Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jason Miller: The America of Thomas Paine's Vision

The following essay by Jason Miller and the additional essays he has included are, in my opinion, absolute must reads. Jason has taken the time to take a look behind at the one man during the founding of this nation whose voice was arguably the most profound in the nation’s history: Thomas Paine. Jason brings the principles of Thomas Paine to the events in the nation today. Take the time to read this and the essays Jason has included very, very carefully. -- Jack

Thomas Paine's Corner Dispatch
By: Jason Miller

As 2006 begins to unfold, there is much cause for optimism. Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales are leading a Bolivarian Revolution to stem the tide of US Neo-liberal exploitation of Latin American people and resources. "Scooter" Libby, Delay, and Abramoff appear to be the first of multiple falling dominoes in the Bush Regime. Patrick Fitzgerald continues his tenacious efforts as chief exterminator in DC. Polls show the American public no longer supports our illegitimate administration's crimes against humanity, including the illegal occupation of Iraq, tax breaks for the wealthy, corporate welfare, an obscene national debt, and sharp cuts to programs benefiting the poor. Congressional elections in 2006 offer the possibility of electing more representatives who will challenge the war-mongers, torturers, racists, Machiavellian disciples of Strauss, and Marie Antoinettes holding the power in the Executive Branch.

America was forged in the crucible of revolution against a tyrant. However, despite years of struggle, the true promise of America has yet to be realized. Many have given their blood, sweat and tears throughout our history to make Thomas Paine's concept of America a reality. People like Susan B. Anthony, Eugene Debs, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Upton Sinclair, Henry Thoreau, and Emma Goldman sacrificed tremendously as they devoted themselves to creating a sociopolitical environment based on equality, human dignity, peace, social justice, and freedom of conscience. Their efforts resulted in tremendous gains, yet over the last thirty years, powerful corporations, lobbyists, special interest groups, religious extremists, the military industrial complex, and a deeply entrenched plutocracy have doggedly pursued their avaricious, narcissistic agendas, morphing America into an imperialistic rogue nation which greedily gobbles 25% of the world's resources to satiate the desires of 3% of the world's population, teeters on moral and fiscal bankruptcy, wages perpetual war, and is hated by billions around the globe.

1. Yet I remain hopeful! I believe in the real possibility of the America of Thomas Paine's vision:

2. and so does my friend and associate Harvey Kaye (author and university professor):

3. Jeff Rense's alternative news site ( posted a link to this powerful essay on greed (one of the largest contributors to the demise of America):

4. Finally, Gerald Rellick, my friend and fellow writer, is convinced that impeachment can and needs to become a reality: “Topple” at

And remember:

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

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