Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Support of Loved Ones

The Support Of Loved Ones

It never ceases to amaze me
how the need to prove one's manhood
can compel young men to indulge
in the most horrendous activity
ever devised by Man.

It also amazes, and disheartens me,
that mothers, fathers, brothers
sisters, wives, and sweethearts
are often the biggest supporters
of their indulgence.

If the loved ones of young men,
hot to run off to war, refused to support
their going...

If the loved ones of would be soldiers
stood in their way, or turned their backs,
in shame, at their leaving...

Then young men, and women,
might put away their high ideas
of glory, and turn to more happy
ways of fulfilling themselves.

Thus I must consider
that it is not just young men's
need to prove themselves,
or even the hubris of their leaders,
that is to blame for war.

It is also the foolish
support of loved ones,
that allows young men
to go in harms way,
and to harm others.

Jim Bush
Portland, Oregon


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