Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Cindy Sheehan, Kevin Benderman and 9/11

September 11, 2001 definitely was a turning point for the U.S. of that we are certain. However, the “turn” that was taken was the wrong turn, of that we can also be certain. 9/11 has been used as the pretext for wars of aggression by Bush/Cheney and in our names. It has been used as the pretext for rolling back our own rights, freedoms and liberties right here in the good old U.S. of A. Some of us however, have never accepted what has come out of the White House about 9/11. Now we have confirmed reports that a year in advance of 9/11 one of the “leaders” of that horrific event, Mohammed Atta and three others were under surveillance but the Pentagon withheld the information that could have prevented that attack. Why? Were Bush/Cheney involved somehow? Were any others within the Bush/Cheney cabal involved?

To me they are very important questions that need to be answered. Since 9/11 the neo-con/neo-liberals in congress, working hand in hand with Bush/Cheney, have all but destroyed our constitution, have declared the U.S. a “battlefield” which was upheld by the Bush/Cheney federal courts; paving the way for other American citizens to be held in prison with no charges, no nothing like what has happened to Jose Padilla. He is an American citizen that has been in a federal jail for three years with no charges!

Sgt Kevin Benderman is at the Army jail in Fort Lewis, Washington for the next 15 months. Why? He had the nerve, the temerity to refuse a return to war in Iraq a second time and filed an application as a Conscientious Objector; a war that Bush/Cheney launched under the pretext of 9/11; a war that has caused the needless slaughter of tens upon tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi people, mostly women and children; a war that has caused the needless slaughter of well over 1800 of those who wear the uniform of this nation, not to mention the over 55,000 that have been medically evacuated since March 2003.

Kevin is now in a military prison because he did not want to be a participant in the war crime that is the Iraq invasion and occupation. The Army’s response to Kevin’s application as a CO was to send him to prison. Kevin is put in prison while the real criminals are free to send men like Kevin to jail and other people’s sons and daughters off to war to kill or be killed, as what happened to young Casey Sheehan last year.

Cindy Sheehan, mother of Casey Sheehan who was killed a year ago in Iraq, is right now camped out in Crawford, TX demanding that George W. Bush interrupt his 50th vacation to answer her questions about why her son was sent to Iraq and killed. She wants Bush to tell her why—as the mother of a son killed in Iraq, she more than deserves answers to her questions from the man who sent her son to Iraq. However, the Bush/Cheney cabals response to Cindy has been to label her a “threat to national security” and to tell her if she is not gone Thursday, August 11th, that she will be arrested. To tag the mother of one that was sent by Bush/Cheney to Iraq, Casey Sheehan, where he was then killed, as a “threat” to national security because she wants answers—is that not what we have been taught over the decades in this country that only dictatorships did? Arbitrary arrests and imprisonment for any and all that would dare to challenge the “government.”

More on this later but right now I have got to put my poster together and get to Shrunk Plaza here in downtown Portland for the vigil in support of Cindy Sheehan, and in support of Kevin Benderman. We must do all we are able to end this madness and to get this country back from those who are destroying it and us in the process.

Meet With Cindy

Kevin Benderman Defense Committee

9/11 Panel: 'Did Pentagon Withhold Hijacker Files?'
"I think this is a big deal," said John F. Lehman, a Republican member of the commission. "The issue is whether there was in fact surveillance before 9/11 of Atta and, if so, why weren't we told about it? Who made the decision not to brief the commission's staff or the commissioners?"

Austin Press Conf. for Sheehan Wednesday at Noon:

FROM THE CRAWFORD PEACE HOUSE: We are in the process of mobilizing support For Cindy Sheehan's protest SEE WEBSITE for how to Support:


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