Wednesday, July 13, 2005

When Criminals Rule -- Lies, Fear and Hatred also Rule

When Criminals Rule – Lies, Fear and Hatred also Rule

As a greatly concerned American citizen; as a disabled veteran of the American War in Vietnam, I not only fully support this call by A.N.S.W.E.R. but plan on being there as well. It does this old man's heart good to see so many young people organizing efforts to take back this country from those who are out to forever change it...and for the worse. We have the opportunity here to do a "double whammy" if veterans will get behind and support this call to be in Washington in Sept. we can use it as our "Bonus March."

September 24 in DC:Transportation Network now up and running!"Together the Ants devour the Elephant;" so lets us go to Washington and have elephant for lunch!
History is replete with examples of how badly and to what depth people who profess to be the nation’s “leaders” will lie, deceive and carry out all kinds of duplicitous agendas in our names. One of the worst examples, and not that long ago, was the Reagan administrations Iran/Contra criminal activities. Virtually everyone one of those criminals involved—Elliott Abrams, Otto Juan Reich, John Negroponte, Michael Ledeen, Robert Earl among others—are now running this nation with Bush and are setting this nation’s policies. I’ll be picking this up in Part 4 of “Fools & Fanatics” but for right now, TJ, at the POAC, has put together a pretty good over-view and timeline of Iran/Contra and those involved—to repeat, almost all of whom are now back at the highest levels of government. In a sense, Bush has been a “uniter” as he has united the world against us and has united a lot of “pardoned” criminals that were convicted of lying to congress among other things, to help him “run” the country (over a cliff).--Jack

Return of the Iran/Contra Crew
By: TJ Templeton
Editor/Publisher of the Project for the Old American Century
George Bush Jr. has appointed numerous felons and others from the Iran Contra scandal to prominent positions in his current administration. He has suspiciously appointed Iran-contra insider, Lee Hamilton, to head the 9-11 investigation after a failed attempt to appoint wanted war criminal Henry Kissinger. His advisors in Latin American affairs are none other than Otto Reich and Roger Noriega. Both implicated in Iran-contra and behind the recent coup in Haiti. Some people may not really be all that clued in on what happened during the Iran-Contra scandal. So I decided to put together this timely graphic in effort to explain what happened and why his dealings with these people, at a time when government honesty is so crucial, should be held under close scrutiny. (open here for full essay)

Pentagon confirms Iran-Contra felon in senior job Mon
Robert Earl, who destroyed national security documents during the 1980s Iran-Contra scandal, is working as chief of staff to acting Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, the Pentagon said on Monday. 7-13 (See Public Citizens "Water For All” campaign for more info on the “wars for water.” )

This nation came within a “hairs” breath of fighting a full out war down south in 2002. Iraq almost did not happen—at least the way it did. The Mayberry Macheavelli’s running this “Twilight Zone” episode have created a “Gordian Knot” of, …….. (fill in the blank)--Jack

When US troops enter a Latin American country, it is not for solidarity!
How to get a pro-corporate, right-wing ideologue, and long time Bush loyalist on the Supreme Court—get a few ultra-right fundamentalists to come out publicly against him; which will promote the exact response that it has: the democrats that a few months ago rightly condemned the Gonzales nomination for Attorney General, are now calling Gonzales an acceptable “moderate.” To say we of this nation are in a world of hurt right now is an understatement.--Jack

Courting Gonzales
But accepting someone with the track record and values of Gonzales would be a grievous mistake. We're in our current mess in large part because our culture has been unable to confront the profoundly destructive consequences of the choices made by our leaders. To equivocate about Gonzales's role in these choices is to accept a culture of lies.

Code Rove
Confused? Well, that's the plan, anyway. By shattering the story into a dozen shards, defenders of Rove's dangerous abuse of power hope to shift the debate away from the scandalous fact that Karl Rove endangered America by leaking the classified information that Joseph Wilson's wife "works at the agency" (CIA). In fact, the GOP's latest talking points on the Rove scandal focus almost exclusively on smearing Joseph Wilson -- which is ironic, to say the least, given the fact that this whole scandal began with a smear of Joseph Wilson.

It its quest for an “enemy” to justify outrageously inflated war budgets, and those that make the money from the racket that is war, this nation now, under Bush & Co, has truly become the monster—a terrorist state. A fundamentalist murderous fanatic is what it is, a fundamentalist murderous fanatic. I grew up in the late 40’s and 50’s watching human beings shot, lynched, burned to death, bombed, beaten by police, bitten by police dogs turned on them by good up-standing “Christians” in the South. What I hear coming out of this nation today in terms of Muslims reminds me of that and of how we were taught to hate Russians; then the Chinese; then the Vietnamese; then the Iranians; then the Iraqis; now all Muslims. When will we, the people of this nation put an end to this blind xenophobic nationalism?--Jack

SACRAMENTO, Calif. --Islamic leaders and peace groups are criticizing the California National Guard for a flier posted in its headquarters suggesting the United States execute Islamic terrorists with bullets dipped in pig's blood to deny them entry to heaven. (Open here for full Boston Gl0be story)

Kenneth Blackwell's Ties to Christian Conservative, Doesn't Hide Disdain forMuslims 7-13—Cleveland Free Press

And, last but not least here is a new web site; at least to me it is a new one. There is some really good useful info on it…try it you might like it--Jack

THE ARMY MEN PROJECT: Articles & Essays On Militarism 7-13

Yours in solidarity and peace--Jack


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