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Iraq: Brought to You by Bush/Cheney & Iran/Contra Criminals

The following two articles, “The Neoconservatives and Political Aid” and “43 Percent of Lawmakers Who Left Office Since 1998 Have Become Lobbyists” point out in no uncertain of terms just how far this nation has moved from its founding principles. (Bear with me as I have a few things to say in front of these two articles)

For months and months I have been bringing up the fact that Bush/Cheney have surrounded themselves with the criminals from
Iran/Contra, including Elliot Abrams, who would have gone to prison if not for papa Bush giving him a presidential pardon.

Now, today, because Bush brought these Iran/Contra criminals back into government, they are the ones sending this nations people in uniform into Iraq as an occupying Army. We have reports of Iraqi “death squads” just like the ones this nation sponsored and supported in Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador while Reagan was in office.

John Negroponte also of Iran/Contra infamy helped with the death-squads in Iraq while he was there last year as the “Ambassador” just like he did in Honduras from 1981-1985. These are the men sending this nation’s children off to war in Iraq. They were liars and thieves in the 80’s and not much has changed with them over the years as they are still liars and thieves. Then, when their time of government “service” is over what do they do? Easy, they become lobbyists as you will see in the second article.

Yet the Bush/Cheney cabal of criminals has the audacity, the temerity to tell mothers like
Cindy Sheehan her son, Casey, died for a “noble cause’ and to honor him this nation must “complete the mission.” What a load of crap! Criminals know nothing about honor, nothing about nobility of cause; they know only about lies, deception, and covering their own ass!

On Sept. 11, 1991, ten years to the day prior to Sept. 11, 2001, papa Bush announced to the world, that a New World Order was at hand. We now know what he meant as we are a witness to that Bush “New World Order” in action. If we, the people of this nation do not rise up and put an end to this I fear for the very survival of this land we call America.

For those of you that think I, like “chicken-little” am just screaming the “sky-is-falling” I say to you—The Sky is Falling!

“Together the ants devour the elephant.” Like all ants, we must join together and get busy eating the elephant while there are still ants to join together at the “dinner” table of roasted elephant. A few years ago at the tail end of a really powerful movie, The Power Of One, there was a saying before the credits, it has always stayed with me — “Change can come from the many, but only when the many come together to form that which is invincible, The Power of One.”

Under guise of this
Bush/Cheney & Co., Inc. “war of aggression” in Iraq they are turning this nation internally back 100 years. Every program, policy, law that has people and the commons at the center is one by one being eliminated. The checks and balances that at one time existed have pretty much been eliminated also.

This congress, Republican and Democrat alike have acquiesced and have vested more pure, unbridled power in the “Executive Branch” than I can ever remember. While they are sending this nations youth to kill and be killed,
Bush/Cheney & Co., Inc. are getting rid of all of those dirty “socialist” policies and programs that were established during the administration of FDR in the 30’s and 40’s-- And all in the name of “freedom and democracy.” Is it any wonder that people around the world look upon us with disdain? Just look at the people we in this country keep putting in charge of the asylum we call America.

For those of you who may think I hate my country, that’s absurd. I do not hate this land, I love it—I hate the people that keep trying to destroy it, and who are in process of destroying another generation thru a war based on cheap lies and deliberate deceptions. I hate the level of fear, xenophobia and nationalism Bush/Cheney & Co., Inc. have deliberately created and I especially hate the mass murder they have perpetuated and continue to hype as a “noble cause.”—Jack


The Neoconservatives and Political Aid: The New Crusade of the Democratic Globalists
By Tom Barry

One of the major achievements of the neoconservatives over the past two decades has been to integrate the missionary impulses of liberal internationalism with right-wing interventionism. Not only have the democratic globalists succeeded in setting the ideological foundations of a new U.S. foreign policy, they have also played a central role in directing that policy.

Hard-liners they certainly are, but neoconservatives like Elliott Abrams—who directs the Bush administration’s Global Democracy Initiative—come armed with an internationalism that preaches values and mission, as well as military might. Their foreign policy is neo-Reaganite. Like Reagan’s policy agenda, which he said was based on “moral clarity” and “peace through strength," the Bush agenda has sought to merge idealism and militarism. Nowhere else is the “soft side” of the U.S. government’s global vision so clearly on display as at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Not even in the Pentagon are the delusions about American might and right so shamelessly exhibited.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the birth of NED, President Bush in a November 2003 speech delivered at NED headquarters reaffirmed the U.S. government’s role as international provocateur in a “global democratic revolution.” Aside from those attending the speech at the NED offices and the neoconservatives who coined the term “global democratic revolution,” the speech was largely ignored. But for those listening, it was the sound of the second shoe dropping. The entire world had already heard the loud and clear message of the Bush administration’s embrace of a new militarism in international affairs after September 11.

At a June 2002 speech at West Point, President Bush spelled out the defining principle of a new national security strategy: a commitment to preventive war and the use of U.S. military supremacy to order the globe. Neoconservative military strategists such as Paul Wolfowitz had long argued—most explicitly in the draft Defense Policy Guidance that he coauthored with I. Lewis Libby in 1992—that the post-Cold War order should be shaped by the exercise of overwhelming U.S. military power.

Other neoconservatives, especially those operating out of the American Enterprise Institute, shared the Wolfowitz vision. However, they argued that the unapologetic use of U.S. military superiority should be accompanied by social engineering strategies that would politically restructure key parts of the globe.

Among the more prominent “democratic globalists” is Carl Gershman, the neoconservative who has presided over the NED since 1984. But just as the Reagan foreign policy had a soft side in its promotion of “free-market democracies” through new political aid programs funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the U.S. Information Agency (USIA), the George W. Bush administration coupled its aggressive military policies with a renewed but very selective commitment to democracy building. [Read entire article] (and read it you should, as this is more thanjust a little important--Jack)

Featured Profiles
Democracy for Whom, by Whom, of Whom?

The NED, created by Ronald Reagan the in the early 1980s, has made an art of using “democracy” as a weapon at the service of U.S. interests. Right Web Profile National Endowment for Democracy

The Neo-Right Trajectory At one time a leading member of the Socialist Party-USA, Carl Gershman has spent the last 30 years as head of the NED.
Right Web Profile: Carl Gershman

Freedom’s Just Another Word ... Created by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1941, Freedom House today epitomizes the selective approach to human rights that is a hallmark of neoconservatism.
Right Web Profile Freedom House

Venezuela, Haiti ... What’s Next?
The International Republican Institute, a key conduit of NED funds to U.S.-friendly “democrats” across the globe, has been in the middle of a series of recent coups in America’s backyard.
Right Web Profile International Republican Institute

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Members of Congress Increasingly Use Revolving Door to Launch Lucrative Lobbying Careers

43 Percent of Lawmakers Who Left Office Since 1998 Have Become Lobbyists

Get all the details at

According to a new report by Public Citizen, forty-three percent of members of Congress who left office since 1998 and were eligible to lobby have become lobbyists, indicating that Congress has increasingly become a way station on the path to the lucrative influence-peddling industry.

The report, Congressional Revolving Doors: The Journey from Congress to K Street examines in depth the case of one former member who has done particularly well after going through the revolving door. Just days after he left Congress in 1999 amid allegations of an extramarital affair, former U.S. Rep. Bob Livingston (R-La.) opened a lobbying shop. In the first year he pulled in $1.1 million, even though he was restricted from personally lobbying his former colleagues for a year. (Former members often skirt the lobby prohibition rules by supervising other lobbyists for the first year after leaving Congress.) The next year, after the cooling-off period was lifted, his firm's lobbyingrevenues more than quadrupled to $4.8 million.

The report, based on hundreds of lobbyist registration documents as well as industry and news media reports, is available at, a site launched designed to track the influence of special interests in Washington. The Web site contains a searchable database of former federal officials and staff who have passed through the revolving door, Public Citizen investigative reports on lobbying battles waged by industry, detailed summaries of influence-peddling laws and recommendations for reforming the system.

"People used to run for Congress to serve the greater good and help the public," said Public Citizen President Joan Claybrook; "Now Congress has become a way station to wealth. Members use it for job training and networking so they can leave office and cash in on the connections they forged as elected officials. No wonder the public is cynical about whose interests lawmakers are protecting in Washington. Lobbying has become the top career choice for departing members of Congress."
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