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Jerry Texiero-Vietnam War Resister: Congressional Probe Demanded Behind Illegal Release of Information by LTC Annita Best to Media

Jerry Texiero-Vietnam War Resister: Congressional Probe Demanded Behind Illegal Release of Information by LTC Annita Best to Media
By: Jack Dalton

In its push to hold Jerry Texiero out as an example to those in today’s military (to dissuade them from walking away from another of this country’s unnecessary and created wars), the Marine Corps is breaking every law on the books.

Case in point: Yesterday afternoon, LTC Annita Best, spokesperson for the Marine Corps at Camp Lejuene, N.C., took it upon herself to pick up a telephone and start calling newspapers releasing confidential information from Jerry’s personnel files.

From what I have learned from Tod Ensign thru his emails and phone calls:

“ Lt. Colonel Annita Best, Camp LeJuene's spokeswoman, illegally released confidential data taken from the Marine Corporal Jerry Texiero's personnel file to at least two news reporters on January 4, 2006. The federal Privacy Act of 1974 prohibits such disclosure without Texiero's consent.

“Colonel Best read an excerpt that appears to have been taken from Texiero's file to reporters from the Associated Press and the Raleigh News-Observer. According to their news accounts, she referred to a section of the file that discussed an alleged larceny of $5,490 from a Marine Corps Exchange in California on July 14, 1965. The one paragraph passage contains no corroborating evidence tying Texiero to the missing funds and recommends that the FBI be asked to search for evidence.”

"Colonel Best's defamatory statements are an attempt to 'dirt-bag' Texiero's because he had the courage to refuse Vietnam duty. Part of an military officer's oath is to obey the laws of our country," statedTod Ensign, Legal Director, Citizen Soldier.”

Tod Ensign and Jerry’s lead civilian attorney, Louis Font have called for, “an investigation by the Senate Armed Services Committee into official misconduct by the Camp LeJeune chain of command".

In 1965 Jerry Texiero chose to walk away from the Marine Corps due to the simply fact he was opposed to the American War on Vietnam. Now today Jerry Texiero is being held by the Marine Corps at the detention facility at the Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejuene, N.C.

Now in an effort to make an example of Jerry the Marine Corps at Camp Lejuene wants to launch a smear campaign of character assassination in the media against him.

Since Jerry Texiero has been in Marine Corps custody he has lost over 30 pounds and is now having significant health problems. His entire body trembles similar to Parkinson’s, and pretty much constantly. In short, these problems Jerry is experiencing are due to the Marine Corps terrorizing him. But then terrorizing people at Camp Lejuene seems to be the “order of the day” at that place.

In the past year I have helped 4 different people get out of the Marine Corps and away from Camp Lejuene. I have spoken with the family of a young man that was found hanged by the neck until dead, which the Marine Corps wrote off as a “suicide”. The Marine Corps would have us believe this young man was despondent and that’s why he killed himself. Only problem there: this young man was told his discharge had come thru and within 48 hours would be on his way home. Suicide? I think not.

Another young man at Camp Lejeune/Camp Gieger was written off as a suicide. According to officials at Camp Lejeune, this young man committed suicide by drowning himself in a 4 inch deep creek. Suicide? I think not?

Another young man I know was just recently released from the brig at Camp Lejeune. He had active PTSD from his tour in Iraq. Instead of treating him, the Marines threw him in jail. I’ve heard nothing good about the Marine Corps at Camp Lejeune, N.C. In fact, the Marine Corps I see today since Bush & Co is not the Marine Corps I served in 40 years ago. I have never seen it as highly politicized as what it is today. In fact that extends to all branches of today’s military in my opinion.

If I am certain of anything it is this: The Marine Corps wants to hang Jerry Texiero out to dry in a public forum, not because of his being AWOL for 40 years, but to send a message to any and all on active duty. And the message? “Sit down, shut up, go along to get along, follow orders without question or thought, and trust and obey.” “If you don’t, we’ll track you and and make a public spectacle out of you by any and all means we can get away with, including breaking the law to do it.”

Today we as a nation find ourselves caught up in another U.S. created War of Aggression, this one in Iraq. Like the illegal wars of the past there are people of principle, deep moral conviction that will choose, as is their right, for which cause they will be willing to follow orders and go kill another human being.

There are tens of thousands, civilian and active duty that stand in opposition to praticipation in this Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld created war on Iraq and that have either filed as a Conscientious Objector, or that just took off, much as Jerry did 40 years ago. I support both.

And that is why the Marince Corps wants put Jerry in jail for the next few years. If the Marine Corps is able to beat hell out of Jerry publically that will send a loud and clear message to those on active duty to stay right where they are whether they want to or not. “If not, we’ll do to you what you see us do to Jerry Texiero.”

The simple fact that the War on Vietnam that Jerry walked away from was created from lies and deception seems to make no difference to the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps would have us believe that in walking away, even with what we know about that war, that Jerry still broke military law and needs to be punished.

Between what the Marine Corps is doing, specifically LTC Annita Best, and the underhanded covert hatchet job being done on Jerry; and Jerry walking away as a matter of principle, from possible participation in Vietnam—between the two, the Marine Corps is by far the real criminal in this.

For further or additional information on and about Jerry Texiero and his situation contact: Tod Ensign, Citizen Soldier ( or at (212) 679-2250

Here is the link to the original story on Jerry: Marine Refuser From 40 Years Ago Faces Court Martial:

Jack Dalton is a disabled Vietnam veteran and writer. His blog is
Jack’s Straight-Speak and his email address is


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This is so horrible. Thanks for bringing attention to these criminal attempts to intimidate members of the armed forces. god help us. when will the nightmare end.

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