Thursday, August 25, 2005

"No Water in the Land of Two Rivers"--an Iraqi Speaks

Not long ago Monica Benderman “introduced” me to Bassim. Bassim lives in Baghdad and he is a civil engineer. I had asked Bassim if he would be willing to try and describe what life is like for people in Iraq trying to survive in the middle of the “Mad Hatters Tea Party” the U.S. has created. Bassim’s answer: “…as I said before, you can put my name on any thing I write "with editing", I don't fear these dwarfs, I fear only and exclusively the only all mighty, God.”

Cindy Sheehan has been demanding an answer from George W. Bush to a question: What is the “noble cause” her son Casey and all the others have died for? My question behind that asked by Cindy is: What is so “noble” about wholesale slaughter? For that is the result of this illegal, outrageous and criminal invasion/occupation of Iraq—wholesale slaughter.

So while Bush/Cheney & Co., Inc. pontificate about how they are spreading “freedom and democracy” read what Bassim has to say about life in Iraq. Also keep in mind that recently a petition was signed by over 1 million Iraqi people demanding the U.S. leave Iraq. But, Bush/Cheney, true to form, ignores what people have to say, here and in Iraq, as they stay in the twilight zone of illusion, delusion and deception.

Obviously there is a lot I could say here, but will save that all for another time. Read closely what Bassim has to say about life in Iraq since the U.S. invaded and now occupies Iraq. -- Jack

NOTE: Sgt Kevin Benderman who is a conscientious objector is currently serving 15 months in a military prison because he stands as a man of honor in opposition to the invasion and occupation of Iraq. For further info on and about Kevin see: Kevin Benderman Defense Committee

Salaam Jack,

Why apology Jack? Do you think that I expect you to knock my email box every day just to say hello, sure no, cause I understand that you have many various activities to be done daily or even hourly. Think you've an additional task added recently, to search for cheap Gas, haha. These links are just for that,, , , .

Bush, the brainy flat worm, is ruining not only human lives, more, the economy in general and the middle class, in particular, in the US as he already did in my country.

Our daily life becomes a real hell; do you know that the stooges’ pet Iraqi government has got the same flat worm's brilliance? In quest to eliminate "chronic" long "3-5 hours" gasoline queues, it issued a new regime for cars refueling according to their license numbers, yesterday the queue was incredibly long to the extent that drivers cannot find the tail of the queue to align with, there was a big roar in Baghdad drew near a full open bloody revolt, the puppet government hastily announced a new regime "after 24 hours of the last" with truck gasoline tankers sent into the streets to absorb the reprobation. We'll watch the effect of the new measures today.

Gasoline become not only important for keeping cars moving, in fact it became, and since the invasion, a vital source to keep individuals life and business. Life is not sustainable in a big crowded city like Baghdad of 6 millions and in temperatures tangents "sometimes exceeds" 150F, without gasoline dependant electric generators seen every where, in every home, in sizes from 500 watts to 7 kva "like mines" depending on the pocket size of individuals. Financially able people are obliged to keep/buy old cars only because their tank has no restricting filter so they can suck gasoline to fill their Gensets. So another financial burden is added to the already severely strained pockets.

Prices of any thing you imagine or can count has sky rocketed because of the "since invasion" chronic fuel crisis. Sure there's more on the issue of the big inflation we had/have, not least, is the subsidized and protected US products we have to import alternatives became taboo while banning the subsidies from our peasants who deserted planting since 2003. There’s a lot of talk on this issue and local industry too.

Businesses including the small grocery shops can't keep even yogurt because of the virtually no grid electric power --1 hour ON against 5-6 hours OFF in best cases -- not to mention bread bakeries who either uses electric or kerosene furnaces, both are dreams.

Repair shops that need high or low electric power to operate their lathes, welders, etc, are desperately struggling to meet the customers needs. In short, we've the facilitations of 500 years ago but with a demanding city life. Mid ages, manual operated machines like belt drills, hand hack saws...revived again to do big jobs.

Ice industrial blocks are gold like in price, a ~3 pounds block is sold for ~$1 and only could be gotten early in the morning and only after joining a long humiliating, dangerous, life threatening queue too. People are wept-ing their grand mothers old wooden ice boxes and natural window air coolers made of compacted thistles and only stops weeping when a waken on the reality of the scarcity of ice and water necessary for the two historical items I mentioned above.

No fuel in the richest land in oil, and no water in the land of two rivers, Mesopotamia.

Baghdad nestles both the Tigris and Dialah, the Euphrates is only 30 miles to the west. The very word Iraq, means veins in Arabic, it had this name because it is patched with beyond counting rivers and streams.

All the life crises I mentioned in this letter applies to the rest of cities and villages of Iraq including the vast regions in the south where little or even no armed resistance exists, while the invaders and their puppets, shamelessly, put the blame on unrest and resistance activities while keeping a complete dodgy silence about the unsurpassed corruption, racketeering and theft carried-out, openly, by both the invasion authorities and their local/imported stooges.

With a small fraction of what have been spent on the alleged reconstruction, several big power plants, potable water and oil installations could have been commissioned during the last 2.5 years given that we never had "or dreamt to have" such crises before the criminal, destructive invasion.

Are such explanations what you want, Jack?, any how I have to go now as I heard 3 consecutive big explosions while my "architect engineer" daughter has just left to work, I have to contact her on her mobile, it's a daily practice. "Frequently the authorities stop mobiles in areas where the resistance hits".

...and as I said before, you can put my name on any thing I write "with editing", I don't fear these dwarfs, I fear only and exclusively the only all mighty, God.

All the best,

Bassim Mustafa


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