Friday, August 05, 2005

The Coming 9/11 for Dummies

I highly recommend that everyone not only read the following article, The Coming 9/11 for Dummies (below), but to think long, deep and hard about what Anwaar has articulated in this piece. Also read this essay: “War on Terror, Rest in Peace” by George Lakoff along with what Anwaar has written.

They both articulate very clearly how low this nation has sunk since the Bush/Cheney &Co., Inc. cabal stole the seat of power in this nation. And as a result of what they have unleashed are guilty of “Crimes Against the Peace,” as well as being guilty of a “War of Aggression” against the people of Iraq. At the same time they are guilty of “mass murder”-- as the blood of every one of the U.S. troops and Marines that have died because they were sent to Iraq by the thugs in Washington is on their heads.

Beware the next 9/11 event of which I have not too much doubt will occur. If and when it does always keep Operation Northwoods in mind. I also have no doubt that the forces behind Bush/Cheney as well as them, would have no problem what-so-ever in killing people in this country and point the finger of blame at those they call “terrorists” when in fact it is Bush/Cheney & Co., Inc. who are the terrorists. That has turned this nation into a terrorist state. See you in Sept. 24-26 at the mass rally and march on Washington.--Jack

The Coming 9/11 for Dummies
By: Anwaar Hussain

Something has to be done to check the distressing trend because very regrettably for the sponsors of George W. Bush, this is happening at an extremely inopportune time for a few awfully simple reasons.

To begin with, the new American Century agenda is just in its launch phase and can be aborted only at great peril to its authors, the neocons, who are also the sponsors of George W. Bush. Secondly, the lead actors in this drama have already crossed the point of no return on this trajectory. It is all the way from now onwards. There is no retreat. Period. So many lies have been told, so many heinous crimes already committed that the choice for the cabal is frighteningly clear. They stick with the plan on the outward chance of becoming American idols or abort it and face definite prospects of having criminal proceedings initiated against them. In other words they have the choice of either becoming heroes or zeros… (Open the link for Anwaar’s full article: )


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