Thursday, August 11, 2005

Honest Bush--Now There's an Oxymoron for You

Honest Bush—Now There’s an Oxymoron For You.
By: Jack Dalton 8-11-05

I just read the following
AP Poll on The headline is what really grabbed me: “…number who think he’s (Bush) honest dips below half.” Conversely, those who think Bush is dishonest are over half the country. That for me is how the AP article on the poll should have been framed. From outsourcing, to “Torture-gate,” to Social Security, to distorted economic pictures, to matters of war, to funding for the V.A., to rigged elections, to 9/11, to court stacking, to you name it, George W. Bush has not been honest about a single thing that has come out from between his lips. In fact, if his lips are moving you can rest assured he is lying about whatever he is talking about.

“…The president said Thursday from his ranch in Crawford, Texas, that threats from al-Qaida's No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahri, "make it clear that Iraq is a part of this war on terror, and we're at war." Bush pledged to "complete this job in Iraq."…”

Hey George, step outside your door—there’s a lady named Cindy Sheehan that would like to ask your “honest” self some question about why her son died in Iraq! By the way, why is none of your family in Iraq, after all this “war” is a Bush family affair, is it not? If it’s such a “noble cause” as you say, how about putting up or shutting up? On second though, just get your “forked tongue” fixed. Until then…

There is only one reason that Iraq is in the state that is it in now; it is a direct result of the unleashing of the “Dogs of War” on Iraq. While Bush, Cheney, Rummy-feld, Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Paul Wolfowitz were busy telling us about non-existent Iraqi WMD’s and “mushroom clouds over Manhattan” real security experts like Scott Ridder, Ray McGovern and others, were telling us that if Iraq is invaded the results will be: a growing Iraqi insurgency; a civil war; Iraq fractionating into three separate “countries” among other scenarios which we see unfolding on a daily basis now.

If Iraq is central to the Bush/Cheney & Co., Inc. delusional “war on terror” it is ONLY due to and because of the lies they told. The lies which had nothing to do with anything other than our own military and war based economy. Even our so-called GDP (gross domestic product) is war based and came out of the Roosevelt administration during WWII.

There is only one thing, in the final analysis that the “Bush war on terror” is about and that is power and pushing the neo-con/neo-liberal “world view” of Theocratic/Oligarchy upon us and the rest of the world. This country has a really bad history of overt and covert actions in other nations around the world just think Iran/Contra, Grenada, Haiti, Panama—the list is seemingly endless. But, ever since Bush was appointed top dog, this push for American world supremacy and conquest has reached an entirely new level.

What amazes me is how anyone with half a brain can still think Bush is “honest.”

AP Poll: Approval of Bush's handling of Iraq reaches low point; number who think he's honest dips below half
By WILL LESTER Associated Press Writer

(AP) - WASHINGTON-Americans' approval of President George W. Bush's handling of Iraq is at its lowest level yet, according to an AP-Ipsos poll that also found fewer than half now think he's honest.


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