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The Peaceful Occupation of Iraq, Day 8, WOW!!!

In the article I wrote yesterday, “It’s About Time We Got You Guys Off Welfare” I told of my confrontation in downtown Portland, OR with a group of people wearing yellow ribbons. When I attempted to explain that supporting the troops does not end by just sending kids off to war, but must continue when they come home a mental basket case. That’s when I got the above statement from them. However, I did not explain what precipitated the confrontation so I will here.

As I stated in the article, I was on the way back home from the vigil/rally in support of Cindy being held here which was organized by the
Veterans for Peace chapter I am a member of, Chapter 72. I had a 2 ½ ‘by 3’ sign attached to my wheelchair which reads in big bold letters: “Bring the troops home now, at the top; in the middle is the Kipling quote: “If they ask you why we died, tell them ‘cause our fathers lied” and at the bottom is: George W. Bush—Meet with Cindy.” It was the negative comments these yellow ribbon wearing
BushCo loyalists made that compelled me to confront them.

Having no real argument, all they could muster after me explaining about the 72,000 vets with PTSD that the V.A. is trying to eliminate from the disability rolls, with even more coming back from Iraq with PTSD, was the ludicrous statement about getting us off of welfare. So much for supporting the troops, but then we all know what is meant by that—support Bush and the policies that are getting kids like Casey Sheehan killed. Now, on to Cindy’s marvelous statement… Jack

The Peaceful Occupation Of Iraq, Day 8, WOW!!!
By: Cindy Sheehan

It is not often that, I, Cindy Sheehan am at a loss for words. I will try and describe today, though. It was the most incredible, fantastic, fabulous, amazing, powerful, miraculous event I have ever been apart of. I was so humbled and honored at the outpouring of love and support that arrived in Camp Casey today.

It was a busy morning of interviews and problem solving. I had interviews with some network shows and a photo shoot for the Vanity Fair article. Almost all of the reporters ask me if I have accomplished anything at Camp Casey and I think we really have. We have brought the war onto the front pages of the newspapers and the top stories of the mainstream media. It is really incredible that we are doing so well in the media because I keep telling all of the reporters that I am doing their jobs. I am asking the tough questions of the President that they don't ask.

We are also gathering people together in this country who believe that this war is a mistake and our troops should come home. I know people have been frustrated, either sitting on the fence or apathetically sitting on the sidelines. I know before Casey was killed, I didn't think that one person could every make a difference in the world. Now I know that isn't true. Not only can one person make a difference, but one person, with millions behind her can make history. I really believe that this movement that began in Crawford, Texas (does the irony escape anyone) is going to grow and grow and transform the world. Like I said last night in my blog: hope is blossoming in Crawford, because WE have the power.

The CBS reporter whom I met last Saturday when I began this Holy War against the War of Terrorism that George Bush is waging on the world told me that he has interviewed me 4 times this week already. He told me that he has never, ever interviewed anyone 4 times, let alone four times in one week. I was joking with the reporters that were here last week that they should have brought me flowers on our one week anniversary.

The most fantabulistic (I needed a new word, none of the old ones fit) thing happened in Crawford today. There was a very insignificant counter protesters across the way. At first the Sheriffs let them stand in the street, until we politely pointed out to the Sheriffs that we had to stay in the ditch last week. So they made them move into the ditch. Since we are supposedly in Bush country, the counter protest was so small and weak. They had signs that said "Stay the Course." I appreciated that. I really believe they were telling me to stay the course. I will.

We also met a man whose son was KIA in Iraq in November of 2004. He still loves George Bush and thinks we are doing great things in Iraq. By the end of the day we were drinking beer together and telling each other "I love you." I am telling you miracles are happening here in Crawford.

Anyway, back to the fantabulistic thing that happened to day. We had a rally downtown in Crawford. Then the people caravanned up to Camp Casey. I was told to come down to the point of the triangle to greet them. While I was walking down to the point, I had a great view of Prairie Chapel Road. There was car, after car, after car!!! I started sobbing and I felt like collapsing. The cars kept on coming. It took almost a full hour for them to all get to Camp Casey, it was a miraculous sight to see. It was identical to Field of Dreams.

People came from all over the country to be here. We are building a movement and they are coming.We don't have a full count of all the people who were there, but I would say hundreds. It was amazing and awesome. I felt the spirits of all of our needlessly killed loved ones in the presence of Camp Casey. I felt their strength and the wisdom of the ages with me in that wonderful place.

Today was George Bush's accountability moment, and he lost. Two young ladies from San Diego drove all night to get to the rally and they had to leave tonight to get back home. One of them said: "Wow, we can drive all the way from San Diego just to meet you and he can't even come down to the end of his driveway to meet with you."George Bush: you work for me. I pay your salary. Come out and talk to me.

Anyway, I have a feeling you are about to be fired!!!

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