Saturday, August 27, 2005

USS Liberty Veterans File War Crimes Report on Israel Attack

If you read nothing else today, you have got to read this. The men of the USS Liberty have suffered much by the on-going cover-up by one administration after another for 38 years in the effort to continue protecting out 51st state, Israel. This is beyond outrageous, this is nothing less than an indictment on the priorities of this nation.--Jack

Washington Report, August 2005, pages 17-18
Special Report

USS Liberty Veterans Present Pentagon With Report on Israeli War Crimes
By Delinda C. Hanley

There was a palpable, almost electric feeling at this particular gathering in Washington, DC. At past reunions survivors swapped talk of recent surgeries and the continuing struggle to cope with their injuries. Of the original crew of 294 officers and civilians, 34 men were killed and another 173 wounded in action that day in June 1967. Because the few who survived without physical wounds had to gather up their buddies’ body parts, no one left that ship unscathed. Even harder to bear than the physical and mental anguish these Americans have endured, however, has been their government’s betrayal and silence for nearly four decades.
Full must read article here:

The USS Liberty Veterans Association has filed a formal Report of War Crimes Committed Against U.S. Military Personnel, June 8, 1967, by elements of the Israeli military forces.

The Report has been filed with the Department of Defense.

To read the Report as a PDF document, click here

To read the Report as an HTML document, click here.

This is the USS Liberty Memorial Web Site honoring the memory of thirty four Americanswho were brutally killed by the Armed Forces of Israelon June 8, 1967.

This web site is dedicated to the memory of thirty-four fine young men who gave their lives on June 8, 1967, defending the USS Liberty against a sustained air and sea attack by the armed forces of the State of Israel.

During the Six Day War between Israel and the Arab States, the American intelligence ship USS Liberty was attacked for 75 minutes in international waters by Israeli aircraft and motor torpedo boats. Thirty-four men died and 172 were wounded.

The attack, which was a war crime, has been a matter of controversy ever since. Survivors and many key government officials including Secretary of State Dean Rusk, former JCS Chairman Admiral Thomas Moorer, and nearly every senior American intelligence professional say it was no accident. Israel and its supporters insist it was a "tragic case of misidentification" and charge that the survivors are either lying or too emotionally involved to see the truth.

Israel claims they mistook our ship for the out-of-service Egyptian horse carrier El Quseir and that we brought the attack upon ourselves by operating in a war zone without displaying a flag. Not so. We were in international waters, far from any fighting, and flew a bright, clean, new American flag. The flag we flew when the torpedo boats approached is on display at the National Cryptologic Museum, Fort Meade, Maryland and can be seen there, or in the USS Liberty Images Archive. The flag we flew during most of the air attack will be permanently displayed at the Cold War Museum near Washington, DC.

Our commanding officer, Captain William Loren McGonagle, received the Congressional Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty during the attack. The Congressional Medal of Honor is the highest award our country can bestow.

To avoid embarrassing our attackers, Captain McGonagle's Medal of Honor was presented in a quiet ceremony in the Washington Navy Yard instead of in the White House by the President as is customary.

The USS Liberty Web Page presents part of the story along with some historical information and links to other sources. More about the USS Liberty


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