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The Bush/Cheney and V.A.'s War Against Veterans

The Bush/Cheney and V.A.’s War Against Veterans
By: Jack Dalton 8-17-05

Jim Nicholson, VA Secretary Republican political appointee; Steve Buyer, R-IN, chairman House VA Committee; Larry Craig, R-ID, chairman Senate VA Committee—these three men hold the lives of veterans in their “hands.” These three men are the “axis of evil” for veterans; and these three are moving forward with their plans of eliminating disabled veterans who receive disability payments for combat related PTSD, among other things.

There is a lot I could “say” here about them; the V.A.; congress who for 40 years has never properly funded the VA—both “Parties” are guilty on that point; and the Bush/Cheney cabal who are out to eliminate the VA by privatizing it; but, for now, I will let the
V.A. Watchdog and Vets for Justice do most of my “talking for me; but not all.

Over the past couple of years I have come to rely on both to keep me up with those issues that directly affect and impact all of us that are veterans, their families and friends. That which has direct impact on us veterans affects not only us, but family and friends, directly, as well. We all pay the cost of a screwed up and under-funded VA as it is not only veterans who pay that cost but everyone around us pays the cost also.

The VA system was already a mess, but since Bush/Cheney captured, or stole this nation thru hijacked “elections” (and I use the term elections loosely) what has been happening to the VA in terms of funding has gone past simply being an outrage—it’s criminal!

Bush had appointed Anthony Principi to head up the VA. When Principi started trying to get things done on behalf of veterans Bush replaced him with good “party loyalist” Jim Nicholson. (Side Bar Note:"…the
Moret study may be the reason behind Veterans Administration Secretary Anthony Principi's recent and sudden departure. Bernklau says Principi was "aware that DU was causing illness and death as far back as 2000. He and the Bush administration has (sic) been hiding these facts, but now, thanks to [Lauren] Moret's report, is far too big to hide or to cover up.”)

Twin killers—
PTSD and Depleted Uranium, which is a weapon, and this government is in total denial about both. In fact, a disinformation and misinformation campaign about both is at the top of the Department of War and Pentagon’s “hit” list.

Nicholson’s only qualification for the position he now holds: Nicholson, like David Chu at the Department of War, thinks that continued payments to service connected disabled veterans poses a “threat to national security” as it takes away money needed for the current Bush/Cheney & Co., Inc war machine—which is creating more disabled veterans at an alarming rate, physical and mental—in short, Nicholson is a good party loyalist, period.

How do those “men” respond to this increase of PTSD imbued veterans from pervious wars, and those coming back from this “war of aggression” in Iraq seeking help for their PTSD? They claim “fraud” and start “reviewing” tens of thousands of disabled veterans,
72,000 to be exact, who are currently receiving compensation for combat related PTSD. And they do this at a time when by all accounts PTSD is on a marked increase as a direct result of the invasion and continued occupation of Iraq. But then what do you expect when this government, from top to bottom, is headed up by a bunch of “bean-counters” that can’t see past “cost-benefit” analysis?

Just in the last three years, since Bush/Cheney unleashed the “Dogs of War” on Iraq and Afghanistan the payouts to veterans with PTSD has shot up from a little over $1 billion a year to over $4 billion per year. That’s not fraud, that is a direct result of combat and war. But the three men who make the determinations about the VA and veterans, instead of realizing the madness Bush/Cheney created by their “war against the peace” and the untenable position they have put those in uniform in has been more than enough to generate even more people with PTSD (those of us that spent any time in Vietnam are very familiar with being put in an untenable position by politicians who try their hand at running a war, and an illegal war at that).

For these people, Nicholson, Buyer and Craig, to recognize cause and effect in terms of combat and PTSD would mean they would have to counter the reigning ideology of “perpetual war for perpetual peace” and this not one of the three will do. They are after all part of the Bush/Cheney cabal. Their answer to the self-generating mess their boss has created, simple, use the time “honored and tested” tactic of pitting one group of veterans against another group of veterans, and then pit all the veterans against active duty military.

Keep in mind that it was not that far back that the VA “budget” was placed in the hands of David Chu at the Department of War. The VA now not only has to fight year after year to even have a budget, but it must now compete internally with active duty military family housing; active duty military health-care; and the list goes on.

In the mean time, while this wanna-be Emperor (Bush, Cheney, take your pick) wags his finger at the world, the disabled veterans being created by the war of aggression in Iraq will in the end, not fair any better than those of us from pervious wars, period. It is already happening. Even those that the Bush/Cheney cabal pontificate about being “heroes” who are fighting to spread “freedom and democracy” are being tossed aside when they come home a physical and mental basket case.

The essay,
“Behind the Walls of Ward 54” is but one of many examples of how those coming home from Iraq are being treated—in this case it drove a man to commit suicide at Walter Reed. This is not a singular event as the suicide rate in the military today is on an exponential increase; as are people being killed by those returning from Iraq.

58, 195 soldiers and Marines were killed in Vietnam and suicides as a result of untreated PTSD have claimed the lives of more Vietnam veterans than did the war. Is that what we will allow to happen to the people Bush/Cheney are sending to Iraq? Apparently so as the VA is out to eliminate up to a third of all PTSD disabled vets from the disability rolls. Like I stated earlier, this goes way past just outrageous—this is criminal, period, end of story.

So much for yellow ribbons and supporting the troops.

Who can forget Henry Kissinger when he was the so-called “National Security Advisor” when he stated that, “…people in uniform are dumb animals to be used for our purposes…” Take a hard look around you; look at all the available information about how the VA is not taking care of veterans; take a hard look at how one congress after another has refused to not only properly fund the VA but has refused to make the VA budget a mandatory item; take a hard look at the VA Appeals Court and all the Bush appointed judges that now control it—all but two of the appeals “judges” were appointed by Bush 1 and Bush 2 and how ever since almost no vet wins on appeal.

For this congress and Bush/Cheney to do anything but what they are doing, in terms of continuing this onslaught against this nation’s veterans, would mean they would have to acknowledge they screwed up and that their “war” is in fact nothing more or less than one great big corporate/investor cash cow.

Bush/Cheney have just about bankrupted this nation because of what they are doing in Iraq, and they are willing to sacrifice veterans and their own active duty military and their families in the attempt to pay for their “perpetual wars.”

General Smedly Butler was so very right-on when he wrote that,
“War is a Racket.”

But, enough from me, for now. Read carefully the following information from “V.A. Watchdog” and “Vets for Justice”—and keep in mind that, “The Greatest Sedition is Silence.”

The march on Washington Sept. 24-26 will be a great place and time to end the “silence.”
V.A. Watchdog

How about another look at the VA's decision to review 72,000 already approved PTSD claims? This came from a blogger who posted anonymously to my blog. The beginning quote is from Rep. Steve Buyer (R-IN) Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs. As you know, Buyer is the power behind the radical changes taking place in veterans' benefits. He wants to re-write the entire book and this review of 72,000 PTSD claims is a good start.
Taken directly from the Congressional Website:

“The wounds of wartime service are not always as visible as those caused by bullet or shrapnel. Wounds to mind and spirit, however, are just as serious and demand every bit as much care and attention,” Buyer said.

So now we know that the real care and attention to be focused on the veteran is to be only that which will result in the denial of claims for PTSD, Unemployability, or those that are to be rated at 100 percent. Any and all justifications will be used to deny the claim. Furthermore, the brand new second review policy is such a smashing hit with the current Republican leadership that it has been expanded to the application of even the previously awarded claims. Who is to be the next victims selected for review - those who were actually killed in combat?

This could be the makings for a completely new skit in a Monty Python movie - get up; you're not dead; it's only a flesh wound. We will need a second opinion to decide if you really deserve the death benefits also.

"History is littered with governments destabilized by masses of veterans who believed that they had been taken for fools by a society that grew rich and fat at the expense of their hardship and suffering."--
Anthony J. Principi, former Secretary of Veterans Affairs

"Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people..." Isaiah 10:1-2

If you're a veteran, the
three men at the upper right may hold your life in their hands. That's why VA Watchdog dot Org was keep an eye on them and their decisions.

VA Watchdog dot Org will follow VA news and let you know about policy, regulation and benefit changes at the Department of Veterans Affairs. You'll find the columns I write for about VA issues posted here. The SITE DIRECTORY (below) briefly explains the contents of the different pages. Look around and take away lots of great information.

Feel free to email me with any questions you might have about the VA. And, you can be a VA Watchdog, too (click here). And, should any of the "three wise men" step out of line and make decisions harmful to veterans, you'll find out about it here. I'd like to think they'll always do the right thing for veterans...but....... I'll be...Keeping an eye on the VA because somebody has to!
Larry Scott

The Department of Veterans Affairs, Justice Department, and Veterans Court, Are Involved in A Conspiracy Against Veterans

Vets For Justice:

After receiving thousands of e-mails from Disabled Veterans having problems "using the system" to seek disability benefits a clear pattern of criminal conduct, against those Veterans, by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and other government officials has evolved.

For these Veterans to understand their enemy, and who is really cheating them, we have tried to make this complex subject as simple as possible.

Understanding the Enemies of Veterans

"Show me who makes a profit from war, and I'll show you how to stop the war." ---Henry Ford

There are two groups of individuals in power that are united in their goal to steal benefits from America's Veterans.

One group consist of those in power who want to keep the "manpower" cost of war low, so that most of the billions of dollars spent on war can go to members of their group, or individuals associated to their group, who have large investments in war corporations.

Most of this group are the new neocon Bush Republicans, such as most of the present administration in Washington, and their families, and friends.

A small amount of research on the internet quickly reveals that while President Bush wouldn't even provide adequate drinking water for our troops in Iraq, many of whom were passing out from the heat, that President Bush the first, their lawyer Baker, the Vice President, and many of the Bush Family associates were making massive profits off the Iraq War.

The rich make the profit off war, while the poor and working class, die fighting the rich man's war.

If President Bush is really patriotic, and really supports the Iraq War, then why doesn't he donate some of the billions of dollars of profit his family and friends has made off the war to buy some water for our troops?

If President Bush is really patriotic, and really supports the Iraq War, then why aren't HIS daughters, HIS family, serving in it?

It is well documented that the Bush Family has amassed a massive profit off a war they started, yet they would never send THEIR own children to fight in.

There is substantial evidence on the internet that President Bush was planning the Iraq War, long before the attack on 911, mainly to make a massive war profit, and enhance his political power by becoming a "War Time President", since prior to 911 he was being touted by the world as being the American Idiot President, and his rating "numbers" at home was extremely low.

To make sure the war profit went to the Bush Family, and their friends, the Bush Family used the Department of Veterans Affairs as a "Political Pay Off System" appointing close friends, to high level management in the VA, and the former head of the Republican Party, as Secretary of the VA.

By controlling the Department of Veterans Affairs this "clique of criminals raping our country" can make sure the cost of war is kept as low as possible by sending disabled Veterans in endless circles, and under funding Veterans Health Care. By not caring for those that fall in battle.

Meanwhile, massive VA Contracts, such as the 480 million dollars the VA spent on software that does not work, went to associates in the Bush clique.

To assure the "safeguards", the Courts, did not expose this massive rip off of America's Veterans, the Bush Family used the political pay back system to appoint 12 corrupt "yes men", to the Court of Appeals for Veterans.

Republican "Yes Men" judges who would assist the VA in sending Veterans entitled to benefits in endless circles, to cheat them and save tax dollars to be stolen by Bush Republicans with outrageous government contracts.

Judges that would turn their heads, and close their eyes, when VA Officials committed perjury to cheat Veterans, and VA Attorneys hid evidence favorable to Veterans, and used similar illegal tactics.

And President Bush made his good friend, Tim S. McClain, General Counsel of the Department of Veterans Affairs to assure that cases brought by disabled Veterans are rigged to assure the Veteran loses, by Tim McClain and his group of extremely corrupt VA Attorneys.

Attorneys who hide evidence favorable to the Veteran, manufacture phony evidence, lie, cheat, and steal to prevail against Veterans.

1. The VA is "rigged" to ignore the law and to send Veterans in endless circles in the hope the Veteran will die or give up.

2. The Court of Appeals for Veterans is "rigged" with moral less, political scum bag Bush puppets intending to cheat as many Veterans as they can, and continue to send Veterans in endless circles.

3. VA Attorneys, as well as Justice Department Attorneys, are political appointees who lack morals and have a goal of working with the VA, and VA Court, to scam Veterans, cheat them, and keep the cost of war, as to manpower, low so that their "political associates" can reap all those tax dollars with their war, and war related, government contracts.

Why doesn't the Democrat Party expose all this corruption?

It's because most of them have their own government hustles ripping off tax dollars with other methods, and getting rich selling our government to lobbyists.

We have went to Nancy Pelosi the Democratic Leader, to Kerry and other Democratic Leaders explaining we have solid evidence of these crimes against Veterans, and asking for an independent investigation of the VA Claims process and not one Democratic Leader has responded!

So What Can Veterans Do to Receive Fair Treatment?

First, the best way, and about the ONLY WAY, to get honest treatment from the government is to somehow receive substantial public exposure.
It is amazing how a VA Claim that has been going in circles for 30 years will be processed in hours if the "right" television show exposes how the Veteran has been cheated.

VA Employees in the Saint Petersburg Florida VA Regional Office process VA Claims for each other in as little as five days. So why does it take 30 years, or more, to process a regular Veterans Claim?

Recently Cindy Sheehan, whose son died in Iraq, showed that National Media Exposure can be obtained by demonstrating outside the Bush Ranch in Texas.

If we could UNITE just a couple of hundred Veterans who are tired of being cheated to protest outside the Bush Ranch in Texas we could probably get an independent investigation of the extremely corrupt VA System.

If YOU would be interested in going to Texas to protest the Anti-American Treatment of America's Veterans by President Bush and his "clique" please click here and tell us about it.

If we can get enough Veterans interested we will go to the Bush Ranch and demonstrate.

There is info below about those who profit off the Iraq War.
For Additional Information and Resources See:

VVA’s Guide on PTSD

Depleted Uranium Education Project

Gulf War Syndrome Resources

Agent Orange News and Information

From Vietnam to Iraq: Ignoring the Veteran Health Care Crisis (PDF file)

Jack Dalton is a disabled Vietnam veteran, activist and independent writer that lives in Portland, OR. He is widely published on the internet in addition to his blog,
“Jack’s Straight-Speak.” His email address is,


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