Thursday, January 12, 2006

Of Plunder and Yankee Karma

America’s men and women in uniform are being sent to Iraq to kill or be killed and it has nothing to do with this nation’s security or anything else other than the continued plundering of Iraq; the continued murders of innocent Iraqi people by indiscriminate U.S. “stupid” bombs, and let us not forget the Salvadoran Option Rumsfeld announced was unleashed in Iraq in October 2004. With all their hoopla about what they would do in Iraq, the Bush/Cheney/Rummy Cabal have destroyed the very fabric of Iraqi society as well as Iraq’s entire infrastructure. In their effort to create that which a lot of us knew was impossible from day one, they have in effect handed Iraq over to Iranian death squads and at the same time have elevated and invigorated the Persian (Iranian) Muslim vs. Arab Muslim conflict. The worst of it is that they are living in a dream world of “stay the course” which if we do will destroy this nation as well as Iraq. The following two reports are must reads. – Jack


Of Plunder and Yankee Karma
By: William Blum
The Anti-Empire Report

The sign has been put out front: "Iraq is open for business."

We read about things done and said by the Iraqi president, or the Ministry of this or the Ministry of that, and it's easy to get the impression that Iraq is in the process of becoming a sovereign state, albeit not particularly secular and employing torture, but still, a functioning, independent state. Then we read about the IMF and the rest of the international financial mafia -- with the US playing its usual sine qua non role -- making large loans to the country and forgiving debts, with the customary strings attached, in the current instance ending government subsidies for fuel and other petroleum products. And so the government starts to reduce the subsidies for these products which affect almost every important aspect of life, and the prices quickly quintuple, sparking wide discontent and protests.
[1] Who in this sovereign nation wanted to add more suffering to the already beaten-down Iraqi people? But the international financial mafia are concerned only with making countries meet certain criteria sworn to be holy in Economics 101, like a balanced budget, privatization, and deregulation and thus making themselves more appealing to international investors.

Full Essay Here:


Crude Designs: The Rip-Off of Iraq’s Oil Wealth
By: Greg Muttitt

Global Policy Forum

While the Iraqi people struggle to define their future amid political chaos and violence, the fate of their most valuable economic asset, oil, is being decided behind closed doors.

This report reveals how an oil policy with origins in the US State Department is on course to be adopted in Iraq, soon after the December elections, with no public debate and at enormous potential cost. The policy allocates the majority (1) of Iraq’s oilfields – accounting for at least 64% of the country’s oil reserves – for development by multinational oil companies.

Iraqi public opinion is strongly opposed to handing control over oil development to foreign companies. But with the active involvement of the US and British governments a group of powerful Iraqi politicians and technocrats is pushing for a system of long term contracts with foreign oil companies which will be beyond the reach of Iraqi courts, public scrutiny or democratic control.


Economic projections published here for the first time show that the model of oil development that is being proposed will cost Iraq hundreds of billions of dollars in lost revenue, while providing foreign companies with enormous profits.

Our key findings are:

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