Thursday, August 11, 2005

Portland VFP-72 Rally in Support of Cindy Sheehan Update

Update on VFP-72, Portland, on the support rally for Cindy Sheehan at Camp Casey, Thursday, 8-11-05
By: Jack Dalton

Veterans for Peace chapter 72, Portland, OR--we once again met across the street from the Federal Bldg in Downtown Portland (Shrunk Plaza) in full support of Cindy Sheehan. Many, many people joined us there to voice their support for Cindy and their opposition to Bush/Cheney and this war of choice they unleashed in Iraq—a war that has cost the life of Casey Sheehan, Cindy’s son, and 1855 other sons and daughters and the wounding of thousands in body, mind and spirit; 55,000 according to a recent statement by the U.S. Air Force which has the responsibility of transporting every single medical evacuee out of Iraq.

Casey Sheehan lost his life behind the lies and deliberate deceptions of Bush/Cheney. Casey was killed in what Bush says is a “noble cause.” Bush also states the way to honor those who have been killed in Iraq is to stay in Iraq so even more may be killed. Cindy is in Crawford, TX to try and get Bush to tell her what the “noble cause” is and to tell him he must exclude Casey and the Sheehan family whenever he makes those statements—and publicly. She will stay in Crawford until Bush meets with her and answers her questions. Cindy has given meaning and purpose behind Casey’s needless and senseless death.

This nation owes Cindy and her family a great debt, and our gratitude for her tireless efforts; and the movement she has single-handedly created. We can do no less than give full and total support for her and her “mission;” ending this war and bringing everyone back home so no one else will have to suffer the fate of Casey.

We here in Portland will stand by Cindy in full support.
VFP-72 will be downtown Portland everyday that Cindy is in Crawford. In fact one of VFP-72 members has gone to Crawford to join Cindy at Camp Casey. Would that I could…

Today, there were roughly 50-60 people at the vigil/rally. Some came from out of town after hearing about this thru Mike Malloy at Air America Radio. I am very grateful to Mike for the announcements. While not large in numbers, we were at times vocal and there were a lot of one on one conversation’s with people that were coming and going. There was a lot of horn honking, a lot, from cars passing by. People were stopping and listening and some were asking good questions. Some even joined in with us.

Grant, VFP-72 chapter president, had a megaphone which he put to very, very good use. Grant was able to have the announcement of the rally/vigil on Thom Hartmann’s radio program. So we know that word of what Cindy has generated is spreading and at an incredible rate. VFP-72 will be doing everything we are able to keep alive, growing and moving forward that which Cindy has ignited.

Because Cindy had the courage, the determination, fueled with a little mothers anger and sheer grit, she has created a situation that whatever the Bush camp does from here on about Cindy, they lose. Cindy created the perfect “storm;” a public relations nightmare for Bush. All the Rove attack dogs and corporate media stooges, who have already started denigrating and insulting Cindy, will only make an already untenable situation for Bush even worse. This is a definite lose-lose for Bush and the cabal. Cindy has a lot of people doing some serious thinking and questioning, who were not—she has ignited a higher level of “passion” in other people. There are people that were “disconnected” that are, because of Cindy, now “connected.”

It has been 35 years since I have seen one person, Cindy in this instance, “ignite” people on such a broad base and to such a degree as what she has done. It is up to us to now rally ‘round her cause, as her cause is our cause. We all after all want the very same thing, our country back from the thieves, liars and greed merchants that now control it—
Bush/Cheney & Co., Inc.

My good friend Doris Colmes was something else to behold. At 76 years old she has more “get up and go” than any ten people combined that I know, at any age. Not satisfied with just standing with a sign and joining in with the occasional chant, and armed with a master’s degree in Social Work along with her Holocaust Survivor card, she would darn near chase people down the street compelling them to listen to her. By the time she got done with one 50ish business type man, he joined in with us. But that occurred a lot today. People on their lunch hour kept joining in with us.

After the main rally started breaking up, a few of us, maybe 10-15 or so, joined Grant in marching a few blocks away to the offices of the Oregonian newspaper. Outside the main door, we held out our signs and posters, chanted—Grant broke out his megaphone—and while a few ladies in pink stood darn near in the middle of a busy street with their signs, one member of VFP-72 went in to the offices and tried to get a reporter to cover this most important anti-war vigil and rally; to ask why what Cindy has done and is doing is not getting any real coverage by the Oregonian. When he came back out he told us the Oregonian would be covering the rally/vigil tomorrow.

There have been a lot of photos that have been taken and will continue to be taken of the rally/vigil here in Portland. They will end up on the VFP-72 web site shortly.

Many of us will be carrying this on straight thru to the
rally in Washington, Sept 24-26. We started talking today about a bus/caravan leaving from Portland in Sept to attend the rally in Washington. The Veterans for Peace “Impeachment” Bus will be coming to Portland in Sept on its cross country trip to Washington for the Sept. 24-26 mass rally that will take place. It would be really great to have a bus load or two of veterans from Portland join in behind the “Impeachment” Bus –our “Bonus March” on Washington.

When I got back home from today’s rally I called United for Peace and Justice and will be speaking with Diane tomorrow. She is the person who has been handling all the transportation logistics. As soon as I talk with her and get some detailed information from her about leased buses, costs, time frames, I will pass it on to Grant as well as posting the info on my own blog,
“Jack’s Straight-Speak.”

Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72—Portland, OR.

Meet With Cindy

Kevin Benderman Defense Committee

Impeach Central

Video: Cindy Sheehan - Freedom and Faith
How Do You Ask A Soldier To Be The Last Person To Die For A LIE have created this brief "Cindy" video with footage from Crawford and Cindy's appearances with us around the country at Freedom AND Faith events. It was put together by Margie Becker.


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