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"Truth Be Told" By: Sgt Kevin Benderman

Truth Be Told by Sgt Kevin Benderman follows my brief comments:

Sgt Kevin Benderman was betrayed by the very military he served. The Army betrayed Sgt Benderman when it demanded of him to follow illegal orders; it betrayed him when it, the Army, court-martialed Kevin for something he did not do; “missing a movement to avoid hazardous duty” as Kevin was never given orders to redeploy to Iraq in the first place.

The Army betrayed Kevin Benderman when it fell in step with a group of madmen around George W. Bush who are out to rule the world, and agreed to invade and occupy Iraq and then expected Kevin to participate. But a higher Truth guided Sgt Kevin Benderman and conscience said no to war. Especially one based on deliberate lies and deceptions as is this one in Iraq.

For standing up for ethics; for integrity; for conscience; for honor; for principles; for Truth, Sgt Kevin Benderman was sent to jail by the Army for 15 months. That was a little over 5 months ago. The Army is finding out that by sending Kevin to their jail (or Gulag) at Ft Lewis, Wa, that they have a Tiger by the tail and no matter what they do from here on out, they are going to get bitten in the arse…

In the meantime, I cannot understand why there is not any more public outrage over Kevin’s imprisonment than what there is? After all, when people on active duty take an open stand against their boss, the prez, as did Sgt Kevin Benderman, they stand to lose a lot more than any of us, as jail is just about an absolute certainty; we can have our weekend events, and demonstrations, then go home. We owe people like Sgt Kevin Benderman our total and vocal support. We owe it to them that no one forgets what they did, why or forgets them. If we do, then we also betray men like Sgt Kevin Benderman as did the Army. -- Jack

BY: SGT. Kevin Benderman

On 29 December 2005, NPR News reported on the situation in Iraq and what they said was in stark contrast to what some people are trying to portray as a great foreign policy success for this administration. The three most alarming points of the story were; Shiites and Sunnis are both claiming the entire election process was fraudulent as conducted, the electricity in Iraq is off 5 hours for every 2 hours it is on, and the US is now getting 70% of the oil that Iraq is producing.

Whether or not you want to believe the facts, these are the results of our invasion and occupation of a country that had nothing to do with the 9/11 attack on our country.

We were lied to by an administration that is peopled by individuals who have stated their intent for world domination through the economic and military force of America.

At first, I bought this bill of goods, and went to that country thinking that I was doing what I had sworn to do - which was to defend America. But as I looked around and saw the lay of the land I realized that I had been lied to, and that everyone in the military was being used and abused by a group of people who had only their interests at heart and did not care whose lives they destroyed to reach their goals.

So, on this 30th day of December, 2005, I hereby declare openly my objection to this travesty of justice and the abuse of our military members' patriotism.

I object to the needless deaths of nearly 2200 servicemen and women, the needless deaths of over 30,000 Iraqi citizens, countless wounded and psychologically traumatized men, women and children as a result of these men abusing the authority they have been entrusted with.

I object conscientiously, morally and ethically to these actions, which are an affront to my humanity, honor and integrity as an American Soldier, husband, step-father to three great young adults, man and human being.

The United States Army decided to imprison me as a result of my recognizing the Truth and speaking out about it. I want the people responsible for that to know that I consider it an honor to be jailed for telling the Truth - far better than to be condemned to Hell for following a blatant lie that would result in my being an accomplice to such an atrocity.

SGT Kevin Benderman -Conscientious Objector to War, and the lies, corruption and crimes against humanity that must accompany it.

Please visit the Benderman’s websites at: and


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