Veterans, and the extremely corrupt VA System.
Sign our petition here.


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