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The 'Hadley Gambit'

The following article by Michael Carmichael gives an excellent look into thedupliciousness of those that deceived this nation into war; and then went about the business of crushing anyone and everyone who spoke out against the "Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz-Feith-Rice-Rove-Powell-Hadley-Libby-Ledeen-et al" "War of Deception" in Iraq.

One can only hope that Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald, will deepen and broaden the scope and focus of the grand jury investigations--regardless of where it leads. This cannot be allowed to stop when it gets to close to top levels of power as happened with the Iran/Contra "investigations." Even though a few were convicted behind that, virtually all were pardoned by G.H.W.Bush, including Elliot Abrams, who now is on G.W.'S National Security Council--who said crime does not pay?

At any rate, I'm getting a little away from Michael’s article, "The Hadley Gambit" but, not really--liars, cons, thieves, gangsters, thugs running this nation (into the ground) is nothing new--its just gotten so much worse since the Cheney/Bush cabal. They lied and deceived this nation into war, a War against the Peace, which by definition is a war crime.

Kevin Benderman is in a military jail for his refusal to deploy to Iraq a second time, after he was given orders to shoot children off a wall the first time he was there (read more here) Yet men like Hadley, Cheney, Ledeen, Libby, Rove, etc. are living “high on the hog” making who knows what other kinds of nefarious “plans” in our names. I for one do not need nor do I want what Bush & Co. say is their job—to protect us.

Hey, BushCo--Stop “protecting” us while there are still some “us” left! While there is still a country left! On to “The Hadley Gambit”--Jack

The Hadley gambit
By:Michael Carmichael

(Gambit - A speculative sacrifice of a piece for an advantage. A gambit usually involves the sacrifice of a pawn or a minor piece when a game is in a complex phase. International Chess Lexicon)

One week ago, Condoleezza Rice celebrated her fifty-first birthday. At the same time, she had something special to rejoice in addition to one more year in power. Rice has just surged past John McCain in the polls of potential Republican candidates against Hillary Clinton in 2008. The fact that an Afro-American woman is being accepted as a presidential candidate by an increasing number of Republicans suggests that the psyche of America’s embattled rightwing has recently undergone an astonishing amount of cosmetic surgery.

Rice’s association with the Bush family is long. During the presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush, Rice worked on the staff of Brent Scowcroft serving as a specialist in Soviet & East European Affairs inside the National Security Council.

Condoleezza Rice is surging upwards in Republican presidential polls.

In 2000 during Bush’s first presidential campaign, Rice served in group of foreign policy advisors who became known as, “The Vulcans." Other members of these Republican Vulcans included: Dick Cheney, Stephen Hadley, Colin Powell, Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz.

The Bush Vulcans advocated a hardline foreign policy firmly predicated on the geopolitical ramifications of neoconservatism: pre-emptive war with nuclear weapons to enforce US doctrine and compel American cultural and economic superiority on a global scale. In pursuit of these objectives, the Vulcans urged the philosophy that US foreign policy should be based on their preconceived agenda of American hegemony with no consideration for either international law or public opinion. This is the sort of extremism that has led to the covert establishment of secret prisons in offshore locations and the practice of rendering prisoners (read: torture).

Obviously, their nickname, “Vulcans,” was borrowed from the popular television series, Star Trek. Mr. Spock and the other inhabitants of his home planet, Vulcan, were the original Vulcans. On Star Trek, Vulcans are characterized by their longevity, their logicality and their devotion to peace. In stark contrast to Mr. Spock and Star Trek, Bush’s Vulcans are warlike, bellicose and belligerent. The Republican Vulcans actually bear a far closer resemblance to another imaginary race of beings from Star Trek: the Klingons, who have a genetic predisposition for war, torture, hostility, martial combat and a curious fascination with fatality.

The Republican Vulcans played important roles on the Bush Transition team, and they have all succeeded to high-ranking positions in the Bush-Cheney administration. When the elder Bush’s son assumed power, Rice became National Security Advisor to the President. In addition to moving up strongly in the polls for the presidency, Rice is known as Bush’s, “Terminatrix.” None other than Dick Morris, American political consultant extraordinaire who masterminded Clinton’s 1996 campaign, has proclaimed that the next presidential election will be a titanic contest between Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice. Morris predicts that Rice will defeat Clinton. With a generous smattering of biographies recently published about her, Rice’s political star is clearly in the ascendant. However, things in Washington have just taken a turn that might alarm her.

Over the past two weeks, there were major developments in Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation into the leak of the identity of the CIA agent, Valerie Plame Wilson. In July, 2003 Robert Novak, a politically conservative gossip columnist, published the identity of a covert CIA agent, Valerie Plame Wilson, the wife of Ambassador Joseph Wilson. Novak’s outing of Valerie Wilson was an act of hubris that led to the federal investigation of the Bush-Cheney White House. Last week, Robert Woodward delivered a startling revelation to the Special Prosecutor. Woodward is the acclaimed Washington Post reporter who was a central character in the Watergate saga and the co-author of the classic account of the fall of President Richard Nixon titled ‘All the President’s Men’.

Under oath, Woodward told Fitzgerald that he had learned of the covert CIA work of Valerie Wilson from a member of the staff at the White House other than “Scooter” Libby. More. Woodward stated that he had learned of the covert identity of Valerie Wilson fully one month prior to the publication of her CIA status in Robert Novak’s column.

FBI Agent, Mark Felt, “Deep Throat” and Bob Woodward during Watergate.

At first glance, this surprising revelation shook Fitzgerald’s investigation and jeopardized his indictment of Scooter Libby. At his press conference on the case, Fitzgerald contended that Libby was the first official at the White House to disclose the covert identity of Valerie Wilson to the press. Woodward’s deposition falsifies that contention.Is Libby now off scot-free? No, he is not. By the end of the week, Fitzgerald had made moves to broaden and reinvigorate his investigation. At the same time the noose is now tightening, not only around the throat of the expendable pawn, Scooter Libby, but around the throats of a growing number of higher ranking suspects.

Over the last two weeks, there have been a series of three crucial triggering events leading up to the Special Prosecutor’s galvanic activation and the unanticipated expansion of his investigation. Last week, John Dean published a powerful open letter to Patrick Fitzgerald. His letter was Dean’s way of attempting a spinal transplant in a Special Prosecutor he found lacking in focus and will power.During the Watergate Era, John Dean was the White House attorney for President Richard Nixon. For his involvement in the Watergate scandal, Dean was eventually sent out into the wilderness to serve as a criminal scapegoat for the conspiracy of others including President Nixon, himself.

Facing indictment, disbarment, prison and disgrace, Dean mutated from servile and obedient fall guy into the state’s leading witness. In electrifying testimony before the Ervin Committee, John Dean revealed the full extent of the conspiracy to obstruct justice through the White House’s premeditated cover-up of the Watergate break-in. While other members of the Nixon administration: John Mitchell, Robert Haldeman, John Ehrlichman and Jeb Stuart Magruder had committed perjury to enforce the cover-up, Dean refused. Dean told the truth. In doing so, he incriminated himself and became a national hero in one fell swoop.

In his open letter to Fitzgerald, Dean reminded the Special Prosecutor that he wields the power of the Attorney General. Furthermore, Dean urged Fitzgerald to broaden his investigation to encompass all of those involved in the conspiracy rather than merely concentrating on the one or two or three low level pawns and puppets who obediently leaked the classified intelligence to reporters. In a brilliant but disturbing metaphor, Dean urged Fitzgerald not to be satisfied with merely indicting the lowest culprits and fall guys. Dean said that to focus exclusively on the individuals who actually spoke to the press would have been like placing the lowly Watergate burglars into prison and then letting their superiors in the chain of command go scot-free. If this had been allowed to happen in Watergate, Nixon would never have resigned. Agnew would have stayed in his exalted office, and Robert Haldeman, John Erlichman, John Mitchell, John Dean and many others would have remained in their powerful positions.

In direct but elegant and inspiring language, Dean exhorted Fitzgerald to use his power to remove from office all of those who had taken any part in the conspiracy to commit the crime of leaking the identity of a covert CIA agent. Citing precedents from Teapot Dome to Watergate, Dean admonished Fitzgerald for conducting a timid and narrow investigation to date. Implying that Fitzgerald might be in fear of losing his job, Dean pointed out that Archibald Cox, the first Special Prosecutor in the Watergate investigation, wore a badge of honor for his firing by Nixon who sought to remove a very uncomfortable pebble from his shoe. Dean’s letter was a backbone transplant procedure. However, it will take time to determine whether or not it has been a success, but the early indications appear to be positive.

Woodward has published partisan accounts of the Bush presidency.

Woodward’s testimony and Dean’s letter were merely the last two of three major events now driving this crucial phase of the investigation. The first and in many ways the most revelatory development in this entire investigation since the indictment of Scooter Libby came one week earlier when a high ranking Bush-Cheney White House official stepped forward out of the shadows and informed Fitzgerald that he had committed a high crime, that he had been the first to leak the fact of Valerie Wilson’s covert CIA status to Robert Woodward.

The White House official testified that he had committed his leak well in advance of Scooter Libby’s leaks to Judith Miller. The White House and Bob Woodward have declined repeated enquiries as to the identity of the original leaker. They have erected a stone wall of silence around this crucial fragment of information.This weekend, The Sunday Times (of London) published a story that confirmed much of last week’s speculation about the identity of Woodward’s source. Citing attorneys close to the Special Prosecutor’s investigation, The Sunday Times identified President Bush’s National Security Advisor, Stephen Hadley, who had served as Condoleezza Rice’s deputy during the first term, as the new witness. This is a telling revelation. Stephen Hadley handles all of the hottest items in the Vice-President’s and President’s inboxes.

He is an extraordinary operator, a pedigreed dyed-in-the-wool neoconservative, hardliner and extremist. Hadley is regarded as a protégé and staunch ally of Dick Cheney.It is time that the American public learns a great deal more about Stephen Hadley, and it is high time for him to receive his fifteen minutes of “fame”. After attending Cornell and Yale, Hadley joined the Nixon administration. He met the young draft-evader, Dick Cheney, who would rise to become President Ford’s Chief of Staff. In that period, Hadley also met Donald Rumsfeld, Ford’s iron-fisted Secretary of Defense. From that point, Hadley’s career course was radar-locked. He would follow the hard Republican right through every twist and turn for the next thirty years.

Hadley has sterling rightwing military-industrial-complex credentials. He served on the National Security Advisory Panel for the CIA and was a former member of the Defense Policy Board. During the final years of the Nixon presidency, Hadley was an Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy. During the Ford administration, Hadley moved to the National Security Council Office of Program Analysis.

In between these past and future stints at the White House and Pentagon, Hadley served as a specialist in defense policy and threat assessment. This research background drove Hadley to become a leading proponent of the weaponization of space and the prolific development of new breeds of nuclear weapons including the baby nuke and the nuclearbunker buster.

Stephen Hadley addressing a conference of the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) late last month.

During the Iran-Contra crisis, Hadley served on the Tower Commission to investigate (read, cover up) the scandal. When Bush, Sr. became President, he rewarded Hadley by appointing him to his old position: Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy where he then served under Dick Cheney, who was Bush, Sr.’s Secretary of Defense. Hadley returned to the National Security Council when Bush, Jr. appointed him to be Rice’s deputy. In 2004, Rice moved over to the State Department to take over Colin Powell’s job, and Hadley moved into her old job at the White House. Stephen Hadley is today serving as the National Security Advisor to President Bush, and he has just informed the Special Prosecutor that he first leaked the identity of a covert agent to the most celebrated investigative journalist in America, Bob Woodward.

Worse. Hadley is not merely a policy wonk. He is more, much more. He is a cold, calculating neoconservative political loyalist and hatchet man par excellence. He is as close to Dick Cheney as Scooter Libby and possibly closer. A political escape artist, Hadley is the man everyone turns to when everyone else has already failed. Stephen Hadley argued strenuously for the involvement of Saddam Hussein in 9/11. He maintained that Saddam had a secret nuclear program. When there was nothing else to be done but to appoint a scapegoat, Hadley took the blame for the sixteen false words in the President’s State of the Union address in 2003 when he said that Saddam had arranged to buy yellowcake from Niger. For this task, Hadley was dubbed, “The Fall Guy.”

When Cindy Sheehan dared to show up uninvited to see Bush in Crawford, Texas, Hadley was given a “mission impossible”, the assignment of going out to talk to Cindy to convince her to leave, go away, never to come back and never to embarrass the President over Iraq ever again. Obedient to the nth degree, Hadley dutifully went to Camp Casey to face Cindy Sheehan.

Smooth, suave and oozing guile from every pore in his most unctuous and smarmy impersonation of Iago, Hadley was no match for the grief, the sincerity, the honesty, the direct and single-minded conviction of a mother who had lost her only son in the sands of Iraq. Cindy repudiated Hadley’s seductive attempts to fob her off, then to shove her off the world stage and keep her off – forever and ever, Amen. Empty handed, Hadley returned to the Prairie Chapel Ranch and the increasingly nervous President who quakes and trembles in constant fear and loathing of this lone mother of a deceased Iraq veteran.

Only one week ago when all else had failed, Stephen Hadley was rolled out to defend the use of what he termed, “enhanced interrogation techniques,” (torture) in secret US prison facilities in undisclosed overseas locations.

Bouncer of Prairie Chapel Ranch, blocker of Cindy Sheehan, defender of secret prisons, apologist for torture chambers, proponent of nukes in space, backer of battlefield nukes, advocate of pre-emptive war, architect of America’s strategy of first-striking non-nuclear nations with mini-nukes and nuclear bunker busters while napalming the civilian population and hitting the survivors with “shake & bake” combinations of banned chemicals is what the smooth and sophisticated Stephen Hadley is really all about. Hadley is still serving as the National Security Advisor to President George Bush nearly two weeks after testifying that he has committed a federal felony. In the Watergate Era, the culprits all had the decency to resign from their offices before testifying to their complicity in federal crimes.

Fall guy Stephen Hadley is the lowly three of Spades in the neocon deck.

When the CIA-leak investigation heated up with the indictment of Libby, Hadley was thrown into the breach yet again. His testimony moves the seminal date for the major crime backward from July to June, 2003. His disclosure of the earlier date for the leaking of the covert identity of Valerie Plame may cause more shockwaves for the Bush White House than it will avert, especially for his erstwhile boss, Condoleezza Rice.

In July, Rice publicly stated that she had learned of the covert CIA status of Valerie Wilson from ABC news when they broke the story immediately after the publication of Robert Novak’s explosive gossip column. However, Hadley has now confirmed that he told Woodward about Valerie Wilson one month before the ABC broadcast. How did Rice’s deputy know more than she knew? That is a crucial question for that is what Condoleezza Rice is now asking us to believe.

She is saying that she did not know the critical intelligence, the covert identity of Valerie Wilson, until it broke into the print and broadcast media. This, she expects us to believe, in spite of her seniority to her former deputy who has just confessed to his role in the crime. Does she sincerely expect us to believe her alibi of total ignorance now that her erstwhile deputy has incriminated himself?

Bob Woodward and Stephen Hadley have now testified that the covert identity of Valerie Wilson was common knowledge, tittle tattle, run-of-the-mill gossip and typical Washington chit-chat one month prior to the publication of Novak’s criminal column. After Hadley confided Plame’s covert CIA identity to Woodward, the reporter did nothing. Why not? Woodward explained to the Special Prosecutor that he did not recognize the information as a news story, because it was concealed so stealthily as a tidbit of idle gossip. Worse. When the scandal broke, Woodward attempted to forget that he had ever heard the name of Valerie Wilson from Hadley. He kept silent. It had not dawned on Woodward that Hadley had skilfully attempted to plant a damning story about Valerie Wilson and her obstreperous husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who would proclaim to the world that there was never any reason to suspect that Saddam Hussein was pursuing a clandestine nuclear program. Hadley had placed the bait directly in front of Woodward, and the Washington Post’s star reporter had done nothing about it.

When Hadley’s Iagoesque ploy with Woodward failed, Dick Cheney’s other trusty pawn, Scooter Libby, was moved into action. Libby dutifully leaked Wilson’s identity to his cooperative and malleable paramour on the New York Times, Judith Miller. We still do not know the identity of Novak’s source, but it is now much more likely that we shall find out.It is now known that Scooter Libby, Karl Rove and Stephen Hadley all trafficked the identity of a covert CIA agent to members of the press. Libby has been indicted. After his indictment, Libby resigned. Hadley still sits in his powerful office. Karl Rove still sits in his powerful office, and the others who were involved in the leakage of the covert identity of a CIA agent still sit in their high offices as well.Legal experts monitoring the case have identified twenty-three (23) administration officials apparently involved in the crime. With the exception of Libby, they are all still serving under their Commander-in-Chief, George Bush, and his Vice President, Dick Cheney, both of whom were in charge of this lengthy chain of command before, during and after their dreadful collision with a major federal crime on their jolly road to Baghdad.

Every one of the twenty-three federal officials in the line of fire are now poised on tinterhooks keenly awaiting the outcome of the Hadley gambit. They are waiting to see whether the sacrifice of a lower piece, Hadley, will actually defuse the situation. The Hadley gambit was designed to activate Bob Woodward. The Pulitzer Prize winner has leapt into the breach, and he is now appearing in a blazing trail of shrill and alarmist interviews decrying Fitzgerald as a, “disgrace,” while proclaiming that no crime against the state was committed when the covert identity of Valerie Wilson, a covert CIA agent, was published in a daily newspaper.In a searing burst of internal memos at the Washington Post, Bob Woodward has been lampooned pitilessly by his colleagues. One Post journalist has called Woodward, “the 800 pound elephant among us,” in a thinly veiled reference to his the mascot of his preference for one political party, the Republican Party. Before joining the Post, Woodward served on the staff of a Republican congressman. During his Watergate probe, he would soothe the nerves of reluctant sources in the Committee to Re-Elect the President by telling them, “I’m a Republican,” which was a memorable line delivered by Robert Redford in the Academy Award winning film, All the President’s Men.

Woodward’s series of best-selling books on the Bush administration have become anembarrassment to him and his colleagues at the Post, where he is being openly ridiculed as a partisan apparatchik and hand-puppet for Bush and Cheney.

Hadley’s testimony clearly places him in serious jeopardy of imminent criminal indictment. Perhaps, more significantly, the Hadley gambit casts the probing spotlight of justice directly on his erstwhile boss, Condoleezza Rice for the first time. This move provides us with a clear picture of the internecine warfare that is breaking out behind the scenes in the Bush-Cheney White House, with Cheney thrusting his pawn forward for sacrifice in order to entrap Rice.

It must be noted that Condoleezza Rice played a major role in selling of the Iraq war by convincing a significant portion of the American public of the dangers represented by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Rice ballyhooed danger signals concocted to conjure up frightening images of Saddam’s non-existent nuclear program. Rice introduced the most alarmist language of all in her play for war.

Donning her gravest persona, Rice adopted the demeanor of Lady MacBeth to plead her case for war. Grimly, darkly, ominously, Rice as Lady MacBeth uttered the most chilling statement about the still undiscovered ‘smoking gun’ of Saddam’s WMD program, “But we do not want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud,” a metaphor that cast a giant shadow of fear over the public attitude to Iraq in the build-up to the war.

Before the Hadley gambit, Dick Cheney was in the direct line of enquiry exposed by the indictment of his deputy, Scooter Libby. Now, the tables have been turned. Condoleezza Rice is now in the hot seat, and there is a ‘battle royale’ taking place in the shadows of the White House.

The overarching question concerning Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s role in the criminal investigation now unfolding is simply, What did Rice know, and when did she know it?

What did Rice know, and when did she know it?

After the stunning series of triggering events of the last fortnight, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald announced late last week that he would convene a new Grand Jury to hear additional evidence and, if he deems it appropriate, to issue new indictments. This is the first indication that the spinal transplant performed brilliantly by John Dean is beginning to sharpen the focus and strengthen the will power of both the Special Prosecutor and the nation he serves.

Rice passes McCain as GOP support soars

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Security adviser named as source in CIA scandal,,2089-1880016,00.html

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Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak

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