Monday, December 19, 2005

No Matter How Much Things Change, They Seem to Remain the Same

For those who think the news about Bush authorizing the spying on U.S. citizens is new, got news for you, this has been going on for so long that it has only emboldened the Bush/Cheney cabal to take it to new heights. Here’s a good piece from Pacific News Service on this very thing: “Bush Domestic Spying is Old News”. Don’t get me wrong, it tickles me to death that the Bush cabal has gotten its “bell rung”; Bush himself has got to be held to account, period. Impeachment is only the first step. Trial and jail has got to be the second step for Bush, and the entire cabal around him and Cheney. That would then just leave our dysfunctional congress to deal with.

I’ll be including the below link and information until the day of this march. Please give your support to and for: “
The March for Millions of Veterans—2006” I for one am more than just a little fed up with the political rhetoric from congress while they do absolutely nothing to address the problems veterans are facing with an under funded V.A. They won’t fund the V.A.; at the same time the Transportation Safety Administration wants to scour veterans medical records to look for “mental defectives” —can’t let the crazies on planes, don’t ‘cha know.

On to the rest of today’s posts below, but first, a little "Bush & family" hard at work: "The Exotic Adventures of Neil Bush" and "Bush Money Network Rooted in Florida, Texas" We need some serious change in Washington, D.C.


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