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Who Will Be Next? You; Me; Your Neighbor--Who Will Be Next?

Who Will Be Next? You, Me, Your Neighbor—Who Will BE Next?

I received the following from my friend France at KDVS Radio at the U. Of Ca. at Davis. What has happened to this ladies aunt and uncle is something I am afraid we will be seeing a lot more of in this nation as a result of BushCo and the band of neo-con/neo-liberals that are out to gain, “permanent republican control” of this nation. And they are doing this by any and all means at their disposal, as they truly believe their “end” justifies any and all “means.” When the Constitution and the “rule of law” get in the way they simply change them, as they have been doing the past 5 years.

Jose Padilla, a U.S. citizen imprisoned for three years with no charges, no nothing! My friend “Sam” here in Portland, Or.—last year his wife was picked up by Immigration and deported. The reason: Sam went back to Lebanon where he and the lady he had been writing were married by a Muslim cleric. The INS stated they did not recognize the marriage due to the person who married them, so INS picked her up and sent her back to Lebanon. Then Sam’s passport was pulled so he is not even able to go to Lebanon where his wife is.

Open the link provided, read the full story about what is taking place right now, today, with the aunt and uncle of Sitara. If possible, ask her what you may do to be of assistance. There no longer is any doubt in my mind that “It Has Happened Here!”

People in this country who believe in being a free people have got to get behind this as we cannot sit silently by while people in this nation are being subjected to arbitrary and capricious arrest, detention and deportation. Who will be next? You…me…your neighbor…a member of your family; none of us are safe with the environment BushCo have created in this country since 9/11; which furnished them with the pretext to turn this country into what it is today—a rogue state on verge of collapse, and a state that has become a terrorist state. For additional info see: Code Dumb: Look Who's Spying on Your Granny.--Jack

Dear friends, I have been privileged to interview Sitara and other members of Critical Resistance for many years. This is another example of a government gone mad. If you would be so kind as to send this on to as many people as you can, maybe we will accomplish something. To those of you in the media, any attention shone on this issue is bound to bring results. Thank you to all who take the time to read this, Oh, and please tune in on Monday to give Riot and his show on the separation of church and state a listen!
Love, France.

Hey all:
My uncle and aunt got taken away by Homeland Security last week, and have since been locked away in a detention prison in Virginia, and I need your help. I myself have little faith in this "contact your senators” approach -- but we're stuck here with very, very few options, and we're using what little options we have to try to make some noise and get some attention paid to this.

This is a disaster. Detention is a black hole - it's like talking to a crazy person. Ask the same question 5 times (like, uh, why did you take my aunt and uncle?) and you get 5 different answers (an airport investigation. they are out of status. we're deporting them. we're bringing them back in 2hours. we have information that they're a high security risk to the US.) In reality, they're elderly folks in their 70s who are so law-abiding they don't even freaking jaywalk. They are struggling with an asylum case that recently got denied (again), and worked at Dulles airport. Those two things together apparently spell bad news.

Here's the site with more information and a way to fax the senators in Virginia: We have a lawyer and are working on media stuff, but if you have any other brilliant ideas, shoot 'em on. Thanks to anyone who can grit their teeth and fax something to republican senators! I'll appreciate you forever. Not that I don't already.

Love, a very tired and upset and pissed-off Sitara More info:

My uncle, aunt and 19-year old cousin live in Virginia, and were home after my cousin graduated from high school on June 22. They came to the U.S. from Afghanistan about 7-10 years ago, and have been involved in along asylum attempt. They were recently denied asylum in what looks like it might be their last appeal.

On June 22, the doorbell rang, and the police/gov't officials were outside, saying they needed to take my uncle and aunt to question them about an investigation they're doing at the Dulles airport (where my aunt works and my uncle used to work before his work permit expired and wasn't renewed).The police told my 19-year old cousin that they'd bring his parents back that night, which of course they didn't do.

Now they're in a detention facility in West Virginia, and are now being told they're being detained because of their immigration status. The story they're being told keeps changing, and it's unclear what's going to happen to them, whether they'll be deported, what will happen to my cousin (who is also in danger of being deported, though he was not detained), if there's any intervention that we can do.

Sitara Nieves
Organizer: Critical Resistance
1904 Franklin Street, Suite 504Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 510-444-0484
Fax: 510-444-2177

"Charity will never be true charity unless it takes justice into account...Let no one attempt with small gifts of charity to exempt themselves from the great duties imposed by justice." (Divini Redemptoris, #49)

France sent me this in response to my asking for permission to publish the above info. Do not doubt that BushCo has not put together a “secret police” that now has free reign to pretty much do as they choose. Also, with the Supreme Court up for grabs, things like this will now get the stamp of approval from the courts. “Goodbye American it was nice knowing ya!—Jack

Meanwhile, just received something from someone involved with Foods Not Bombs. He is a punk music DJ who is working for peace and who will be subbing my show on Monday (because they can't guarantee me accessibility with the elevator which is frequently down on holidays...)

Here is an excerpt of what he wrote: "I haven't heard from Punk Roge since last weekend but we got a call during our show from the Sacramento “Food Not Bombs” and they were basically threatened by the police saying that they would get arrested if they served free food. Sac FNB were told that Sacramento has a 'no tolerance' rule for it. I hope the police will just leave them alone. With all the soldiers returning from war I fear our homeless population will increase exponentially." Also...have you read about the ACLU letters protesting the California Coast Guard spying on the Code Pink ladies and Gold Star Families? (Don’t forget the Ca. National Guard also has the “authority” to spy on Americans as will a lot of other states Guard units—It Has Happened Here!—Jack)

Sigh...Virtual hugs, France

France Sénécal
"It's About You!"
Mondays 8:30 to 9:30 am PTKDVS 90.3 FM
University of California - Davis
14 Lower Freeborn
Davis, CA 95616


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