Sunday, December 25, 2005

Marine Refuser From 40 Years Ago Faces Court Martial

Give me a break! The Marine Corps has got to have better thing to do than try and court-martial a man for refusing to deploy to Vietnam 40 years ago. Especially considering we know for fact we were lied and deceived into that war ON Vietnam. Sound familiar? Does the Marine Corps really want Jerry Texiero, or are they just trying to use him as an example? Something today's military has gotten real nasty about doing. If they prosecute this man they had better do the same with Bush, after all, he never completed his military service due to his going AWOL. Please take the time (been asking that a lot lately haven't I) to use the numbers Tod Ensign, Citizen Soldier, has provided. I know I will be. -- Jack

Marine Refuser From 40 Years Ago Faces Court Martial
[By: Tod Ensign]

More info: Tod Ensign, Citizen Soldier (212) 679-2250

Jerry Texiero, 65, of Tarpon Springs, FL, refused orders to deploy to Vietnam in July 1965. His decision was based on his opposition to U.S. intervention in Vietnam.

For the next four decades, Jerry lived peacefully, spending the last twenty years in Tarpon Springs, FL. There, he ran a business that dealt in classic cars and more recently sold boats at a shipyard. Jerry had been placed on probation for a larceny conviction which, he claims, arose from the corrupt dealings of a partner in the classic car business. (Jerry later scrupulously repaid customers for their losses).

In August, 2005, a Marine AWOL apprehension unit working in the Pentagon discovered Jerry's current status when it used FBI files to match personal data from his Florida conviction with his military file. He was arrested as an AWOL by local police on August 14 and placed in solitary confinement in the Pinellas County (FL) jail.

On December 14, 2005 Jerry was sent to the Marine brig at Camp LeJeune, N.C. Marine officials have told Jerry's supporters that it is weighing a court martial for desertion, which could result in a five year prison sentence.

Citizen Soldier Legal Director, Tod Ensign has written Lejeune Commanding General Dickerson asking; "Why are scarce Marine resources being squandered on the prosecution of a senior citizen who's only 'crime' is refusing to fight a war that today is universally discredited? Or is the Corps warning Marines in Iraq that they will pursue deserters to the grave?"

Concerned citizens may want to support Jerry by letting Members of Congress know about this case and by directly protesting to either: Base Commander Major General Robert Dickerson, or Colonel Wunder, Staff Judge Advocate, at (910) 451-1113 (base locator) or write to either at: PSC Box 2004, Camp LeJeune, N C 28542

Vietnam veterans and others plan to organize lawful protests in support of Jerry and all resisters on or near Camp LeJeune in the next few weeks.


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