Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Of Vagaries and Vicissitudes

This was sent to me yesterday. I was unable to post this in the same exact way it was written. If you go to: www.thestarlitecafe.com
go to poems by TYMENUS, you will be able to read this marvelous and heartfelt poem as the author metered it.--Jack

Of Vagaries and Vicissitudes
By: T.L. Vicedomine

Some call it freedom, I call it occupation

Some call it liberty for Iraq
I call it, political self interest,
cloaked under catchy appeasing buzzwords.

Some say we're a whole lot safer now.
Yet I say, war reaps nothing to sow,
apart from seeds of hatred and demise.

A vortex of justification for cause and effect:
rippled with extremism.

Yet I honor my freedom,
like a bus pass to a tomorrow that never comes.

And what shall the vicissitudes bring,
when we turn a blind eye.

To Sudan,
To Rwanda,
To Iraq,
The Palestinians and the likes

I've got my beautiful freedom,
enjoying slanted journalism,
and apologies for dropping 500 pound bombs

on the wrong house

To witness children, no more than ten years of age
dying from conditions we have created

Oh! To paint a picture of the genocides,
yet we choose to overlook them

Because they have nothing to offer

I could paint with oil,
as our country seems to have the need
Or water, the need of the Palestinian.
Or create a collage; media slanted magazine covers,
with only palatable breaking news

But I choose to compose with words,
as spoken, or written
They are my soul's source of exchange.
My most cherished freedom.

Of Vagaries and Vicissitudes,
I can no longer wander capriciously

Bellowing issues that should have commanded our attention,
long before all this.

So where will you stand,
as we watch the turmoil that tomorrow brings
What say doomed are we
Who stand proud and tall,
the greatest arrogant show on Earth

Let the Politicians stand the front line,
and behind them all

those who justify the deaths of my brethren soldier,
by calling him a hero.

Too many Heroes in a war of consequences,
the compensation of their deaths,

can never outweigh the loss.
History has never been kind to the less than virtuous instigator.

We have bolstered IRAQ with a new found freedom,
brave fingers still fresh with black ink
Yet our freedom, an indentured payment of obligation,
is no more than a costly occupation.



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