Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Torture of Vietnam Veteran Chief Iron Thunderhorse

Please join with me in signing the Petition for the Pardon and release of Vietnam Veteran Iron Thunderhorse from the Texas prison that is killing him. This is not old news by any means. From what I have learned thru Chuck Wilson one of Iron’s strongest advocates, Iron’s condition has only worsened over the past few months. Not to mention the simple fact that how and why Iron is even in prison is more than a little “suspect” to be kind. I’m real tired of seeing Vietnam veterans tossed aside like so much trash after they were all used up. A Vietnam veteran and Native American who served this nation is now being subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment. And Bush tries to convince everyone that people are not tortured here. He needs to go back to Texas and ask Iron Thunderhorse if torture takes place in America. -- Jack

Sign Petition For The Pardon and Release of Abused Vietnam Veteran & Veteran Advocate IRON THUNDERHORSE

by: Tom Big Warrior

On June 7th, 2005, ranking officers of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), at the Polunsky Unit in Livingston, Texas, attacked an elderly and legally blind inmate, Iron Thunderhorse, while he was attempting to go to the chowhall. They knocked the glasses and UV shields from his face and sprayed chemical pepper spray directly in his eyes. They proceeded to spray him all over with the chemical irritant, kicking him and wrenching his crippled arm behind his back.

For weeks, Iron had been denied entry into the chowhall, or any food at all, as the TDCJ was attempting to starve him into complying with an order to submit to a haircut, despite the fact that a federal court had recently upheald that his civil rights were being violated. This was the latest outrage in a struggle that has been going on for almost thirty years.

After being railroaded by the FBI's COINTELPRO program, along with many other dissidents and activists around the country, in the early 70s, Iron went to court to assert his rights as a Native American spiritual practicioner. He got off the bus from jail to prison armed with a court order requiring the TDCJ to respect these rights, including his right to wear long hair. He was met by the warden and a "goon squad" of inmate "building tenders" armed with baseball bats and axe handles. The warden tore up Iron's court order and had his "goons" beat Iron unconscious and then forcibly cut his hair.

Read the Full Story on Iron Thunderhorse Here:


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