Monday, August 01, 2005

The Menezes Syndrome

Once again Anwaar gives us much to look at and much to think about in his insightful essay, “The Menezes Syndrome.” It has always seemed ludicrous to me that those who invade other countries, as has the U.S. (200 in that past 100 years alone with many of that number just since the early 1950’s); that have and do currently commit state sanctioned mass murder (Fallujah is a perfect example); that has sanctioned torture and the list goes on and on; that these are the very people who claim to be “civilized” while at the same time call their victims “monsters” and “un-civilized.”

The U.S, was founded and built upon the backs of slaves, and the genocide by this country’s “Christian White Man” of the real owners of this land we call America, the American Indians. Yet it is that very same “Christian White Man” that claims to be “civilized” and all has been done to bring “civilization” to the “un-civilized.” How absolutely ludicrous!

The one thing all Empires, including this nation, have all “perfected” over the years, is simply this, Blame the Victim. This is exactly what is taking place today in Iraq. The people in Iraq are now being blamed for the mess they and their country is in. After all, America means well and has good intentions, does it not? The new “Great White Father” in Washington, Bush/Cheney & Co, has said so--so it must be true (?)

As a disabled veteran, as a Bible believer, as a “white man, I object in the strongest of terms about what is being done in and outside of this nation we call American by Bush/Cheney & Co. These things are not being done in my name and I will openly oppose the entire concept of “American Exceptionalism” till I draw my last breath; and that includes Bush/Cheney, Republican and Democrat alike as they all wear the same mask of deception.--Jack

The Menezes SyndromeBy Anwaar Hussain
The Fountainhead Blog

In a small red tiled home at the end of a rutted road in the Brazilian town of Gonzaga, Jean Charles de Menezes's parents cry silently each night over the tragic demise of their murdered son. The mother holds a recent photo of her smiling son during this ritual, her tears cascading over her weather beaten face onto the framed photograph. The mango and orange trees in the nearby farms are the wordless partners in this mourning since Friday the 22nd July when life was snuffed out of their innocent son by the London Police.

A journey that started as routine for De Menezes ended up in the never never land courtesy Her Majesty’s armed police who were given shoot to kill orders for all Asian looking suspects in the wake of recent bombing attacks in London. With five shots from point lank range to the back of pinned down Menezes’s head, a blameless man was deprived of his youth and his dreams. (Open this link for the full essay by Anwaar)


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