Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"Lap Dog Politicians in Foggy Bottom"

“Lap Dog Politicians in Foggy Bottom”

“It’s about time we got you guys off welfare.” That’s what I was told by a good loyal supporter of this Bush/Cheney war of choice in downtown Portland. He was sporting one of those “yellow ribbons.” I had just left the rally in support of Cindy Sheehan and was on my way home, and those yellow ribbons just really hit me wrong. I had read a report that the V.A. was going to
“review” 72,000 disabled veterans’ claims who are receiving disability payments for combat related PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) for “fraud.” In fact, we were talking about that at the rally today as a lot of us that were there are members of VFP-72 (Veterans for Peace) and combat vets; and this affects us directly. The only “fraud” being perpetuated is the one Bush/Cheney have perpetuated on this nation. (Full article here)

That’s the first paragraph of the article,
“It’s about time we got you guys off welfare” I wrote this past Saturday, 8-13-05. The following is one of the comments I received from a reader of that article. This is one angry and informed citizen folks. With “JM’s” permission, I wanted to share the “comment” with you. This seriously angry citizen, “JM”, makes some very good points and makes them in very easy to understand language—my kind of straight-ahead talk. And drives them home with real world personal experiences.

“JM” is also factually correct from top to bottm; including the $1.4 Trillion the Genearl Accounting Office could not account for when it did an audit at the Pentagon less than two years ago.

Just keep the
mass rally in Washington, Sept 24-26 at the top of your agenda if at all possible. We have got to get this country back whicle we still have one to get back.

Note: The inserted links in “JM’s” comments on Agent Orange and Depleted Uranium I added.--Jack
Dear Mr. Dalton:

I was enraged upon reading the remarks from this dufus bottom feeder: “It’s about time we got you guys off welfare”! Where has this guy’s head been—my brother in law, these many years later, is today in a VA hospital STILL fighting over the
Agent Orange, that left him sterilized amongst other things!

Let’s talk about WELFARE---Bush et al, all the lap dog politicians in Foggy Bottom have themselves a health plan (5 choices) that pays all prescription-eyeglasses-dental and WE pick up 72% of the tab! They get FREE outpatient health care at Walter Reed and the National Institute of Health. They have a fully staffed health clinic when they’re in session and an exotic health club.

I’ve been to Foggy Bottom and have (at invite of U.S. Congressman Christopher Shays) eaten in the Congressional Dining Room—laden down with hams-turkey-roast beef-salads-vegetables-fish-and a special desert section. When these jokers want a vacation they arrange a ‘fact finding mission’ to some exotic land and take along relatives and friends. It cost us 3 million bucks for Hilary and her daughter to safari in Africa! This is not a partisan issue—these hogs at the trough are all in it together and piss on the people and double piss on the veterans and their families.

They could give a fat rat’s ass, who dies over there [Iraq]! You don’t have to give a yellow ribbon medical care, benefits, a prosthetic device, mental health counseling or care for malformed babies (Agent Orange-
Depleted Uranium-Anthrax shots).

Maybe this joker should be asking what happened to the $8.5 BILLION missing when Bremmer left Iraq—the millions upon millions upon millions in unaccounted for payments to contractors including Halliburton!

Let’s look at the WELFARE in the Energy Bill and Transportation Bill………..

I dealt with homeless veterans from all wars when I was the director of a homeless program! I didn’t see any of these yellow ribbon nut cases out under bridges-in parks-or identifying the remains of a veteran beaten to death by some crack head! None of this patriotic-flag waving citizens said a thing when Mr.Elliott was beaten to death in his wheelchair in an alley because an elite town in CT. wanted to charge him to stay in their token shelter………..he survived WWII as a Naval photographer but not the land of the free for whom he fought. Thank God I didn’t meet up with this bastard!

OIL…plain and simple it’s all about OIL. The past quarter has seen BILLIONS in profits… sure as hell don’t think this bothers those making a killing in salaries [automatic yearly raises-obscene pensions] who write any and all costs off on their expense accounts.

It’s about time Americans came to their senses, if they have any left, and take a good look at the real concern for veterans and all Americans. Take a look [every state] of the CUTS in care for the elderly-handicapped-homeless-special needs and ZERO for housing that’s because 60 BILLION is missing, oops, from HUD, and Billions from every other agency!

How about the trillion unaccounted for at the Defense Dept? Hey, now we’re talking REAL WELFARE!

I could go on but I’m disgusted beyond belief at the stupidity of people and their shallow TV conditioned mind numbed thinking!



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